Chapter 47: Lucas Attempt
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Chapter 47: Lucas Attempt.


"I'm just doing my job sir Callisto since it's my duty to protect all of them" answered back by Evan.


"Although I'm still not sure if it is worth it to use such a precious potion on me as I can no longer help you with anything sir Callisto I'm just a normal man now," Evan said calmly.


Callisto Immediately look at him and said "Don't say that." He said as he looked at Evan with serious eyes.


"I'm sure that we can find a way to restore your power, besides the forbidden art that I thought you aren't that overbearing to destroy all your cultivation over the years. God's tears have also helped to heal up all your wounds I'm sure that we can find a way to restore it over time bit by bit." He added as he tried to console Evan's feelings.


For someone as young as Evan, it was definitely a huge loss for him to suddenly lose all of his power just because of using forbidden arts for protecting other people as he has a bright future waiting for him.



The forbidden arts that Callisto have taught to Evan is one of the magic arts that would allow someone to have a huge burst of strength for a short amount of time in exchange for using all the aura on their body to exhaustion.


It was called forbidden arts for a reason as usage of this technique would cause severe consequences to anyone. 


With Evan's situation, it is not known if he could still use his aura anymore since he already exhausted all of his aura during the previous fight.


Once the aura of a knight was fully exhausted it would be hard for their body to regain or even to collect any mana elements that they can convert to their own energy as a knight to produce an aura.


"But what happened over this place sir Callisto I thought you said that this is the safest place for them to stay. Then why is it look like it's more dangerous to stay in this place as there is a poisonous fog that suddenly covers the entire Florentine city out of nowhere?" asks by the confused Evan.


"It's a long story Evan but for now this is the only place that we can go that the Burnham family won't dare to make any drastic moves against us." Callisto explained as he looked at the bloodied bandage on his friend's body.


"Well, I know that you all still have a lot to talk to about him but I still need to inspect his body for the effect of the legendary potion so if you all may I need to excuse myself." Suddenly said by Ethan as he goes Infront of Evan.


"This would be the first time that I would personally see and recorded such an important piece of information in potion history." Ethan said enthusiastically.


"But I still want to know on how did you get your hands on this vial of legendary potion sir Callisto? You all should know how important is this stuff for everyone. I'm sure that even the king would wage a war just to get his hands on this, especially with his current situation." Ethan said as he gave Callisto a grim look.


"I'm not sure since it's been on the Stratnan treasury for a long time. It was one of the most important treasure that our family have kept secrets for hundreds of years and I just found out about this a few years ago when I formally take over as the head of the family." Callisto sternly said.


"There was really no any known records or even information about it and on how did it fall on the hands of Stratnan family.


We only know that the previous old head of our family suddenly deposited this potion as the highest secret of our family a few hundred years ago." Callisto said while lost in thought.


"Don't we have any information about that time father?" Swiftly ask by Lucas.


"Not really, even though our family still keeps its ties with the social circle of the nobility at that time, we don't really have a lot of information about the Stratnan family," Hubert answered as he look at his son.


"Do you have a specific timeline on when did this potion appears in your treasury?" ask suddenly by Hubert as he wanted to confirm something from Callisto.


"It is rumored that it appears during the reign of the previous king Donovan the 2nd." immediately answered by Callisto.


"So it happens during the great war ha? A very cruel era in the time of our history." Slowly said by Hubert.


The great war happens at exactly 400 years ago when the entire Vreachland continent was boiling in chaos.


It is also known as the end of an era where humanity is at the peak of its strength. After the great war, many known geniuses and powerful people have fallen.


That is also the beginning of humanity's decline in power that continues till to this day. Many of the known knight and magic cultivation was lost during that era.


It is also the time that the landscape of the Vreachland continent has experienced a massive change. As countless powerful spells and people rain down on the land as people continuously fought anywhere. 


Even the dangerous enchanted forest is not safe from this fate as the countless powerful magic beast is also a target for powerful people during that time for their magical materials.



"it's just a pity that this bottle of potion has obviously been used up before, as only a few drops of liquid remains inside of this vial." Ethan suddenly said as he raised his hand holding a small glowing vial of potion while observing it carefully.


"How many times can we still use this potion, Ethan?" Hubert abruptly asks in a hurry.


"I'm not really sure Lord Hubert, but on my estimate, there's only enough drop for around 4 or 5 people." Ethan said with uncertainty.


"You should keep this potion Callisto, this is your family property after all. No matter what the reason is, your ancestors have guarded this treasure for a long time and it's your duty to protect it this time as well." Hubert calmly said as he handed back the Legendary potion to Callisto.


"Aren't you planning to keep this potion Lord Hubert?" Callisto asks in shock.


"It's not mine to keep." Hubert said before pausing for a moment. "At the same time, I don't have a need for it." Hubert said calmly.


"Thank you, Lord Hubert, your assistance would never be forgotten by the Stratnan family." seriously said by Callisto as he quickly bow his head to show respect.


"I'm just doing my part as the lord of this territory and besides I would be ashamed of my name if I won't be able to help you." Hubert said seriously as he immediately turn his attention towards Ethan.


"You should know how this potion would affect you if you tried to delve yourself into it." Hubert said as he seriously warn Ethan.


"Don't worry Lord Hubert my old master has told me before that it was a waste of time to research this potion as many have tried but none have succeeded." Ethan said calmly as he take one last look at the legendary vial of potion.


"Although this potion is held as a legendary potion by everyone my master told me that it could only be considered as an imperfect formula as it can only heal the wounds and trauma but not the power that a person has lost." Ethan said with bitterness evident in his tone.


Ethan considered himself as one of the best potion masters in this land as his old master told him about this a lot of times and yet he can't even make a unique potion that could greatly help his lord.


"Okay then, I should proceed to unwrap all this bandages from your body I even soak these bandages in a special formula that could help you to stop the bleeding of your body but even that isn't enough at all. You are lucky you are even alive right now with how much blood you lose you should be dead a long time ago but I guess you have a strong will to live on." Ethan said continuously as he began to unwrap the bandage that covered Evan's body.


"Oh wow, Look at that body such a huge change from the previously dried stick-like figure when you come here." Praised by Ethan as he looked at Evan's body.


"No one would even suspect that you got injured before nor would they treat you as a knight." Callisto said in disbelief.


"What makes you say that sir?" Ask by the confused Evan.


"Look at your body, not a single blemish or scar could be seen, even your skin looks like a newborn baby I'm sure that they would rather think that your a high-class pampered noble instead of a knight." Answered by Callisto.


"But I rather have my previous body than this sir Callisto in that way I could still serve under your unit and protect other people from harm." longingly said by Evan as he look at his new body filled with life.


No one would even think that he is a weak human as his muscles as a knight have all retained their form but their strength has obviously decreased as he loses all the support of his aura.


It can be said that he can now be considered as a stronger than normal human nowadays.


"Wait, maybe you could give it a try." Lucas said out of nowhere.


"What do you mean master Lucas?" said by Callisto.


"Try what?" ask both by Sandra and Michael as both of them shows a confused look on their face.


"I mean try to use your cultivation technique to see if it would work." Lucas said abruptly.


"But master Lucas everyone here knows that it was almost impossible for him to produce aura as a direct consequence of him using a forbidden art." Ethan said in uncertainty.


"But he already drinks a legendary potion it should have cured all his old injury as well as the damage he gets from using forbidden arts" Lucas argues.


"I'm afraid it doesn't work that way master Lucas but we wouldn't know it if he wouldn't give it a try." Ethan said hopelessly.


"Come on, concentrate and try to feel it. It should have worked by now." Said by Lucas as he tried to cheer up Evan's mood.


"Give him some time Master Lucas it's not as easy as it's looks." Michael. intervene as he was afraid that Lucas would distract Evan from his concentration.


"What? did you feel it." excitedly ask by Lucas as he saw the changes on Evan's face.


"Yes, Yes I can ahahaha." Evan said happily as he laughed with joy.


"Wait, really that's great." Sandra said in disbelief.


"Then can you try if you can condense your aura now?" Callisto added as he intensely look at his friend.


"Okay let ahhh!." said by Evan before shouting in pain.


"What happen to you?" Worriedly ask by Callisto.


"What's going on?" confusedly ask by Lucas as he watch Evan grimace in pain.


"Evan, what happen?" Michael asks in concern.


"Sir Callisto although I can circulate my energy throughout my body but it seems like I can't even condense a single strand of my aura, it's too painful to do so." Said by Evan while taking a deep breath as sweat can be seen glistening on his body.


"So even that potion didn't work ha?" Lucas said as he put one of his hands under his chin.


"But you can still circulate your energy right? It's already a big step, none have shown this kind of progress before." Callisto said as he tried to console Evan.


"That's just how you feel? Not being able to condense your aura ha?" said by Lucas while deep in thought.


"Maybe we just need to jump-start it like a car battery." Lucas unconsciously said as he approached Evan's body.


"What? Jumpstart?" Sandra asks with a puzzled face.


"Car?" Michael said as he weirdly look at Lucas back.


"Ba-Baterry?" Hubert said lost in thought.


"Maybe If I did this it would work." Lucas said before putting his hands on Evan's head.


"What are you doing master ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Evan shouted in a much louder voice as he writhes with pain.


"Ah! Master Lucas, what are you doing?" Sandra ask in shock as she panicked.


"Master Lucas, You're hurting him stop it please." pleaded by Callisto as he Look at Evan worriedly.


"Almost ..... there." Lucas said with difficulty as he gasped for more air.


"Ahhhhh!" Evan's shout of pain can be heard reverberating once again in the entire room.


"Gasp" By everyone in surprised as they saw the unbelievable seen in front of them.


"It can't be." unbelievably said by Hubert as he stares at his son with a surprised face.


"How did you do it?" Slowly ask by Hugo.


"Did you just use your own aura to guide his energy to condensed?" Expertly said by Ethan as he was the nearest person who saw everything.


"Wait, what? master Lucas that is too dangerous don't ever try to do that again." Sandra said desperately.


"One small mistake and you'll be dead so don't ever try that again Lucas." strictly warn by Huber as he gave his son a worried look.


"But all I just did is circulate my own aura on his body and it was a bit hard at first but it works." Lucas said as he try to defend himself from their accused gaze.


"Look at him now," Lucas added as he pointed his finger toward Evan's bed.


"He regains all his power instantly and he still condenses more of his aura." Ethan admirably said.


"What a great development I never knew that you could still use your power like this I should research this more." Ethan excitedly adds as he writes more information on the parchment of paper.


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