Chapter 136 – Human
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After the events of the altercation, Takei and Akari rushed back home without getting any groceries.

Thankfully for them, Takei's grandparents weren't home yet so they still had some time to unwind from what had just happened.

As soon as the front door slammed shut, Takei crumpled onto the ground and buried his face into his hands

"Why did I do that..." Takei depressingly mumbled. "I've never had any violent urges in my life, so why did I want to punch him so bad?"

Hearing her significant other cry out in pain was also hurting Akari's heart just as much as it did Takei.

"You got angry to protect me, that's all the reason you needed to get violent," Akari explained. "Violence isn't good, but people's patience can reach a limit when their love ones are endangered."

The way she explained the idea to Takei combined with the compassionate and gentle voice that she held was enough to slowly bring Takei's wretched state of mind back to normal.

"You're only human, Takei. It's okay to get mad and lose control. Everyone makes mistakes, so don't be too hard on yourself," Akari gently spoke.

In his heart, Takei had known that it would be wrong to attack Araki just because of a comment, but he couldn't hold back the feeling of anger that was took hold within his heart.

Despite his surface feelings of wanting to not commit an act of violence, Takei still went through with it because he believed it was the necessary thing to do.

If he hadn't stopped Araki then and there, there could've been a big chance that Araki would target them later on.

When he did throw Araki to the ground, the power he had felt as the oppressor felt intoxicating to him.

Getting revenge on someone who was just as bad as the girl who tormented him felt truly satisfying.

However, Takei's true feelings in his heart were keeping his morals anchored down.

Shit, I can't let myself be addicted to being violent. This isn't who I am... Focus, focus, focus! I can't become a scum like him who tries to resort to hurting others as his natural instinct!

Clearing his mind of negative thoughts, Takei apologetically looked at Akari with very sad eyes.

"Akari, I-i'm so sorry you had to see that side of me," Takei's voice cracked. "Something snapped inside of me when he said that nasty comment about you..."

Stroking his head gently, Akari could understand why he did such a thing.

"It's okay, I'm here for you. Violence may not be good, but sometimes it's necessary. To protect a loved one, it may become a necessary evil. That's why I believed you did the right thing," Akari stated. "Leaving that guy unchecked would have not been a good choice, in my opinion."

With that logic, Takei couldn't disagree with what Akari had said.

The Tachibana bloodline had a shining example of what rotten blood could do to a person.

I mean, just look at what Erika Tachibana had done to Takei during his last year of middle school.

Could there be anyone who could even defend her heinous actions?

Understanding that Akari was trying to make him feel better by logically explaining why he made the correct choice, Takei felt conflicted about having such a caring girlfriend.

I'm not good enough for her... is what I would've said a couple months ago. However, I refuse to back down now. One day, I promise to make people think twice about criticizing the person she chose as her lover. Until that day comes, I'll do my best!

"Hey, Akari?"


"I love you so much," Takei passionately stated.

Akari smiled in response. "I know. I love you so much too."

"May I borrow your shoulder then? I think I need to let some tears out," Takei embarrassingly said.

In response, Akari nodded and patted her shoulder.

"It's all yours, so please let me share this burden with you. We're partners, aren't we?"

With a smile befitting the visage of the goddess, Akari showed Takei her most beautiful smile yet.

In response to Akari's question, Takei dug his face into her shoulder and whispered the answer that she had been waiting for.

"Yes, yes we are."


New Idiot Couple Meter: 40 -> 43%

Shorter chapter, but I'm not sure if I could've found a better way to end it.

Sugar-chan: What a beautiful couple...

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