Brotherly Bonding
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"...So you're telling me that you gained a system and started transmigrating worlds as a scumbag?" Arsh asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, just like the stories you used to read." Armen replies, leaning back lazily. Arsh eyes him.

"What?" Now it's Armen's turn to raise a brow. "Going to check my temperature and see if I'm feverish?"

"Hmm..." Arsh says.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well then, tell me about it."

"What?" This time, it's Armen's turn to be stunned.

"Tell me about your experiences in those worlds you've been to." Blinking, Arsh starts to speak.

"Well the first world was in the ancient times..." Around halfway through his description of his first world Arsh suddenly springs up.

"Holdup, stop!"


"Wait right here!" And with that, Arsh is off while Armen stares at his back, dumbfounded. Within seconds he's back, a sleek silver laptop in hand. He opens it, inputs the password, pulls up a doc and gestures towards his brother.

"You may continue." Blinking at this development, Armen take it in his stride and continues talking while his brother takes notes, clickety clacking away. A few hours later, Armen gulps down water as his brother saves his documents, muttering to himself: "fantastic, now I have enough for several chapters..."

"Chapters?" Armen asks, raising a brow. Arsh freezes, coughs, and, while blushing, gestures towards a shelf against the wall. Armen stalks towards the shelf and gazes at the neatly stacked books until something catches his eye.

"...Pickle Fish? Hey didn't we call you this in middle school? This author has the same...holdup, don't tell me...?" Armen turns towards his brother, eyes beaming. "Dang, you actually became an author?!"

Cough! "Yeah." Arsh replies, blushing and gazing off to the side.

"Wow man, you've fulfilled your dream!" Armen crows, leaping towards his brother for a bear hug. He warps his arms around Arsh who stands stiff at first. But then a moment later he responds, wrapping his own arms around Armen tightly. They stand like that for several moments and the hug, that initially began on a more lighthearted note, becomes charged with a deeper emotion.

"You're back?" Arsh whispers.

"Yup." Armen replies.

"You're really back?"


They stand like this for a while longer, reveling in the lost warmth. They were born together in the same womb, grew up through a tragic childhood together moving from relative to relative, reached adulthood together, and soon after they were permanently separated. Finally, after several moments, they pull apart. Armen eyes his brother. "So do you actually believe me?"

"Hmm...well I don't know, but for now I'll treat it as source material so it's a win win." Arsh replies, shrugging and trying to smile.

"Cool." Armen replies, about to stride towards the kitchen.

"Hey..." Arsh calls towards his retreating back.


"You're staying, right?" At this, Armen's face flickers.

"I..." For a moment, he has the temptation to lie, yet Armen has always been a very straightforward individual towards those he is close to. "I can't." At this, Arsh's expression drops. He doesn't say anything and simply follows Armen to the kitchen.

"" Armen asks cautiously, eying his brother's expression.

"Sure." Arsh answers, no sign of the emotions from earlier. Within a matter of time, the brothers are splayed out on the couch, a delivered pizza box next to them, and the TV in front. Arsh filters through the Netflix shows while Armen behind him gorges and roles around.

"Hey..." Armen calls, as a sudden question hits him.


"Who is that guy?"

"What guy?"

"That Raian guy..." At this, Arsh freezes before continuing naturally.

"He's...a friend."

"Really? How did you get to know him?"



"Our parents used to be friends. We actually went to preschool and some elementary school together before they moved away." Armen pauses for a few seconds then..."what?!" I went to elementary school with a winner in life??? But...he's not just a winner, should I confirm my suspicion?

"Did something happen to him recently?"

"What?" Arsh looks up with confusion. Lets change tactics Armen decides.

"Why was he there with you grave?"

At the words "my grave" Arsh bites his lip. "Don't say that!"

"Okay, okay why was he there at...that place?" Armen tries again.

"Well...because he wanted to be. And he's helped out a lot since you..." Arsh says looking away, then suddenly he whips his head back around.

"Why did you have to go chasing after that devil?!"


"It even killed you!"

"Ah? Oh no, no, it wasn't the Tasmanian Devil that did me in. It was actually...the cliff of Cape Raoul. See I wanted to get the perfect photograph so I may have leaned a wee bit forward, but then I got distracted by-"

"Stupid devils!" Arsh whines.

"Did you not hear what I just-"

"Stupid cliffs, stupid dumbass photographer who goes off to Tasmania and falls off a cliff!" Arsh howls punching his brother in the chest.

"Ow. Hey, that was a personal attack."


Examining his brother's expression, Armen decides to change topics while musing to himself. So this Raian could be the Rai I which case he would have contacted me by now...unless he wants to mess with me. Or...he's really a resident of this world, my world. But I would have noticed him before, right? Oh well, I'll toggle with this later. Instead...

"What does this Raian guy do?"

"Oh he owns a major corporation." At this, Armen nearly falls of the couch. Of course, classic winner of life either being a CEO or president of a company.


"Why are you asking so much about him?" Arsh suddenly asks.

"Well...I'm curious, he was at my grave (Arsh flinches at the word) and all. Plus..." I may need his aura to get back so that this world doesn't destroy me. 


"Nothing. Hey can we watch Emperor's New Groove? That movie was awesome as a kid."

"Isn't that the movie where you snorted juice into my hair when you burst out laughing?"

"Tch, details, details...wait, why do you still remember that?!"

"Hahahaha why wouldn't I-"

The two brothers bicker into the long but warm night. Meanwhile, in another place standing on the top floor of the largest office of a high-rise building stands a man in a suit. He's facing a window, fingering something between his fingers. Gazing out, he heaves a sigh.

"Sir, please sign this' A voice calls from behind him. It belongs to a tall, Indian woman in a crisp suit.

"One second Divya, I'll be right there there." He replies, continuing to look out of the window determinedly.

"You're back..." The man, Raian, whispers. "You're actually back. And this time...I won't let you go."