A Favor (an Epilogue side story)
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Zel glanced up from his journal at the server that delivered his coffee. He nodded his thanks, but went back to reading. He glanced up a couple more times as people drifted near enough to his table to attract his attention, thinking it might be the server returning with his food. He did the same as another presence drew near, and promptly dropped the book in his hands. “Juouo-sama!” He gasped and jerked away, half standing.

The blonde woman raised a hand to stop him. “Calm yourself, we are in public.” Zelgadis thought that should make him feel better, but somehow it just didn't. Slowly he sat again however as the Beast Master settled into the chair opposite him. Xellas had her eyes shut, sipping from a wine glass she hadn't been holding a moment earlier. “I'm not here to do anything to you.”

Zel licked his lips nervously and asked, “May I know why you are here?”

“I need a favor from you.”

That still didn't make him feel any better. “What sort of favor?”

“Don't worry, nothing to do with your contract,” she said and waived a hand. “I need someone I can trust to watch over Xellos.”

Zel's eyes widened slightly. “Xellos? Why, what's happened?”

The woman's smile faded a bit and her eyes slit open. “Will you help me or not.”

The shaman took a shaky breath, but he nodded. “I'll help if I can.”

“Good.” She held a hand out to him. “I must take you to him then.”

Zel hesitated again. “To Wolf Pack Island?”

“No, somewhere closer to a human town. You may need supplies.” The shaman still took a moment to move, but slowly he reached out and took her hand. “Good,” she said again with approval and transported them from the tavern.

They reappeared in a plain, sparsely furnished room. Xellos lay on a bed, looking small and surprisingly fragile. He was pale, his hair mussed, and blood stained the sheets around him. Zelgadis could see no injuries on him, however. The trickster was nude to the waist, whatever wounds he'd suffered had already vanished.

“There is little you need to do,” The Beast Master said, drawing his gaze away from Xellos. “He merely needs to rest, he will heal on his own. However someone needs to be here, so no one takes advantage of this opportunity. And I will be away dealing with . . . someone.” The woman stared at him, face unreadable. “Do you think you can handle that little chore?”

Zelgadis nodded. “I'll do my best.” This sounded simple and that made him more than a little nervous.

But Xellas smiled and nodded at him in return. “If you continue to be useful, I just might consider canceling your debt.” She shifted as if to leave, but paused half turned away. “Oh, there is one other thing.” She slanted a look at him and her smile turned cruel. “Mazoku need pain to heal.”

She struck out faster than Zelgadis could follow. All he was aware of was a sharp pain in his side as he collapsed to the ground. He cried out and looked up wildly, worried about a second attack, but the woman was gone. He cringed some, his hand going to the rather deep wound in his side. He began to cast a healing spell, but then stopped and shifted to look at Xellos on the bed. Just moving like that made him cringe again in pain, but then he just sighed and settled without casting the spell. The wound was deep, but it wasn't dangerous; he could deal with a little pain for a while.


When Xellas had said he'd need supplies, she hadn't meant for Xellos. All of Zelgadis' things had been left behind and there was nothing useful in the two room hovel they currently inhabited. It had probably belonged to some wood cutter, but it had been abandoned for a couple of years now and, most importantly, didn't have any food. He'd been pulled away before getting his lunch and as the sun began to sink he was getting truly hungry.

Was it safe to leave? He stood watching Xellos, trying to decide. The mazoku hadn't moved, he didn't even appear to be breathing which was . . . unsettling. Zel had checked his pulse, which was strong, but beyond that he had no idea how to tell if the monster was even alive. The Beast Master had said he would heal on his own though, so one could only assume he was fine . . .

There was also the question of leaving the trickster priest alone. That was the reason he was here, at least he thought it was. But she had seemed to expect him to leave at some point, and he needed to eat. He would be fast, Zel decided. He'd heal the wound in his side and use Ray Wing, find the town that was supposedly nearby, and be back as quickly as he could.

Zelgadis was able to return just as the sun sank beyond the horizon, before it got truly dark. He was rather relieved to see Xellos unmoved, still just as he'd left the mazoku. Zel checked his pulse again just in case, but it was still strong so he could only assume things were still fine. With a sigh, the shaman just took his new purchases to the wood stove, making himself something to eat.

He settled for the night, sleeping on the floor with some extra bedding he'd bought and when morning came he prepared for a boring day. Aside from food and a few other basic supplies, the shaman had only purchased one other item. He'd anticipated his stay taking a while, so when he'd seen an inexpensive guitar, he was happy to purchase the distraction with what coin he had left. It'd been a while since he played last, the practice was good and the music helped him relax.

Two full days passed. Zelgadis was right about being bored and grateful for the guitar, finally setting it aside again to make himself some dinner. As the food began to warm and the aroma filled the room, for the first time since getting there, Zelgadis heard sound from the bed. “Smells good,” said Xellos' voice quietly.

Zelgadis spun to look at the priest, wide eyed. The other still hadn't moved, he still looked all but dead. For a long minute Zel just looked at him curiously before asking, “Are you awake?”

“I was listening to you play.” Xellos didn't move at all as he spoke, only his mouth shaping to form the words. Zelgadis frowned some and came closer, but he still couldn't even see the other breathing. Xellos smiled just a bit, eyes still shut. “I especially liked the one with the quick opening.”

Zel hesitated for a moment. “Which song?”

“I'm afraid I don't know the name of it.” The shaman growled a little, grabbing the instrument again. He started the fastest song he knew – one of his favorites. It had a very distinctive rift and Xellos smiled wider as he played it. “Yes, that's the one.”

Zelgadis stopped playing, frowning at the monster. “I played that at breakfast! How long have you been awake?!”

The other finally moved, shrugging slightly. “Since breakfast, I suppose.”

Zel simply gaped at him. “You've been awake all day?!” The trickster just shrugged again and Zel growled. He moved back to the stove, tending his meal as he asked, “If you were awake, why didn't you say something?”

“I was listening to you play,” Xellos said again without further explanation.

Zel sighed slightly and turned back. “Well, since you are awake, is there anything you need?”

Carefully Xellos started to shift. He was moving slowly, pushing himself into a sitting position as if it took all of his focus and energy. He looked like an ordinary injured human, Zel thought with a frown; weak and helpless. “That smells pretty good,” was his answer, eyes slitting open as he looked to Zelgadis' food.

Zel looked back as well before turning to the mazoku with a baffled expression. “You're hungry?” Xellos shrugged again, keeping his eyes open as he leaned against the pillows behind him. Zel shook his head a bit, but he turned back to the meal, throwing a few more things into the pan and pulling away what was done. He brought the cooked food over to the bed and handed it to the other, then settled onto the nearby stool and gave the mazoku a questioning look. “So what happened?”

“I was ambushed by some corpses,” Xellos said simply, picking up a piece of meat and popping it into his mouth.

Zelgadis only looked more confused though, asking, “Corpses?”

“Well,” Xellos said around another bite of food, “If I am still alive, and you are here with me, then Xellas-sama is certainly dealing with the problem herself. The mazoku that attacked me, their masters, and probably several others are either already dead or will be soon.” His smile grew and an edge of malicious glee entered his expression. “Or, if she's truly angry, they will pray for death, but she will make sure to keep them alive.”

Zelgadis swallowed slightly, one hand going to his side, remembering the injury he'd healed. He wasn't exactly on good terms with the woman and the comment brought up unpleasant memories. “Well, I'm glad you're all right. You are all right, aren't you?”

Xellos had another bite of food, but then held the plate back. “I am fine. I will heal without your assistance.” He grinned right at the shaman. “Or your suffering, though it does speed things along. Were you hurt badly?”

“I wish you wouldn't look so pleased when you ask that.” Zelgadis glared and went back to the stove for his own food. “And no, I'm fine too.” Though he rubbed his side a bit in remembrance. Xellos was still grinning at him as he turned back. He settled and ate, doing his best to ignore the trickster's continued gaze. “How long will you take to heal?”

“Mmm, I'm not entirely sure. By morning, perhaps. I could probably bring myself home at this point.” He paused, grinning a bit more. “But I thought, since you are here, we could make better use of my presence.”

Zel blushed a bit and looked away, but he grinned. In the time since they'd found Xellos' spell, the mazoku had joined Zelgadis every few weeks. He often came with a new rumor or lead that he'd come across, occasionally even a book or spell he'd found. He also always stayed at least one night, taking the chimera in 'celebration' of his new find. They'd been together many times now, but Zel was still nervous and tended to embarrass easily. Which, of course, the monster just loved all the more.

Zel finished his meal and stood again to drop his dish into the small basin, content to leave cleaning for another time. Xellos was still watching him when he turned back. “I thought of something.” The chimera arched an eyebrow in question. Finally Xellos shut his eyes, explaining, “Something I need. Maybe not need, but that's good because I don't think you would agree anyway.”

“Agree to what?” the shaman asked suspiciously.

Xellos chuckled slightly. “Ne, Zel-kun, do you want to trade again? One to one.”

Zel huffed. “So I would be obligated to agree? No thanks.” He glared a little. “Agree to what?”

The priest turned away, but Zelgadis got the impression he was still being watched. “I want to see you, mindless with ecstasy, trapped between people in passion.”

Zelgadis' cheeks flushed brightly. “W-what?!”

“I am proposing a threesome, Zel-kun.”

The chimera glared again. “I know what you're proposing!” He rubbed his eyes a bit, almost horrified at the thought. “Who in the world are you thinking of?!”

“Oh, no idea. Anyone. I want to do this because I want to see you helpless between two hard bodies, unable to escape, assaulted by pleasure from all sides.”

Stop! God, enough, stop.” Zelgadis groaned and rubbed his head some more. “You're right. I don't agree.”

Xellos chuckled a bit. “Thought so. Though your embarrassment is quite tasty as well.”

“Fruitcake,” Zelgadis growled at him.


When Zelgadis woke the next morning, he found Xellos awake and standing beside the stove. The shaman could smell food and coffee; the trickster was fully clothed, tending the meal and washing their plate from the previous night. Zel got up with a yawn. “You're still here,” he noted and moved to the little table in one corner.

“Is there a reason I shouldn't be?” Xellos grabbed the plate to dry it and turned to Zel. He was wearing a yellow apron, the shaman noticed for the first time.

“You're clearly back up to strength, I half expected you to be gone.”

“Yes, I'm quite fine now. But, since we didn't last night, there's still a lot of fun to be had before I need to leave.”

Zel flushed a bit, not answering. As Xellos brought the food to the table, he finally took a breath. “I thought of someone.” The mazoku made a curious noise, setting down the plate and looking at the chimera. Zel pursed his lips a little. “That I would be willing . . . to, um-”

“Let join us?” Xellos supplied, his expression turning eager. “Do tell.”

Zelgadis frowned a bit and just said, “He's in Seyruun.”

“Hmm, well you should eat up then. You will need your strength.”

Zel glared a little at the table, not looking at the trickster. “I don't know where to find him until night time, if he's even still there.”

“Oh, I see.” Xellos leaned a bit closer, drawing Zel's gaze again. “Well then, if there's no rush, perhaps your food can wait.” Zel's eyes widened as Xellos suddenly leaned down to him, forcefully claiming his mouth in a prelude to much more.

When evening finally arrived, Zelgadis was leading the way through the darkening streets of the large city. They were heading towards the working areas, where women of the night plied their trade to tired laborers. The last time he'd been here, Zelgadis had been . . . well he'd been hiding, no point lying about that now. This time he was walking along openly, and Xellos was looking around with interest. They were attracting much more attention and Zelgadis tugged his hood low, scowling behind his mask.

“I don't even know if he'll be here,” the chimera muttered, sincerely trying to ignore the ladies that called to them. He could feel a vein throb in his forehead when Xellos only called back. “It's been years. He might have moved or retired or-”

“Hey! Zel, is that you?” The chimera slowed, looking up to the somewhat excited voice. The tall man they were here to find broke away from the ladies he was clustered with, coming over to the pair with a wide smile. “It's good to see you again, Zel. And who's this?” he asked, turning that charming smile on the trickster priest.

The purple-haired man smiled right back, eyes shut happily. “Xellos, and the pleasure is all mine, I assure you. I recently had an idea for a bit of fun, but we need some assistance, and your name came up . . .”

“I never actually told you his name,” Zelgadis growled.

“It's Trent!” the man was quick to provide, nodding to the offer. “And I'd be very happy to help, I'm flattered you remember me. We have a place if you'd like. Right this way.” He turned, leading the way down an alley without pause. He showed them to a nondescript door, then down a short hall to a private room. Zel moved towards the bed at once, slowly undoing his cloak. Trent hung back slightly though, looking to Xellos and asking quietly, “Is there anything specific you wanted to try?”

Xellos was still smiling, but shook his head. “You know what you're doing, just focus on him. And don't listen when he tells you to stop.” He stepped away, pulling his shirt off to toss aside and moving closer to Zel.

The chimera glanced at him with a small nervous glare. “I suppose it's useless to try and back out of this,” he muttered.

Xellos just met this with a rather sultry smile though. “Do you really want to?” Zel didn't answer, flushing a bit. “That's a no,” the mazoku chuckled and reached to pull him into a fierce kiss. He stripped the chimera of the rest of his clothing, then stepped out of his pants and tossed it all aside.

Trent moved to Zel's side, one hand carressing his chest. “I really am glad you remembered me, Zel. Thank you for finding me again.” Zel flushed slightly, but when the man leaned in to kiss him, he kissed back.

Xellos watched the other two for a minute before stepping close again. His hands joined Trent's, roaming along Zel's skin and tickling at the sensitive areas of his body. Xellos pressed against his back, letting the shaman feel his desire. He reached around, stroking and teasing Zel's stiff cock lightly.

After another moment, Trent stepped away to prepare oils for the fun. Xellos didn't let the chimera even take note of it, turning him into a much rougher kiss. Zel gripped at him, grinding his hips forwards wontonly. Xellos chuckled though, pulling back enough to mutter, “Not yet.”

He pulled him into another harsh kiss and Zel growled, fighting him some. The mazoku just chuckled though and brought him to the bed. Xellos pinned him roughly, kneeling over his hips. The mazoku pulled away from the kiss, but kept his hands on Zel's shoulders, pressing him into the mattress. He shifted his knees up higher, then slowly sat back. Zel's eyes widened some in surprise, “What are you-”

“Something else I've been wanting to do,” the mazoku moaned, pressing consistently back. A pair of hands on his legs reminded Zel of the other man in the room and he gasped. Trent helped Xellos settle and the priest moaned again, open eyes locking with the shaman's.

Then Trent's hands were back, tracing patterns against his legs and seeking out his entrance. He pushed one slick finger inside and Zel groaned. The shaman writhed some as a second finger was added, twisting and pumping some to prepare him. Zel's hands shifted up to grab the mazoku's arms, but as usual Xellos couldn't be moved. And he wasn't moving, his hips utterly still, pinning Zel's in place.

“Xellos,” Zel groaned in protest, but then gasped again. Trent pulled his fingers away only to press forward again, his cock hard and ready. Zel moaned his name this time, struggling to move his hips as Trent began to thrust himself.

Xellos was still watching him, still refusing to move. Zel growled his name again and the mazoku just bent, forcing another deep kiss on him. Zel kept up his struggles, but his moans were becoming more frequent. Trent moaned as well, catching one of the shaman's legs and pulling it up, thrusting that much deeper.

Zel's grip tightened, but Xellos still wouldn't move, only pulling back from the kiss slowly to allow him to breathe. Zel moaned and gasped, his head falling back as he neared release. He was still writhing, desparate to move in the tight heat that surrounded his cock. But another few moments and it didn't matter, his back arched, crying out as he released into that warmth.

Xellos groaned slightly and finally began to move his hips in a slow, steady rhythm. Zel gasped sharply, over-sensitized nerves only stimulated more. Trent was still thrusting into him too and it was only a minute before the chimera was writhing again, panting and moaning beneath the onslaught.

Xellos' hands began to move as well, dragging down across taut muscles and toying with the chimera's nipples. He groaned himself in open admiration and sped his hips, pushing Zel to another climax quickly. Behind him, Trent's own moans reached a peak, the man thrusting deep as he emptied himself as well. Slowly Xellos turned to him, eyes shutting in a smile as he did. “Need a moment?”

“Not long,” he assured, not pulling back, staying buried in the chimera.

Xellos shifted again, slowly rising up and pulling another low moan from Zel. The purple haired man turned properly to Trent, moving to the side so Zelgadis had a clear view of them both. “Bit of a show then?” the mazoku asked, sounding almost innocent.

Trent chuckled a bit, already reaching for the other's still-hard cock. He kept a hold of Zel's leg, ensuring the shaman couldn't pull away, and his other hand circled Xellos. The priest moaned loudly, his head falling forward in pleasure. Trent pumped his hand a few times, then leaned forward. He licked his lips, then licked the tip of Xellos' manhood. The priest gasped and then cried out as Trent lowered his head and slowly engulphed him.

He made a proper show of it, moving slowly and pulling back often. Zelgadis couldn't look away, eyes fixed on the two. His own tired member was beginning to stir again, as was Trent inside of him. He swallowed, lips parted as Trent moved his head further down, taking the mazoku all the way and swallowing around him.

Xellos' head fell back now, letting his face be seen. Zel only groaned again at the look of bliss and lust, purple eyes open and slanted towards him. He seemed to reach his limit though and his hands settled on Trent's shoulders as he began to move and thrust himself. He was rough but the other man didn't complain, still moaning around him. One hand lifted to the mazoku's ass, only encouraging him more. The thrusts were moving him as well, his hips rocking against Zelgadis, hardening cock hitting all the right spots to make the shaman gasp and cry out himself. Another few moments and Xellos stiffened, letting out a strangled cry as he came hard, pulling Trent tightly to him.

Trent pulled him close in turn, swallowing repeatedly around him, drawing out the pleasure. Then his attention fell back to Zel and he suddenly sped his hips, before Xellos had even pulled away. The shaman cried out in surprise, back arching at the sudden onslaught. “W-wait-” he gasped, but Trent didn't stop until Xellos put a hand on his shoulder.

The trickster smiled and made a small motion out of Zel's line of sight. The shaman simply lay there, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Trent pulled away only to crawl over him, pressing their lips together. Zelgadis moaned, lifting his hands to wrap around the other man's shoulders. Trent moaned in return, one hand sliding down to Zel's cock, keeping him distracted with light touches.

Xellos didn't intend to give him a break at all. He reached for the chimera's wrist and then pulled. Trent rolled with the move and Zelgadis yelped loudly as he suddenly found himself poised over the man, Xellos behind him, one arm still trapped in the monster's steel grip. Xellos pushed into him, moving Zel's hips in turn. “Wait-” he tried to protest again, but both men ignored him this time.

Trent was already prepared, lining himself up with Zel's once-more hard member. Xellos pressed them forward and Zel could only groan. Then Xellos started to move again, each powerful thrust rocking Zelgadis as well. The shaman gasped and cried out, being moved between the two in a fast rhythm and pushed to the edge again. Then Trent's hands were on his chest, giving one nipple a firm pinch. Zel's back arched and Xellos leaned close to his ear, giving it a harsh little bite. The pain only heightened the pleasure and Zel cried out again as he came hard between them.

Xellos still didn't stop moving, Zel trapped against his chest. The chimera couldn't fight the sensations and groaned again as his tired body continued to respond. Trent's hands were still roaming his chest, but after another minute he pulled away. Xellos pulled him back from the other man and Zel opened his eyes with some confusion, unaware he'd even closed them. Trent caught his gaze with a sultry look as he stepped off the bed.

Then the man just turned to bend over the mattress and Xellos was moving again, pressing Zel forward into the other. The chimera yelped, but it quickly faded into a moan. His free hand fell to Trent's hip as Xellos began to move, hard and fast. Trent groaned in pleasure as well, cursing quietly in obvious approval as he pressed back and flexed around the chimera's cock.

Zelgadis was helpless between the two, he couldn't excape Xellos' strength and the pleasure was constant. His eyes fell closed again, groaning as his head fell back. Xellos' free hand moved to his throat, casual strength keeping him in place. The shaman's back was arched, pushing him more firmly into Trent with each thrust. Xellos consistently hit his prostate and in what seemed like no time Zel was tensing again, crying out as he was pushed over the edge yet again.

Xellos pulled him back slowly, away from Trent. But he didn't move otherwise, Zel still held against his chest, fully exposed. Zel slid his eyes open but as he was trapped he actually couldn't see Trent, his gaze forced to the ceiling. Therefore it was surprising to feel something wet slide against his skin, making him gasp again. The cool, damp cloth trailed over his chest and down his lean stomach. He could hear Trent moan in appreciation as the cloth slid lower, cleaning the chimera and serving to drive him mad all at once. The soft material made him moan again as Trent rubbed and massaged, spending extra time on his growing member before slipping lower to fondle his balls.

Then suddenly the man's mouth was on his skin, kissing along his chest and then lower. His hot tongue was a sharp contrast to the cool and Zel writhed as he exhaled across his cock. “Stop-” the shaman gasped, his free hand trying in vain to move Xellos' arm. Trent didn't listen to him, bobbing his head low, skilled tongue twisting around his cock.

Slowly, Xellos began to move his hips again. He groaned in pleasure, rough voice right in Zel's ear. The shaman's struggles quickly changed, his grip tightening as he simply held on. Trent continued to move, cool cloth still massaging lower while his hot mouth sucked and swallowed around him. Zelgadis whined as his body tensed, the pleasure only drawn out maddeningly the harder it got to reach that peak. But between the two others Zel was soon shuddering in climax again, crying out, voice getting rough from overuse.

Trent pulled back slowly, his hands moving to Zel's hips, holding him in place as Xellos sped his thrusts. The chimera groaned weakly, unable to fight any more. Behind him the trickster moved, taking the arm he still held and twisting it behind Zel's back. His other arm finally released his head, which sagged forward with exhaustion and ecstacy. The mazoku held him by the chest instead, keeping him in place and pinning his arm between them. Then he shifted again, suddenly pulling Zelgadis back hard onto his cock with each thrust. Zel cried out in surprise, shocks of pleasure shooting up his spine.

The chimera was shaking, breath coming in shallow gasps. He almost whimpered as Trent descended on him again, skilled tongue circling around his tired manhood. The shaman reached for him with an exhausted 'no' but Xellos moved to stop him. The mazoku's hand wrapped around his wrist and pulled his arm back to his chest again, his other arm still twisted behind his back. The trickster kept his hips moving quickly, rocking the chimera with each thrust. Zel's head fell back again, totally overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations. “X-Xellos-” he groaned, fighting the other's hold weakly. “Stop-”

The trickster leaned into him, voice rough in his ear as he growled, “Never.” He lowered his mouth, sinking his teeth into stone flesh. Zel cried out, but he couldn't break free of the mazoku's grip. Trent didn't stop either, bobbing his head low and groaning in pleasure himself. Zel's limbs were tembling, his body tightening again as he was pushed to the edge yet again. He was well spent by now, but a dry orgasm rocked through him just as strong and he cried out.

Trent pulled away, but replaced his mouth with his hand, still not letting up. “I can't-” Zel protested weakly. But then Trent pressed their lips together, silencing any further argument. Xellos shifted, bending the chimera into a better position, letting him move with that much more force, and Zel moaned low in his throat.

Trent helped the shaman keep his balance, allowing Xellos even better aim. Zelgadis shuddered and groaned helplessly as his prostate was under constant assault. Trent didn't release the kiss, twining tongues and not letting the other breathe for more than a moment. Zel was shaking, unable to fight anymore as he was pushed to another rough orgasm.

Slowly Trent pulled away and Zelgadis panted, trying to catch his breath. Xellos pulled him upright again, slowly slipping away himself. He finally let go of his hands and Zel sagged on his feet. Then Trent was there again, tilting his face up for another kiss. Zel made a startled noise and tried to pull away, but Xellos was still at his back. The mazoku guided him to the bed again and with a small shove, Zel was flat on his back on the sheets.

Trent pressed him into the mattress, no trouble at all pinning the trembling chimera. Zel was beyond words, but mumbled something that was surely a protest as Trent slowly lowered onto his cock. Then Xellos pressed into him again, drawing out a low, tired moan as Zel found himself in the same position that began the night. The mazoku began moving right away, setting a fast pace for Trent to match.

Zel tried to protest, but he could hardly move his limbs anymore, truly helpless as the pleasure pushed him further. He moaned the priest's name, and Trent's, but the words didn't form, only coming out as a mindless sound of pleasure. His hips jerked as another orgasm rolled through him, muscles too weak to even tense properly.

Trent still didn't stop moving, but Xellos pulled away. Zel was unsurprised to feel them moved again as the trickster settled behind him before pressing into him, trapping the chimera between them again. Zel couldn't complain anymore, his head falling back against the mazoku's shoulder as he began to move. Trent leaned against him, reaching past to hold Xellos' shoulders, pressing the chimera between them, his own stiff manhood hard against his abs. He kissed Zel deeply, moaning into his mouth as Zel moaned back.

Xellos groaned in pleasure as well, knowing his chimera was finally at his actual limit. He lowered his mouth to the other's neck again and bit hard, only getting a louder moan from the shaman in response. He slid his hand between the other men, pleased with the gasp he got from Trent as he gripped him tightly. Xellos pumped his hand quickly and soon Trent was moaning more loudly into Zel's mouth. He tensed and shuddered as he came again, muscles tightening around Zel as he kept his hips moving.

The shaman tensed again himself, muscles twitching with the absolute last of his energy. Xellos was still moving, but after another moment he stilled as well, pulling Zel into him as hard as he could as he came with a gasp and a cry. Zel barely had the strength to moan, limp in the mazoku's grip. Trent pulled away at last, claiming a final brief kiss and one last moan as he slid off Zel's spent cock.

Xellos pulled away slowly himself, holding Zelgadis' weight as he settled him back to rest. He smiled some at the chimera; this had been exactly what he wanted. Then he turned to Trent, the man getting dressed by the door. Xellos casually slipped his pants on and closed his eyes as he came over. “How much do I owe you for the night?”

Trent smiled slightly. “Same rate he got last time, half my usual price. He's such a nice kid, I couldn't charge full.” His grin grew. “Besides, he was good even back then. That's a crap curse, but it has some advantages.” Xellos handed over the coin, smiling more at the wave of flattered embarrassment that came from the not-actually-unconcious chimera. Trent was still focused on Xellos though. “So, you and him?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

The trickster nodded slightly. “For now. For a long while if I have my way.”

“Good. Zel deserves it, I'm glad he found you.”

“I intend to help him find everything he's looking for,” Xellos said as if it were a promise.

Trent chuckled a bit. “This is how I make my living . . . but find me during the day sometime. I'd love to do it again just for fun.”

Xellos made a pleased noise at the thought, slitting his eyes open to watch the man. “I am certainly going to remember that.”

Trent smiled at him in return, hand on the door knob to leave. “You can stay 'til midnight to rest. Someone will knock. I hope to see you later.”

“You will,” Xellos assured happily, turning back to Zelgadis as the door closed. He settled onto the bed again and leaned over the chimera, kissing him deeply. Zel's arms remained limp on the mattress but his tongue responded, kissing back slightly. Xellos was smiling as he pulled away, open eyes meeting the shaman's own barely open ones. “Even better than I imagined.”

The trickster trailed a hand down the shaman's chest, feather light touch sliding along stone skin and overly tired muscles. He ghosted over the shaman's cock and then to his entrance, sliding two fingers into him again.”Nnnn,” was all the protest Zel could muster, trying in vain to twitch away.

“The first time we did this,” the mazoku murmured, “I made you pass out in just three.” He curled his fingers and Zel's hips jerked slightly. Xellos only grinned more, massaging his prostate until his manhood was stiffening again. “You've tripled that tonight . . . but I really was hoping for double digits.”

Zelgadis really tried to fight, but he couldn't move, he was utterly at Xellos' mercy. His eyes rolled back slightly, the trickster's fingers skilled and ceaseless, driving him steadily towards ecstasy again The shaman moaned weakly, knowing he really was going to pass out, but Xellos just leaned down to claim another rough kiss. His other hand wrapped around Zel's once more hard cock, forcing him to the edge again and over. The trickster pulled away as the chimera twitched and gasped weakly beneath him. “Happy anniversary,” was the last thing Zel heard before consciousness faded and he drifted into a comfortable and exhausted oblivion.