Extra: Sneak Peek: Emil Long
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Short sneak peek of Emil Long’s story; coming next year: 


Emil ran his hand through his long, dyed, pastel purple hair. He picked it up, putting it in a ponytail as he bent down, looking through the books on the bottom shelf. 


He was currently at the library in the university, trying to find particular books for his psychology class. 


Emil let his hair go as it still fell in his face since it was two inches past his chest. He has been too lazy to cut it, but maybe he should let Vera do it. 


His sister is scissors crazy when it comes to cutting people's hair. And dying it too; that is why his hair is currently a pastel purple. 


He sighed, pushing his hair away when he finally found two books he had been looking for, for the past fifteen minutes. 


Emil pulled them out, standing up when he heard laughter in the row he was standing in. He looked towards the ones laughing and clinched his books hard when he saw who it was. 


Near the end of the row stood Damon with some woman as they laughed together about something Damon probably said. 


The woman grabbed Damon's arm, holding it as she continued to laugh. Emil gritted his teeth, looking away. 


The scene should not bother him because he and Damon are no longer together. But it does. 


Emil has a hard time expressing himself, which led to him and Damon breaking up at the end of their high school years. 


But, the thing was that Emil did not have a hard time expressing himself. He just kept his emotions hidden because he is a very possessive person. 


He did not want to scare Damon away. So he locked his true self away. And that only led to Damon thinking Emil didn't love him, so he broke up with him. 


Emil did, no, does, love Damon a lot


He took a few deep breaths, getting ready to walk away when he heard words that made him stop. 


"Damon, do you think you can come back to my place and teach me anatomy? I am not good at it like you." The woman flirted, rubbing Damon’s arm. 


Emil felt jealousy crawling through him, not wanting Damon to respond as he marched over there, grabbing Damon and pulling him away. 


The woman tried to follow, but Emil glared at her, causing the woman to stop. 


Damon tried to pull away, but Emil did not let him go as he took them to a table. He finally let Damon go, feeling stupid for letting his jealousy take over him. 


He looked at Damon, only to glance away as he started to leave. But Damon grabbed his shirt, stopping him. 


"Why pull me, only to ignore me? Why do you always do this, Emil? I never know what to expect from you." Damon started, keeping his voice low. 


Emil pulled Damon's fingers off his shirt, not once looking at him because he feared that if he did, he wouldn't let Damon go ever again. 


He wanted this man so bad to the point of possessing him. 


"Don't expect anything from me." Emil coldly spoke as he walked away. 


He could not see the hurt, pain, and longing on Damon's face. 

I won't make this story until 2022; I just felt like giving a little sneak peek of it.

Thank you once again for following and reading this story.

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