Chapter 89
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Lucky 89

[Timmy Yow.]

[Odorazor Term Attribute]

[Scented Whip Term Attribute]

[Fuel: He must not clean one part of his body to release a strong odor. Example: his stinky crotch.]

[Backlash: He will lose his sense of smell if he cleans all parts of his body.]




Timmy hastily ran on the street, he didn't care as the cars in front of him crashed, he was getting desperate. He ran straight without being afraid that he would hurt people around.

He was a 2nd Advanced and a car crash won't kill him. Just like what he thought the cars moved away and lost their controls. They crashed into the buildings and possibly killed some civilians. 

Timmy didn't care, he just wanted to escape this place and fulfill his mission. Staying in the city for a long time would be problematic because his identity would be compromised. Perhaps the maids already contacted the Cudgel Tech. He would be a target for assassination if he will not escape from this city. So he had to move fast before that happened. 

He was carrying Kimberly who kept struggling. Kimberly tried to punch him but her fingers cracked instead, Timmy had a tough face. 

"Scented Whip!"

Using his odor as a weapon, Timmy sliced a truck in half, the truck directly exploded and he ran faster away from the explosion. He had to cause commotion to change the attention of the authority away from him. 

"They will help the civilians first before they hunt me. Well, even if they try to find me, I'm already away."

Timmy had a flying car hidden in the park, they were planning to use it to kidnap Kimberly. Unfortunately, Sacko was already dead.

"Tch, I hate this! I should have prepared a Battle Suit if I knew that this will happen."

He angrily said and jumped onto the house to lose sight of any possible pursuer. He had already run four kilometers and he was starting to get tired. Especially if he was carrying a woman who kept disturbing him.

"Let me go!!"

Kimberly screamed and bit his shoulder.

"This woman--!!"

Timmy raised his fist to slap the shit out of her but someone prevented him from doing so.


Timmy paused and turned around, his face contorted and his bloodshot eyes dilated in anger. He was getting pissed at this moment. 

"You again!"

He screamed as saliva spat out of his mouth, he was mad. Calix was wearing a prototype Battle Suit. This was the Battle Suit that Kimberly was experimenting on to shrink. It was not fit for battle but Calix still used it to reach Kimberly, it had enough energy to travel around faster. He aimed his pistol at Timmy, this time he was serious. 


Kimberly shouted.

"Shut up, bitch- aahhh!!!"

Kimberly bit his neck and Timmy cried in pain. He pulled Kimberly's hair, he was angry. He raised his fist and punched her face. 


"This bitch, I'm starting to lose my patience, I will break your arm if you try to hurt me again!"

Kimberly's nose was bleeding. Her glasses broke and fell on the ground, her eyes were blurring because of tears. It was painful, she wanted to cry. She lost her reasoning because she lost her glasses. She glared at Timmy and spit on his face.


Timmy tried to hit her again but a gunshot echoed. 


"Aaahhhhh!! My arm!!"

The arm that Timmy lifted up to punch Kimberly disappeared, blood splattered instead. He lost his strength and dropped Kimberly. He was in pain as his face became pale because of blood loss. Blood kept pouring out of his arm, he gritted his teeth. 

Timmy glared at Calix but his ferocity vanished when he looked at him. Calix's greenish-brown eyes were cold as if all of his emotions disappeared except for hatred. 

When Calix witnessed how Timmy hurt Kimberly, something triggered inside his brain. Only one thing entered his mind, Kill. He will kill Timmy!!

No one dares to hurt his girl.

"Y- you!" 

Timmy stuttered as his tongue became tense, he felt like his back was sweating. His knees trembled in fear. Despite being a 2nd Advanced, he was enveloped in fear. His missing arm made it more apparent, he realized that his arm disappeared into nothingness. The only traces left were the blood on the ground that keeps spreading. 

He was afraid, he knew that he was at disadvantage. One wrong move and he would die. He glanced at Kimberly, he was thinking of using her as a hostage but he knew that it would only fail. Calix was not stupid to let it happen twice. 

On top of that, Calix was frightening right now. As if he lost himself and became a robot, his eyes had deepness in them. He was staring at Timmy's shivering soul. Calix pulled the trigger again.




Timmy lost his other arm. Now, blood further gushed out. Calix did not kill him, he wanted to make Timmy suffer by destroying his body piece by piece. 2nd Advanced has a strong life force so they won't easily die.

"O- Odorazor!!"

Timmy screamed and his voice cracked.

He used his first Term Attribute and attacked the Calix. Calix avoided the invisible blade without a problem. His body was telling him what to do. The Odorazor touched nothing but air. 


Timmy screamed and ran away. He lost his ability to think, he forgot about his mission and prioritized his life. He did not want to die. He wanted to live, he was afraid of the unknown. He was not even sure if there was hell in the afterlife.

Tears flowed out of his eyes as he screamed, desperate for his life. He shouldn't have done this, he shouldn't have been a villain. He shouldn't join the cult, perhaps he would still be living peacefully right now if he did not join those crazy people who advocate destruction.

He should have been a good-abiding citizen.

"Nooooo!!!! Help me!!! Someone help me!!!!"

He was asking for help, despite what he did a few minutes ago. He killed civilians yet now he was asking for help.

"Mento, activate Sniper Rifle mode."

Calix mumbled and his desert eagle changed into a long heavy gun. A Barrette M83. He kneeled, and put the sniper rifle to the ground, and aimed it at Timmy. 

Despite having missing arms, Timmy still ran hundreds of meters away from them. He was really desperate to live. 


Calix lost it. When he saw the blood on Kimberly's face, his sense of reasoning vanished and the thought of killing Timmy resonated inside him. 


It was a powerful shot and Timmy's head was blown away. Silent enveloped after, Timmy didn't even have time to understand what happened.