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Stuck as a Villain!
Stuck as a Villain!
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On a random day, at a random place… I died.

And by the grace of gods, got reincarnated in a world that has put a label over my head of Otaku.

'Rise of the Thunder Emperor. '

Same clichè dense hero and harem of beauties involved in an Academy setting.

I would have accepted my fate if I had gotten in some mob's body but no…I had to be a villain who was destined to taste the awakened power of the protagonist, firsthand.

I planned to manage my life through this whole mess and if possible get that milf teacher on the way too.

But why the heck this hero is behaving like he knows what I am going to do?

Why are these heroines not performing their roles and turning yandere for me but not the protagonist?

And the milf I tried to trap is now flirting in the middle of the whole school?

Why did things turn out so hectic?


A/N: - Give the story at least ten chapters before you guys judge.

ActionDramaEcchiFantasyHaremRomanceSchool Life
Beautiful Female Lead Early Romance Handsome Male Lead Older Love Interests Overpowered Protagonist Proactive Protagonist Student-Teacher Relationship Transmigration Wealthy Characters Yandere
Table of Contents 181
Reviews 10
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 37- blunt rejection!

    Cliche and confusing. I have no idea why this got so many views


    The maid's affection for her master came outta nowhere and there's no explanation for it.  Arata is an idiot for not noticing the discrepancies between the game and reality (MC was just laying low minding his own business but Arata decided to exact 'revenge' for no f**king reason). Laila seems to be on the verge of cheating on the MC but the moment he broke their engagement she was ridden with sadness and guilt. MC was just a 'normal highschooler' in his past life yet he became a fierce warrior after just a bit of training even though the character he possessed was someone who looked down on martial arts and only used magic (Is the MC f**king Saitama or something?!) The heroine's affection for the MC is also weird. Author likes to create a sense of mystery but I think he was just too lazy to explain his own plot holes. There's also too many characters after only 38 short chapters and not enough character building/development for any of them.


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    Status: chapter 16

    Protagonist got future knowledge. Thats no problem. But then, for some deus ex bullsh*t reason, the Main character of the book got the future knowledge by getting protagonist's memories... Like bro... 

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    Status: chp 90

    The author gate keeps the r18 scenes behind his patreon you have to pay for, the power system in the worlds pretty trash, like its not written well. Author has habits of prolonging boring parts of the story but then skipping the actual good parts or rushing them and not explaing further what happened, he just starts on a new event. MC is contradictive, he tries to act cold and mean like the original seth and he also knows to try hide his lacking magiv control since he isn't used to using them as good as the og seth did, but then goes ahead and starts using elite ruthless physical fighting prowess that hes never been trained in or shown before when he could've just had his servant do the fighting. Hell even simple stuff like the ages of people are never mentioned, you just have to asume based on your own japanese novel cliches of how old they are (probably 18 since hes in 3rd and final year of the academy). Another thing is the characters are very simply and poorly described, author just writes them or adds in info of them as he goes along. Like suddenly the childhood friend of MC is a counts daughter. Arata the MC of the novel is written to be a douche scum bag to let the reader dislike him easily, like bro is a classic chinese cultivator "are you courting death" villain. To add onto the poorly written characters, another example is how we don't even know who MCs dad is, they just skip over it and say his mom is married to her 2nd husband and has 3 kids with him. The relationships with the MCs siblings aren't written well to, author introduced them saying they hate MC but then doesn't elaborate. The first son hates MC cause MCs future duke I guess, the 1st daughter just doesn't like MC (they only show her once at dinner then never again), the 2nd daughter is a little girl who author gives a titled chapter for just to have the chapter be about MC talking about other stuff for 90% of it then he meets the sister and asks if he can play with her, then it skips to a whole nother day with a new event going in forgetting about the MC who was about to further his relationship with the only sibling who possibly doesn't hate him. Also author forgets stuff or is intentionally making it so MC doesn't remember it so that he doesn't become op, for example MC got 2 rewards from the vault, 1 being the ring and the other being a necklace, the ring is practiced with and used so we know what it does, the necklace is never mentioned again. Another example of author just skipping the story is chp 90, just in the previous chp MC was with lara and carol exploring the dungeon, then in chp 90 it just skips all that and starts off with him having breezed through the dungeon and already back home, like bro what happened to carol? The sister of the novels MC and also a person of interest who MC thought could be of use? Author just skips their whole goodbye and getting out of the dungeon after beating the final boss, or where was the interaction between MC and the 2 guards waiting outside who could've broken into the dungeon to rescue MC if they wanted to?. This is just what I can remember from the top of my head, overall id give it a 3 star, maybe 2 or a 6/10. Not the worst novel, its aight but the author should just stick to the romance side of the story more instead of the sh*tty action and power system part and he should also try to write his characters more descraptively with simple stuff like their age or if they're from a royal family instead of "serena is aratas childhood friend" the end💀. Also MCs back story is random asf, first hes a normal high schooler but then half way through the story he was actually trained as a kid by some strict guy, then it turns into something even bigger with him being trained and severly beaten by top tier mr miyagi martial artists and suddenly he had a little sister from his past life named sayu? The author just loves making up and writing the story as he goes😂. Like it says theres 6 main kingdoms on the continent from the 6 og heroes but still hasn't talked about or named the other 5 kingdoms. Also who is the novel MCs ancestor who was the thunder emperor? He must some low key op dude whos stronger than the strongest of the 6 heroes for the novel MC to become the strongest in the verse at the end, because our MC is the descendant of the strongest hero since him mom is the kings sister, so our MC should also have op talent.

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    Status: c72

    The story and world building is okayish, besides the glaring grammar issues. The plot holes are prolific and the leaps in logic are frustrating like somehow a transmigrated Japanese high schooler was a martial art savant orphan is his last life who was trained by some mysterious Mr. Myagi. The amount of side characters who have future information seems really forced especially the other transmigrater who pushed the MC in the dungeon has like one paragraph of screen time just to move the plot forward then is promptly killed in his next appearance.  Overall don't recommend, much better stories here then this.

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    Status: c93

    Disclaimer: I am not a professional reviewer, this is just my biased personal opinion on the novel (having read upto 93 chapters currently as of 4/5/23). Let's get the first point out of the way; The MC. The MC is a simp for the teacher, the author's logic is that "oh if you meet your favorite waifu irl, you will fangirl for her" which is kind of a dumb assumption to make because people have waifus for different reasons and sometimes it's just for bragging rights. Sure the MC goes through some character development but there has been alot of inconsistencies with the MC's character; he doesn't try to kill or strike back at the protagonist who tried to kill him twice (and was close to in the first time) and has some sort of mental filter yet says he would "kill" the person who found out his secret, next is that the protagonist of the Game (his name started with A) somehow has memories of the game or a past timeline where a player played the game and regards the main FL/FMC of the game as his own with another nameless mob who somehow transmigrated/reincarnated (?) into the game who pushes MC to a death trap. The grammar is bad but it's manageable.

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    Status: chapter 126

    The story is very inconsistent. We're drawn into this narrative of something happening when something even bigger happens that comes out of nowhere or a character that acts one way then it's revealed in the next chapter to be entirely fake. When in the previous chapter we could hear that characters thoughts and feelings. Characters and plots that just can't consistent with what has been established. Overall a story that had great potential but is ruined by an amateur author. 

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    Status: chapter 20- the heck with...

    The story has a lot of potential with how the world/characters are built. Few to no grammar mistakes. Preferably need more words per chapter, story pacing is fine but because there are so few words its like reading clips of certain events in chronological order.

    Looking forward to more updates.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: reading

    I really liked it until now and I think the potential is big, just fix snall things and good to go

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 30

    Don't listen to the nay sayers. Yes the story loosely follows a reincarnated into a favorite fiction trop but only on the surface. Yes you are not spoon fed information about character and their motives. Well the main antagonist is not bright and therefore rather 2D. But when you are not given all the information up front it forces you as a read to fill in the gaps. You have to deduce motive or history and use your brain. The mark of a good writer is someone who can build a world for the readers to get lost in. A great way to do that is to invite the reader to invest in the world as it is being built. And I feel that not giving you all the information upfront is a great tool for that.

    My critique for the auther would be get and editor. Just having a second pair of eye before release can help with grammar and spelling errors as well as sentence flow. When a reader has to direct a sentence just to understand what it is saying on the face of it really takes away from the story. Granted I am only 30 chapters in so maybe this gets fixed. Secondly some of the character though enjoyable are predictable. This happens when you spell out who they are. Though you mostly do this in the authors notes to placate people. I have begun ignoring the notes that talk about characters because it ruins  it for me.

    Overall I look forward to the development of this story and will probably look at the authors other works.

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    Status: chapter 38

    So far its good. Keep it up

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