59. Hidden Quest Change
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" " Conversion or speech

' ' thoughts

[ ] Sys talking 



"Bamm - - !" 

"Nghh - -!


"Boomm - -!

"Pffft - -! Bluggh - -!"

"STO... STOP It, SIR!"

In the training field of Royal Biblia Academy, one young man with a dashing and handsome appearance to beating a guy black and blue. The battered person asked him to stop but his beating didn't stop only kept on increasing more brutally.

"No...you need more training who said you could relax when I am not here, you should have done your self-training but what you were doing, only wasting time doing silly exercises. Mmnn!!" The dashing handsome young man said with a menacing stare towards the dastardly beaten guy who was spitting some blood and stomach acids.

"Bammn!" "Boomn!" "Nghh!"

The groaning voice filled the training field, but only half an hour later the voices stopped.

"Why are you so hard on my hubby, I can take care of him, even if he is weak!" The emotionless girl said to the handsome guy looking at the beaten guy on the ground even though her words have directly dealt damage to the battered guy.

"Kosei, let the poor guy rest for a bit, you have been giving him a pretty bad beating for a while now!" The sexy alluring young lady said with a weird smile on her face.

"Huh! Liese! What do you mean beating, I am giving him training and making his endurance strong." Kosei replied offhandedly and not admitting that he was seriously just beating the sit-out off him.

Poor guy can't even voice out his protest otherwise he might be beaten up again so he kept his mouth shut and just endure silently the injustice in his heart.

After Kosei and the rest came back from the vacation, he wanted to test out his strength so he picked up the best punching bag in this world and started to beat the shit out of Arata in the name of training.

"Are you alright, husband?" Arin asked with an emotionless face but care can still be felt in her voice and eyes.

"Hmmn! Cough...cough...!! I am fine. Just a little out of breath!" Arata coughed a little then replied after calming his bearing.

"Well, Master! You don't have to feel down about it. Kosei-sama, aren't just beating you up but he is giving you muscle memory and tempering your body at the same time. In the future, you might feel thankful for the beating Kosei-sama giving you now!" Sora, Arata's Grimoire try to console him with the actual explanation behind it.

"Hmmn! I don't know about that but why does it feel like you are speaking at his behest and not me?" Arata hummed in response, clearly not believing his Grimoire words. Even picking the hint of slight reverence in her tone he asked feeling taken aback by his own Grimoire behaviour.

"Hehehe! It's must be your imagination, any way you should really clean up yourself and change into proper clothes as your like a beggar in your current tattered clothes!" Sora laughed sheepishly and changed the topic and pointed out his dirty and tattered state.

So Arata took his leave from the training field with help of Arin supporting him.

On the other side, Kosei was in deep thought after flexing his muscle and confirming his movements.

He only gained a realm increase in his strength but overall his capability has increased many folds like when he fought with Arata he only used 10 per cent of his but still he fought with him without breaking any sweat.

When he tried to perform a normal magic spell the destructive power behind it increased twice as much as before.

The energy flow in his veins before was like a string but now it's like a stream, just like the realm name suggests.

Before if he felt a little stress in his body in performing any technique then now they would flow like gentle water.

After confirming the changes he got after the breakthrough, he is now certain that he can fight a Paladin class mage and run away from Master Biblia-type Paladin class monsters.

"Hey, Kosei! I don't mean to doubt your training method but why are you so hard on Arata's training, even though he is a pervert and lecher. I don't mind if you beat him to death but still, it almost feels like you are in some kind of hurry!" Akio said with a weird sense of humour towards Arata, if he was here and heard Akio's words then he might end up coughing up blood.

"Hmmn! Well, it's not like I am hiding or anything but I do plan on going on a journey in four days to be exact." Kosei hummed and with a thoughtful face then making up his mind he told her the truth, even though he doesn't want to go to another world in a hurry, as he can feel that he won't be growing here anymore.

Kosei's words unknowingly made Akio's heart ache a little even though she has not realised herself but she had gotten used to Kosei's presence in her life which somehow made a special place in her heart and it just needs a slight push to make her realise her feelings for him.

Kosei also thought about it, after remembering about the quest he got not long ago and the time limit.

[ Hidden Quest: Go get a wife or two as a future Overlord of Harem and not having a single wife would be a disgrace.

Requirement: Minimum Harem members or wives to get - 3.

Rewards: ???? (it depends on the overall capability).

Progress: 1/3, Wife; Yui Kurata

Time limit: 5 Days 

Penalty: You will be sent to the world of mil-tans.]

Kosei felt like cursing someone after looking over the change in the quest. Now he won't have any choice but confess to them and after spending time with them he did end up liking them, so he hoped that they at least give him a chance and not outright reject him as he had no choice in the matter but to sink into the muddy waters of Harem.

Well, at least he doesn't need to worry about Arata losing his control over the demon king element or not being able to handle the hurdles in future.

He did give Arata, the only limit break pill he got from the quest and also upgraded Arata's meditation technique to an Intermediate level with a skill upgrade scroll.

So if Arata is diligent in his training then he will be touching upon the Paladin class in just a year.

"Hey, girls! I have something very interesting planned out for the evening so make sure you are available at that time!" Kosei said with a huge grin as he was about to see how much Arata has progressed in his training as in this stage Arata will be pitted against an Artificial demon lord.