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It was nearly evening, and the burial had finished. It was a simple one, which was what you'd expect in the middle of the battlefield.

The prince was sitting in his chair, writing a letter to his father. 

Dearest Father,
Everything is going well. We defeated the enemy and have won victory.

I hope that we'll be able to hold a proper burial ceremony for those who've lost their lives in the war.

After writing the last sentence, he hesitated, before scrunching up the paper & throwing it to the side. 

'Father wouldn't be happy with holding a proper burial...' He sighed and started to write a new letter.

Dearest Father,
Everything is going according to how you wanted, We've defeated the enemy and have won victory for our nation.
Your son, Suan Wuhan.

Proceeding to delicately smooth out the thin sheet of paper, he called for his assistant to come.

"Liu Yufan, send a messenger bird to deliver this to my father. Don't send Snow."

On her previous delivery, Snow had ended up getting lost and they'd found her in a village nearby.

"Got it, young master." Liu Yufan bowed and receiving his master's order, hurried outside to find the most suitable pigeon to take the mission.

Suan Wuhan slumped back into his chair and held his head in his hands. It'd been a long day, and all he wanted was some rest. But before he could do anything relaxing, another soldier came rushing up to his tent.

"Reporting, we found someone in the enemies land. Do we kill them, or bring him here, your highness?"

"Bring him here...I want to see who survived the massacre."

"Yes, Your highness. At once."

Combing his hand through his hair, he sighed. For the first time today, he felt a spark of curiosity.

'I want to see who could've survived that...' He smirked and leaned back in his chair.