Chapter 140 – Loner’s Plan
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I'll trust in my girlfriend for now. There's no way she would lose to whatever plans these delinquents have cooked up.

There was an intense wind hitting Takei's face as he dodged and avoided the delinquents that were persistently chasing him.

"Tch, you idiots are getting on my last nerve!" Takei yelled at the people behind him. "What is with this cliche chase scene?!"

Instead of getting discouraged due to the surprisingly nimble Takei, the delinquents only got more excited.

"I haven't been able to have a good run like this in years!"

"You're dead meat once we catch up!"

"I'll get revenge for my sister!"

"Become my slave already, my cute little Takei~"

Ignoring the weird statements from his pursuers, Takei put some more force into his kick in order to try and gain a little bit of distance from them.

This might not be the best plan and I'll definitely be scolded by Akari for this, but it's definitely the most effective way. Just need to get a little bit closer and I should be good to enact the plan.

The surroundings blurred as Takei ran even faster and gave his all, which was a surprise since he rarely gave his all for anything ever.

If some people were to see him run past them, they would probably be compelled to call him the fastest man alive.

Putting that aside, Takei noticed the marker that he had left earlier that indicated that this was the optimal spot.

"Showtime..." He muttered.

As soon as Takei had passed the marker, he pretended to trip and fell onto the group with a loud thud.

Seeing their opportunity, the delinquents quickly caught up with a sinister smile on their faces.

"It's time for payback, you piece of sh*t!" Araki roared. "I'm getting the first hit, so everyone stay back!"

Just like how their boss ordered, the delinquents made space so that there could be no chance of interference.

Oddly enough, there weren't any people in the area at all, even though this was a semi-popular mall.

Takei just chalked it up to being a slow day of business, which was an odd thought to have since he was about to get pummeled.

Once all the conditions were perfect, Araki sneered and raised his fist.

"Just like you did to me, I'll do back to you," Araki chuckled. "You reap what you sow."

The raised fist began to come down in a manner that befitting the demeanor of a hardcore delinquent, but it luckily never connected.

"You, stop! What are you doing?!" A loud voice boomed in the distance.

Araki Tachibana was too scared of the booming voice which left him in a nervous wreck. "A-ah..."

A policeman was just peacefully patrolling the area until he heard a large amount of noise coming from a certain area of the mall.

Running over to that area revealed a black-haired teenage boy being attacked by a red-haired teen and three other accomplices.

"Hey, you. Get off of him right now," the policeman said, menacingly. "Everyone but the boy on the ground, hands up in the sky and backs turned towards me."

Even the delinquents could tell that this policeman was the real deal, so they obediently listened without arguing.

The policeman handcuffed all of the delinquents including Araki and went over to help Takei up.

"Hey, son. Are you okay?" The policeman worriedly asked.

Takei then began uncontrollably sob when he tried to stand up. "T-those guys started chasing me out of nowhere saying that they wanted to hurt me!"

Hearing this, a grim expression appeared on the policeman's face.

"You'll be okay now," he kindly expressed. "The police department will be checking over the footage later, but I've definitely seen enough here to make an educated guess."

With that being said, the policeman dragged the delinquents to the holding room that the police department used as a jail in the mall.

The policeman had asked Takei to come in for a statement, but Takei said that he was going to bring his guardians, so the policeman silently nodded.

In reality, he just wanted to get to Akari as soon as possible, so Takei lied his way out for the moment.

When they passed each other going the opposite direction, Takei noticed that Araki had a sullen expression of defeat on his face.

Serves you well. You don't get to pick a fight with my girlfriend and leave unharmed. I won't let it happen as long as I stand by her side.

While thinking of some dangerous thoughts, Takei returned to the shopping area that he had initially been in.

Akari, please wait for me. I'll definitely put an end to this once and for all.

Praying silently for Akari's safety, Takei made a strong resolve within his heart.

Now, it's time for the true endgame.

Meter will return soon since the seriousness has been blocking it.

Serious-san: Noooojwiafowaoijfwaiorfjwa

Sugar-chan: It's okay~ It's okay~

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