Extra: Yan, Nan, and Kori
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Yan was in the corner, trying to act like he wasn't crying, as Nan showed Kori the outfit he put on to start school today. 


He wanted to show his daddy, but for some reason, his daddy went into the corner and wouldn't move from it. 


Kori looked over at Yan and sighed, "Ignore him. Your dad is silly." 


Nan looked at the ground, playing with his fingers, "But, NanNan wants to show daddy how NanNan looks." 


Hearing those words, Yan quickly turned around, wiping the tears on his cheeks as he looked at his son. 


Nan had on a long sleeve shirt tucked into his shorts. He even had on long socks with his high-top shoes and a small backpack on his back. 


Yan died and came back down from Nan's cuteness. He came over, picking Nan up as he turned him around before giving him a tight hug. 


"You are so cute, Nan. Daddy is not ready to let you go." Yan told him. 


Nan wrapped his arms around his daddy, resting his head on him, "If daddy wants NanNan to stay, NanNan will stay." 


Kori shook his head at both of them as he stood up, "No, you have to go to school. You two are going to have to learn how to separate for a few hours. Don't you want Nan to make friends?" 


Yan held Nan closer. He does want Nan to experience the world more and make friends, but he couldn't help his attachment to Nan. 


It was surprising since, in the beginning, he never wanted a child in the first place and did not feel this attachment when Kim forced him to see Nan. 


But now, he did not want to let Nan go. He feels like he did not have enough time with him. 


Noticing Yan's thoughts, Kori patted his back, "You have all the years with Nan, so come on. If we don't leave soon, Nan will be late for school." 


Nan looked at Kori then his dad, "Daddy? Does NanNan go to school?" 


Yan loosened his hold, "Yes, you are going to school today." He gave in. 


Kissing Nan on the cheek, he put his son down. Nan grabbed his hand as they started to leave the house to make it to the school. 


When they arrived at the school, Yan did not let Nan out of the car yet as he watched the other parents bringing their kids inside. 


Kori raised his eyebrow at Yan, "You do know you have work later, right?" 


Yan nodded. 


Nan looked confused on why no one was getting out of the car. But, he did not say anything as he stayed seated. 


"Nan," Yan started, "daddy loves you okay. And I will be here once school ends, maybe even earlier. I want you to have fun and make some friends. Can you do that for me?" 


Nan nodded with a smile, "NanNan will do anything for daddy." 


Yan tenderly looked at Nan before giving him another kiss. "Okay, we can go in now." 


"Do you want me to go with you two?" Kori asked Nan. 


Nan nodded his head, "NanNan wants Kori too. We are a family." 


Kori could not help the joy filling him as Nan called them a family. 


They stepped out of the car, walking Nan inside the school as they spent a minute longer saying goodbye. As they walked back to the car, closing the doors behind them, Kori kissed Yan. 


Yan held onto Kori's shirt as they made out with each other before separating. "I love you," Kori breathed out. 


Love has always been a silly concept to Kori, but he loves Yan and Nan deeply. 


Yan smiled, kissing Kori again, wanting to take it a bit further when a honk sounded behind them. 


They let each other go with a blush as Yan started driving off. "I love you too," Yan told him. 


Kori and Nan are enough for Yan. He never wants to let them go. 


Yan finally understands what it means to make a family of his own.

Please note that the extras are really short.