Chapter 130 – To the Countryside
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With finals and the last day of school ceremony over, Takei and his group of friends would now move on to the next grade after a short three week break before the next school year.

(Japanese school year starts in April)

They all said their temporary goodbyes and parted ways after congratulating each other on finishing the school year long.

Ryuto proposed that they should do something together over the break, to which everyone happily agreed.

During the discussion, however, Takei just emptily nodded as he was mulling over the thing that his dad had sent him.

So from what I gathered, Grandpa and Grandma want to meet Akari after they heard about her from my parents.

Takei's grandparents were a cheery old couple that lived in the rural countryside that was the hometown to many people before they eventually moved to the city.

It was a bit far, but the trip wouldn't be too unmanageable.

Thinking about which route he should take, Takei calculated that it would take three bus rides and a short taxi ride to get there.

In other words, about four hours of travel.

With the plan set up in his head, Takei would now have to ask Akari if she wanted to go or not.

Currently, he was walking home from school with Akari by his side.

Although they had been walking for a while, there had not been a single word said, due to Takei being lost in thought.

Akari seemed concerned that Takei hadn't said anything yet, but she stayed quiet once she saw that intense expression of thinking on his face.

Snapping out of his trance, Takei realized that Akari had been staring at him with a questioning expression.

"Uh, hey... Akari?"


"How would you like to go on a vacation, just the two of us?"


Akari was surprised to hear Takei suggest something like that, but she was genuinely happy that she did.

It wasn't often that a herbivore like Takei would go and do something proactive like this.

"A vacation with just us two would sound great... and very romantic."

Instantly, Akari's mood jumped up at the thought of a vacation for two.

He was happy to see her excited about a romantic rendezvous between them, which earned Akari a gentle pat on the head from him.

Once Takei got the affirmative from Akari, he decided to reveal the news to her.

"My grandparents are inviting us over to their house for two weeks during the break. They said that they really wanted to meet you, but they live in the countryside which is a bit far from here. The choice is all up to you though, I don't want to pressure you into making any decision."

Listening to Takei's explanation, Akari continuously nodded her head as she listened to him talk.

After he finished, she closed her eyes for a moment and quickly came to a conclusion.

"It's fine, I'll go. I need to go meet my grandparents-in-law anyways~"

Unsurprisingly, Akari wanted to go to meet more of Takei's family.

Seeing the glint in Akari's eyes made him realize how excited she was to go visit his grandparents.

She's really pumped up now, looks like there's no going back now. Time to have a fun two-week long flirting session!

With everything set in stone, their adventure to the countryside was now just a matter of time.


About two days later, Takei and Akari were standing in front of the first train that they had to take to get to the countryside.

For the past two days, they finished packing and telling all their close friends that they were leaving for a while.

The friend group were understanding when Takei told them about him and Akari's expedition, albeit a bit exasperated when they realized what the true motives behind the trip were.

Akari also asked her parents for permission to go, to which they readily agreed because they knew her and Takei would be safe and responsible.

Once all of their connections were informed, they proceeded to pack their clothes in some travel bags.

Takei was struggling a bit with packing since it was his first time ever packing clothes to go on a long vacation, which required Akari to help him out.

"Thank you, I probably wouldn't have clothes to wear if you weren't here to help."

"It's fine, this is just practice for being a housewife~"

After their packing was done, Takei mapped out which trains to take to make sure they wouldn't get lost.

He decided to go all out and buy the tickets for the fast trains that would end up taking a less amount of time due to the faster travel speeds.

Adding on to the already shorter train ride, there were comfy seats that made it easy to fall asleep without even trying.

It wasn't really a necessary expense to spend extra money on a train ride, but he wanted to make sure Akari was comfy for the long ride.

Coming back to the present, Takei showed the employees their tickets and was allowed access to the train.

Once they entered the train cabin, Akari looked around in amazement at how luxurious the interior looked.

"It feels like we're celebrities with our own private transportation..."

"I don't know about me, but you definitely look like one."

For the trip, Takei had decided to dress in sweatpants and a hoodie to ensure max comfort during the trip.

On the other hand, Akari was dressed in a thin dress that was a perfect balance of comfort and cuteness that could be acceptably worn anywhere.

Hearing Takei's retort, Akari giggled and ruffled his hair.

"You look absolutely stunning to me, so don't put yourself down."

With the goddess's trademarked smile combined with her passionate gaze, Takei was unable to say anything back.

That smile is just too unfair.

New Idiot Couple Meter: 23 -> 25%

We're here now. First stop, Serioustown!

Serious-san: The place of my beginnings!

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