Extra: Liam, The Guy, and Kay
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Kay Knows: 


A knock sounded at the door, causing Liam to wake up. He yawned, stretching his arms as he got out of bed. Then, putting on the slippers near his bed, Liam walked out of his room and to his front door. 


When he opened it, he saw his sister, Kay, on the other side. "Did I miss breakfast?" He asked. 


They always have breakfast together since they are the closest to each other out of everyone. Liam thinks it might be because they were the first two siblings before everyone came. It has always been easier to tell her more things than everyone else. 


And even though he is the first child and the oldest, Kay always felt like the oldest one since she loved taking care of him. 


Kay shook her head, "No, I came to get my right-hand man; I know he is here." 


"Oh," Liam spoke, moving out the way to let Kay in, "he is in my bed." 


Kay walked in, "I cannot believe you let him in. Doesn't Cayne annoy you?" 


Liam closed the door, shrugging, "He is annoying and persistent. But after all these years, why not let him win something?" 


"Are you feeling lonely? Should we have lunch and dinner together too?" Kay asked. 


"Are you feeling lonely?" Liam threw the question back to Kay. 


"Not really; I have Emil and Vera to keep me company." 


"Not all the time, since Ender and Nevan made us the last choice babysitters." 


"That is why I show up to Ender's place more and more." 


Liam rubbed his chin, "Should I try that?" 


Kay shrugged, "If you want." Then, she walked towards Liam's bedroom. 


Liam made his way to the kitchen to start making breakfast for him, Kay, and Cayne. He thought about yesterday when he finally let Cayne enter his bed. 


He felt lonely last night, especially since it was the anniversary of losing his lover and child. 


Liam would usually work or drink the day away to keep his mind clear of it. 


But, Cayne was there, and Liam wanted to feel anything but loneliness and hidden pain, so he brought Cayne home. 


They did not go all the way, but they do other things.


Liam could not help but feel like a young adult once again when he is close to his 50s. 


Before he could continue with his thoughts, he heard a scream and saw Cayne running out to the living room, "Liam, Kay knows about us? Am I going to die!" 


"There is no us, and you are too loud." Liam instantly responded. 


Kay walked into the room, laughing, "Cayne, you're hilarious screaming like that. I wish I had recorded it." 


"I wished you did not make him scream; it is too early for loud noises," Liam commented. 


Kay came over to him, "Oh, what are you cooking? I am starving." She changed the conversation once she saw Liam cooking. 


There was an open window between the kitchen and living room, making it easier to look into the living room from the kitchen and vice versa. 


Cayne watched them, looking back and forward as he let out a deep breath, "So, you are not going to kill me, boss?" 


"No. Unless you want me to." Kay narrowed her eyes at him through the vast, open window. 


Cayne quickly shook his head, "No. No. Especially not when I finally caught Liam." 


"You didn't catch me." 


"I love when you talk to me this way." 


Kay rolled her eyes, "You two stop flirting. Cayne, go sit and Liam, hurry up with the food." 


They listened to Kay.


They spent the rest of the morning as Cayne joined Liam and Kay with breakfast as they spoke. That day marked it as Cayne beginning to join them regularly.