Extra: Twins
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Four years later, the twins at school: 


It was the fourth week of school for Emil and Vera. Vera enjoyed school a lot, while Emil did not care for it. He always sat at the back of the class, reading a new book each time, since he would finish them quickly. The teacher would try to get Emil to participate in class, but it barely worked. 


His teacher had to call his parents to try and get him to participate more. Ender and Nevan suggested that the teacher gives Emil something more challenging than the other students to keep him interested. 


He is a smart boy, and so was Vera. But the difference was that Vera likes participating and showing how smart she is, while Emil found it boring and wanted to do things silently. 


The call/meeting was last week, and the teacher still hasn't given Emil anything more challenging to work with, wanting him to stay on the same level and material as the other kids. Emil could never understand why. 


People learn at different levels, while others are smarter in certain subjects than their peers. Emil doesn't see how the teacher expects all the students to be on the same level or learn at the same pace. 


He sighed for the hundredth time, tuning the teacher out as he flipped to the next page in his book. He still read books with pictures in them, but they were more advanced than those usually read in his age group. 


As he was getting ready to flip to another page, a classmate near him called him. "Hey, Emil, what you reading?" The classmate whispered. 


Emil looked at the boy with a blank expression. The boy had short, curly, blonde hair and brown eyes, while his clothes had paint on them from when the teacher had them finger painting from the earlier period. 


His classmate broadly smiled at him, showing off his missing top tooth and one dimple on his left cheek. Emil's right eye twitched as the boy moved closer to him, trying to peek at his book. 


The more sad part is that Emil forgot the boy's name. Honestly, he forgot all his classmates' names except for his twin (obviously). And Vera remembered everyone's name since she was outgoing and a people person. 


"Pay attention to the teacher and don't bother me. And the sentence is: hey, Emil, what are you reading." Emil responded in a low tone. Even though he ignored the teacher, he still did not want to bother the class. 


"Oh. You're so smart." The boy said, not fazed at all with Emil's cold tone and getting corrected.


Emil ignored him, going back to his book when the boy moved closer to him once again; their shoulders were touching at this point. Emil looked back at his classmate, taking a deep breath, "Do you know what annoying means?" 


The boy frowned, tapping his leg, "I don't think so." 



The boy tilted his head at Emil, but not once did he move away from him, still trying to glance at the book. Emil sighed, giving up as he pushed the book to where the boy could read it. 


His classmate smiled so wide; Emil is pretty sure it blinded his eyes. 



It was recess, and Vera had a crowd surrounding her as they played while Emil sat under a tree by himself. He did not like being outside and people. Emil liked being alone. 


He still read his book from earlier since it had a lot of chapters and pages. As he enjoyed the surrounding silence, shade, and words in the story, the boy from earlier appeared. 


"Hi, Emil, want to play?" The boy asked. 


"It is: do you want to play." Emil corrected without looking up from his book once. 


"So, is that a yes?" The boy asked with a hopeful look. 


"No, I don't like playing." 


The boy's smile deflated before he decided to sit next to Emil. 


"What are you doing?" Emil asked. 


"Mommy said that being lonely isn't good." 


"But I am not lonely, so leave me alone." 


"I want to be your friend." 


"I don't like people." 


"I like you." 


"Did you ignore my words?" 


"So, let's be friends." 


Emil slammed his book closed in frustration, already feeling a headache coming. "Is your head on right?" 


The boy tilted his head, looking confused, "What do you mean?" 


Emil sighed, standing up, "I am going back inside." 


The boy stood up too, following Emil, "Wait for me!" 


Vera watched her brother walking off with their classmate, Damon, following him. She internally giggled, feeling relieved that her brother made a friend. 


She worried that he would be alone because Vera knew he only liked being with his family. Hopefully, Damon could add some life to her brother. 


"Vera, Vera, I made you a crown!" A girl named Rosalie came towards her with a flower crown. 


Vera grabbed it, putting it on her head, "Thank you." She smiled at the girl. Rosalie blushed, wanting to get Vera more flowers after seeing her pretty smile. 


Then a boy named Wyatt ran over with a stick that had flowers surrounding it. "Vera, look, I found this nice stick for you." 


Vera accepted the stick, "Thank you!" 


Wyatt felt like he was floating when he saw Vera's smile. Rosalie was not happy. 


"The crown I made is better." Rosalie glared at the boy, crossing her arms. 


Wyatt glared back at her, "Jealous that I am better. Vera likes me more." 


"No, Vera likes me more." 


Wyatt and Rosalie started fighting over Vera. Vera silently giggled at them before wrapping her arms around theirs, "I like you both." 


The two quickly stopped fighting, blushing at Vera's words. 


Vera always thought it was funny when they would fight over her.

The End!

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