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/ Series / The Goddess Needs A Break!
The Goddess Needs A Break!
The Goddess Needs A Break!
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4.5 (31 ratings)
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Takei Tanaka, an average high schooler, goes about his life in an uninterested manner until he stumbles upon a girl in need of help. That girl turned out to be Akari Akazawa, the number one beauty of his school. Due to some circumstances, they end up spending time with each other which results in their relationship blossoming into something new. A romantic comedy filled with 99% fluff and 1% seriousness is about to start!

Written in the style of Japanese web novels. This is the original work of an amateur writer, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Illustration is not mine, artist is unknown.

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$1 = 1 chapter. (Typically 15 chapters ahead of the released chapters)
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ComedyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Dense Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Early Romance Heartwarming Honest Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role
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      Status: chapter 28 – troublesome

      A fairly solid and enjoyable slice of life/romance story. The premise is simple enough: average loner meets the school beauty and they kick it off after some events occur. Whether the romance is realistic or not, I don't know since I've never talked to a woman before. However, I can definitely say that it's sweet and enjoyable, just make sure to have insulin nearby. 

      Still, there are some aspects of the story that can be a turnoff for readers. First, the story is remarkably cliché. If you've read plenty of Japanese romcoms or even consumed Japanese youth media, this story will be extremely familiar to you. Secondly, the MC is as dense as lead, or to put it in more understandable terms: as dense as a Japanese harem protagonist. However, the author is hinting at a logical reason for this trait so it doesn't exist just to blueball the reader. But you're still getting blueballed no matter how well the author pulls it off. 

      In regards to grammar and writing, it's perfectly functional. Everything is perfectly understandable, although I have a tendency of skimming so I'm not the best person to consult on the matter. The prose fulfills its job of creating a sweet and enjoyable romance to indulge your most likely lonely self in. It's definitely not  poetic, but you should seek out other genres if that's your thing. 

      Lastly, the story so far doesn't show signs of deep symbolism and complex messages. And frankly, it really doesn't need to. It's just something to enjoy after a long day of work. If you for some reason want those two aforementioned things, I recommend looking at a different genre or reading Oregairu.  

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