Chapter 12: What Xellos Wants
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The sun was beginning to set when the pair reached the next city. Zelgadis looked around as they passed through a market and into an open square. He pulled his hood down lower over his eyes, his mask in place since before they neared the city gates. He still felt as if everyone was watching him. Or, them, the shaman amended and glanced to the purple haired priest beside him. He felt his cheeks flush and went back to staring at the road at his feet.

“This looks like it will be comfortable.”

Zel looked up again. The mazoku had led them to a fairly nice inn at the edge of the square. Zel nodded his agreement and ducked his head once more. “I'll get a room for the night,” he muttered.

Xellos gestured vaguely towards the restaurant next door. “I'll get us something to eat while you get settled, yes?”

“Yeah,” Zel said with another nod. He went to pay for their room, going through the motions on automatic. His thoughts were on the evening to come. He was nervous, but part of him was excited as well. He really was inexperienced . . . and this was Xellos. General and Priest for one of the most powerful mazoku lords in existence. Trickster and, let's face it, asshole that took far too much pleasure from angering Zelgadis.

Gorgeous creature that had saved his life now multiple times.

Zelgadis rubbed his head slightly and sighed as he unlocked the room's door. He stepped in only to find Xellos already sitting at the small table, a covered platter of food in front of him. Zelgadis growled at him and shut the door again, twisting the lock into place. “No kiss hello?” Zel didn't answer and Xellos nodded in sudden understanding. “Oh, yes, that comes later.”

“Shut up, fruitcake!” Zelgadis snapped. Xellos only smiled at him and Zel rubbed his head again, but moved to sit. As usual, the mazoku didn't eat, but he'd gotten a fairly nice cut of meat for Zelgadis, as well as his usual coffee and a bottle of wine. Zelgadis gave the bottle a small glare and chose not to have any.

Xellos didn't comment, the meal spent in quiet, if nervous, companionship. When he was done, Zelgadis licked his lips slightly and couldn't help but glance at the bed. When he looked back, Xellos had moved closer, smiling from only a foot away and leaning over him. Zel gasped slightly and pushed back in his chair. Xellos didn't move, he seemed to be waiting and after a moment to calm himself, Zelgadis nodded.

Almost instantly the mazoku was moving. He closed the rest of the distance between them, kissing Zel again. It was gentler this time and he pulled the chimera up out of his seat as he pulled away. “So, anything I want?” Xellos said with a playful tone.

Zelgadis felt a slight rush of fear at the thought though. “Not anything.” His breath was coming faster, but he didn't resist as Xellos guided him to the bed.

The priest chuckled, “Well you'll have to mean it if you tell me no.” Then he was moving again, quickly stripping Zelgadis of his cloak and shirt. The shaman yelped slightly at the sudden move, shifting back on the mattress to get his pants himself. Xellos allowed the retreat and watched him, eyes open and grin small and pleased. When Zelgadis was properly naked, Xellos moved forward again. He knelt onto the bed and moved over the chimera, suddenly nude as well. The casual show of power only increased Zel's nerves, but he still said nothing.

Xellos guided him to lie back against the pillows, surprisingly gentle. Yes, he thought, this was definitely a good trade. He grinned wider, enjoying the flush that played across blue stone cheeks. He admired the toned body, usually hidden by thick cloth. His eyes slid lower, also admiring the man's well-proportioned equipment. He was mostly flaccid now, too nervous for more than the faint beginnings of arousal. Xellos had no such problem, he had desired the chimera far too long and he was ready to take what he wanted.

He leaned forward, bare fingers sliding against Zel's chest and shoulders. He kissed him again, pleased when one of the shaman's hands hesitantly drifted to his head as well. Xellos kept his own hands moving, tracing muscles and learning the planes and pebbles of the body beneath him. He made note of which areas made the other gasp, working ever lower until he reached the shaman’s waist.

Xellos released Zel's mouth, turning more attention to the man's groin. He was half-hard now, slowly losing himself in the act. Xellos slid one hand around the shaman's cock and he moaned softly, head falling forward. The priest's other hand slid lower, fondling his balls only briefly before pressing against his ass.

To the mazoku's surprise and delight, this brought another moan from the chimera. He applied more pressure, slipping one digit inside, and Zelgadis gasped. His cock was quickly stiffening and Xellos let out a small chuckle. “I think I know if you're a top or a bottom.”

“S-shut up,” Zelgadis managed to gasp.

“Yes, much better uses for my mouth,” the priest mumbled and then quickly bent. He wrapped his lips around Zelgadis, sinking down to take the man's entire length into his mouth. The shaman cried out, arching into the sudden heat. Slowly Xellos pulled back, then began bobbing his head in a slow, shallow rhythm.

Zelgadis gasped again, his head falling back against the headboard. Both hands were on Xellos's head now, tangling in his hair. The mazoku moaned slightly himself and Zel groaned as the vibrations washed through him. Xellos added a second finger, preparing the other with some care. He pressed up, noticing when Zel's back arched again. Xellos grinned to himself, adding a third finger and finding that spot again. Then he curled his fingers and Zel cried out, arching again. The priest lowered his head all the way again, moaning and swallowing around the hard flesh in his mouth as he wriggled his fingers.

Zel was panting, writhing under the treatment. He groaned loudly, close and wanting release. He was frustratingly unsurprised when Xellos pulled back again, leaving him unfulfilled. “No,” he moaned in protest, but the trickster had no trouble pulling away from his grip.

“Don't worry, I'm far from done,” Xellos said in a husky voice. “But you said I could have you and that's what I intend to do.” Zel shivered slightly, unsure if it was from fear or anticipation. Xellos shifted off the bed and gave him a tug, pulling the chimera to his feet again. Zelgadis braced his hands on the wall as the priest leaned him forward, pulling his hips back against his obvious desire. Zel shivered again, but he couldn't stop the moan that escaped his throat.

Xellos only smiled more. His hand slid down to the other's rear, slipping his fingers inside of him again. Zel's head fell forward, groaning and shifting back slightly. The mazoku let out a soft chuckle, then pulled his hand away to replace it with his own hard member. Zel gasped and cried out as he pushed forward slowly. He tensed a bit and Xellos took his time, he was enjoying this far too much to rush anyway.

The mazoku settled as deep as he could before holding still, moaning slightly. His hands settled on Zelgadis' back, slowly tracing down to grip his ass firmly. It brought a loud gasp from the shaman and he twitched and shifted slightly. This pulled another moan from the mazoku and Xellos let his hands continue roaming, back up to Zel's shoulders then around to his chest. The shaman gasped again, groaning and rolling his hips slightly against the unmoving intrusion. His own cock was hard and wanting, no more pain registering in his movements.

Xellos slowly pulled him back against his chest, arms wrapping tightly around the chimera. His hips began moving slowly, even as he pulled the other man against him. One of the mazoku's hands drifted down, wrapping around Zel's hard cock again and matching the slow rhythm of his thrusts inside of him.

Zelgadis moaned low in his throat. His hands wrapped around Xellos' wrists, wanting more, but he could do nothing to move the mazoku. Xellos moaned himself and shifted, putting them in front of the room's mirror. Zel's eyes widened slightly at the sight they made. Xellos' eyes were open, face filled with lust and desire. His gorgeous, perfect body wrapped around . . . the chimera screwed his eyes shut, letting his head fall back against the others' shoulder.

The monster shifted, biting his neck harshly as he continued to move. Zel cried out, fingers curling against the other man's unyielding arms. Xellos pulled away slightly, licking at the trail of blood before the little wound closed. “Open your eyes,” he whispered into one pointed ear.

Zelgadis shook his head though. He couldn't answer beyond that, panting as he was pushed closer and closer to the edge. Xellos darted his tongue out, tracing the tip of the chimera's ear, breath sweeping over the sensitive area. Zel whined slightly with need, but the other still kept his pace slow. “Look at me,” he murmured.

The shaman groaned, but he opened his eyes. He turned his head to look at Xellos directly and almost at once the priest claimed his mouth in a deep kiss. He thrust his tongue inside, invading the shaman with glee. Finally he sped his hips, his hand still matching the pace.

Zelgadis cried out into the mazoku's mouth, hands spasming as he came hard. He whined again, but Xellos didn't stop moving. He simply shifted them again, back to the bed where he finally released the kiss and bent the chimera over the mattress. His thrusts only became stronger and Zelgadis shuddered as his prostate was hit again and again. Xellos' hand was still moving, pushing the shaman to another climax in only minutes and he shook, hands fisting weakly now in the sheets. “X-Xellos-” he gasped helplessly.

The trickster was still moving and he leaned down, pinning Zel to the mattress beneath him. The shaman groaned again and fought, but he had no strength, it was completely stolen by the creature ravaging him. Xellos' voice was rough as he groaned in the man's ear. “Say my name again.”

The hand on Zelgadis' cock slid lower, massaging his balls, Xellos' long fingers applying just the right amount of pressure. The shaman's whole body was shaking, quickly pushed to another climax. “Xellos!” he cried out in ecstasy before his eyes rolled back slightly. He passed out with another low moan of pleasure, Xellos still thrusting inside of him..


Zelgadis slept late into the morning. When he finally did wake, it was slow, his mind groggy and his body rather . . . drained. He opened his eyes and looked around, not at all surprised to see an empty room. . . . Was he disappointed? The thought stunned him and for a few minutes Zel thought about it. He was, he decided after a while. He was disappointed to wake up alone after such a mind-boggling night. But he also decided he wasn't upset. Xellos would be back, he was certain.

The shaman stretched, wincing slightly as certain muscles complained that he wasn't used to. He frowned a little and flushed, casting a recovery spell for a bit of general healing. His blush lingered as he had to search for his clothes and he got ready for the day.

He was just wondering about something to eat when there was a knock at the door. The chimera frowned, but went to see who it was. He didn't recognize the young man. He was just a teenager, still quite gangly, but old enough to have held a job for years now. He smiled and bowed his head before asking, “You're Zelgadis Greywords, right?” Zel nodded and the boy shifted as if to come inside. “My sisters have told me all about you.”

Zel's eyebrows rose sharply. “You're from Ashfeld?” He stepped aside, happy to clear the way for the boy.

He shrugged a bit and didn't answer until the door was shut again. “I grew up in Ashfeld, but my parents are merchants. I'm old enough to help out now so I travel with them and I learn stories to bring home.”

Zel's pulse was quick, swallowing before he asked, “And why are you here?”

The boy smiled. “They've been sending out word, we found something for you. I ran into one of my sisters a couple weeks ago but we didn't think we'd be able to find you so quickly.”

Zelgadis nodded slightly and swallowed again. They'd actually found something. Finally. “What can you tell me?” He jerked into motion, going to his pack to pull out an ink pen and parchment, holding them out to the other. The boy hesitated though and didn't take them. Zel huffed slightly. “I can't memorize anything as fast as you or your sisters. I'll need a written copy anyway, I'm sure.”

The boy still hesitated but finally he nodded. “All right, but you write it.”

The two settled into the chairs at the table, Zelgadis poised over the parchment eagerly. They'd barely begun though before the door opened again. Xellos entered, but his grin faded at once, turning to face the other two men. The young man yelped loudly, shoving his chair back and away from the mazoku. Almost as quickly Zelgadis was on his feet between them, glaring at the priest. Slowly Xellos opened his eyes to glare back as he asked in an icy voice. “Visitors, Zel-kun?”

Zelgadis didn't answer, keeping firmly between the priest and the human, who was doing his very best to phase through the solid wall behind him. Xellos took a slow, deep breath, frowning at the chimera. “I think I will find you something to eat, ne, Zel-kun?” he asked and despite the friendly words, his tone was still dangerous.

He turned and left the room, throwing a final dark frown at them before he closed the door. Once he was gone, Zel turned back to the panicked boy. “It's okay-”

The young man shook his head though, jumping to his feet. “I had no idea he was here! I didn't see him in the lobby last nigh- I need to go.” He quickly moved for the door, but Zel shifted to block his path. The boy shook his head again. “No, not if he's here!”

He tried to leave again, but Zelgadis grabbed his elbow. “No, stop. Calm down. What do you think he's going to do?”

“I don't know! That's the problem. He could kill me, or just track me back to the others-”

“Or leave you alone entirely,” Zelgadis said firmly. He didn't release his grip, staring the other down until he finally started to calm. “Xellos has seen you now, he knows your face. It doesn't matter if you leave or not.”

The young man lifted a hand to his hair, whining. “But what if he does kill me?”

Zelgadis frowned darkly. “Then there's nothing either of us can do. But you can't let your knowledge die with you, right? Please.” He couldn't lose this chance. The boy swallowed thickly, but he nodded and Zel finally released his arm. “I promise, I'll try and convince him to leave you alone. I have . . . some sway with him. I think.” The boy whined slightly but he nodded again and moved back to his seat. He started to speak, Zelgadis writing quickly to keep up.


Xellos spent an hour away, not bothering to follow through with the ruse of food. He returned empty handed and still frowning darkly as he let himself into the room. “So that was one of your mysterious 'they', huh?” he asked without pause.

Zelgadis was still at the table, unmoving. He growled faintly but didn't look up to speak. “If you hurt that boy in any way, I will personally 'ra tilt' you into non-existence.”

Xellos hesitated slightly. “Zelgadis?” The chimera was very angry and . . .very depressed.

“If you so much as talk to him, I'll destroy what he gave me.”

Xellos shifted his attention to the table. Zel's hand was resting on a familiar folder sitting there and his words struck the priest slowly. “What did he give you?” The chimera growled loudly, standing abruptly and knocking the chair over. Xellos frowned more, but with concern now. “Zel-kun.”

The chimera smacked his hand away when the mazoku reached for him. “Don't touch me! God damned fruitcake!

This was not good, Xellos thought. Zel's emotions were cycling quickly and none of them were positive. The priest was honestly concerned, raising a hand to try again. “I'll leave that kid alone. Zel-”

The chimera screamed with frustration, hauled back, and punched the monster as hard as he could right in his perfect face. Xellos stumbled a bit, taken off guard, and Zelgadis pulled his hand back to hide his own face. After a moment he shifted again, for the door this time. “Leave me the fuck alone for a while,” he growled before storming out.

Xellos scowled after him. Like hell was he going to leave the other man alone in this state. But he hesitated again, looking back at the table and the folder laying there. He growled slightly, grabbing it and disappearing from sight.

The chimera headed out of the city, back towards the forest they'd come from. He got himself away from the people and the buildings before he angrily screamed again. He lashed out, snapping a small tree branch with his own hands. He followed up with a spell, destroying the rest of the tree. He repeated this, even drawing his sword for several fierce attacks to the surrounding landscape. He vented this way until he was properly out of energy and finally sank down to catch his breath.

After a long minute, he asked aloud, “Did you follow?”

“I'm here,” Xellos confirmed and shimered into sight at the edge of the destruction. He didn't move any closer and asked, “Are you all right?”

Zelgadis levered himself up again. He didn't answer but started walking, towards Xellos and then past him, further into the woods. The priest turned to follow and after a few minutes Zel stopped again and the two settled onto a log beside one another. “Are you all right?” Xellos asked again, still worried.

“I will be,” Zelgadis said, but his voice was still tight. “It's just-” he broke off and sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I asked them for help. I hoped . . . they're researchers and they're secret . . . more eyes. I- I just never thought . . .”

“You didn't expect them to find my answer, but not yours,” Xellos said quietly.

“You don't deserve it!” Zelgadis snapped at him with renewed anger. “I don't care if you've been searching longer, you don't even care!”

Xellos frowned slightly. “That's cruel, Zel-kun.”

The shaman was quiet and the depression welled up again. “I'm sorry,” he mumbled after a minute.

Xellos just shrugged though. “I don't mind.”

“I'm sorry anyway,” Zelgadis said with another sigh. “It's . . . I should be happy to make progress on any quest. It is something I was looking for.”

Slowly the priest reached out, resting a hand on the other's knee. He said nothing though, there wasn't much to say, and they just sat there for a while.

Finally, Zelgadis' emotions settled somewhat and he gave another deep sigh. “I wrote down what that boy told me. It's- yeah, in there.”

Xellos was holding the folder out to him. “I cannot open this.”

“I know,” Zelgadis said with just a bit of vindictive glee.

Xellos frowned at him again. “You could just leave it in there then.”

With another sigh, Zelgadis took the folder. “No. That would be cruel.” He opened it and Xellos looked away. The shaman pulled out the parchment he'd added, closing the folder again and laying it on top. “This is it, this is what they found.”

Xellos opened his eyes as he turned back to the parchment. He said nothing, but couldn't hide the rather eager look that blossomed on his face.

Zelgadis growled. “It is, isn't it? This spell will 'unbind' you.”

The mazoku nodded slightly. “Temporarily,” he said, pointing to one part of the spell, then another. “And it is costly, this power source is rare . . .”

“It also needs to be cast by someone else, right?” Zelgadis asked. He'd been able to gleam a few details himself, proof his studies were also paying off.

Xellos frowned again. “Yes, and I don't think you would have the power. Lina maybe.”

“Would she help you with that?”

The mazoku frowned more, still rather unnerved by the flat, lost tone of Zelgadis' voice. “I won't know unless I ask. But Zel-kun-”

“I'll be fine,” the shaman cut him off. “I'm not . . . I'm not going to run off and do something rash. I promise I'll keep eating,” he added a little sullenly, remembering that he hadn't yet that day. Xellos nodded slightly and after another minute Zelgadis stood. “I'm going to continue to the waterfront, see if that wizard's keep is still there or not. Uh, after I get the rest of my things,” he added with a glance back toward the city.

“And something to eat,” Xellos added somewhat firmly.

The shaman's gaze fell again, but a small smile tugged at his lips and he nodded. He held out the paper and Xellos hesitantly took it, reading over the spell once more. “I owe you nothing now,” Zelgadis said a bit harshly, but with no real venom to the words.

Xellos nodded again in agreement. “No, quite the other way around, I'd say. I should go then, I'll find you at the beach. Hopefully tomorrow, this may take a little time . . .”

“Then go. Tell the others I said hi.”

“Would you like to come wit-”

No,” Zel bit out. He lifted a hand to his eyes, struggling to keep in control of himself. “No, I can't be around them right now.”

“Then I'll see you soon.” Xellos stood as well, reaching out to brush the other man's cheek. “Thank you, Zel-kun.” Zelgadis couldn't look at him, but he nodded, and then the mazoku was gone.