Chapter 29: Bloodlust
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"Prepare yourself, golem. Bloodlust is a beast that has slain many of my vessels." The masked hunter grabbed a spear out of her shadow. "I recommend getting that bee ally of yours to activate its giant form. It will be quite the help."

I grabbed Bee and started shaking her, hoping that'd knock her out of her meditation. In the distance, I could hear the sound of more trees being knocked over, each sounding closer than the last. After a few more shakes, Bee woke up. 

What is needed of me, my liege?

Bloodlust is coming. You remember about the Masks talk I had with Patience, right? Bloodlust is one of the Masks.

I do not remember. In fact, I was not listening.

You know what, an enemy is approaching, super strong, please active Hive: Mammoth.

Understood! Bee flew above the trees, then grew to an enormous size. Wait… if the corruption removes stats and Hive: Mammoth affects stats… Appraisal!


General Information

Name: Bee
Age: 2 years old
Race: Meditating Bee
Level: 8
Skills: 6
Titles: 4


Nothing to see here.


Unique Skills
Hive: Mammoth

Racial Skills

Granted Skills
Hivemind (Member)
Size Change

Learned Skills
Immovable Stance


Soulbound Titles
Mutant Monster: Midget

Earned Titles
Dungeon Monster
Hive Member
Loyal Retainer

So is Bee just big now? Oh no. Well, it'll probably help… I really need to check all of my Skills out. How does magic work without MP? So many questions. Damn you, Evil Goddess!

"Golem, stop spacing out! Bloodlust has arri- urgh!" At that moment, I saw the masked fellow fly right in front of me into a nearby tree, breaking it in half. That's… not good. Not even Estelle's magic could dent those trees. Oh yeah, Estelle. I looked to my side to find Estelle still sleeping. 

Oi, Estelle. Wake up. Before attempting to shake Estelle to wake her, a spike of crystallized blood flew right next to my head. It barely missed both Estelle and me, and left a massive dent in the ground where it landed. I looked back to see where it came from, and I saw a big red blob with a height equal to the trees around me. It was a roughly humanoid shape, and the blood it was made of was flowing around a dark, smaller humanoid shape hidden within. A blood suit? This reminds me of the blood attack that the hu- 

Suddenly I was knocked back by a ball of blood. I'm in a fight. This is no place to be thinking. I got up and inspected my body. Surprisingly no DMG. Lack of stats must mean those DMG announcements from the System can no longer happen. I look back at Bloodlust, who just dodged a slash from Bee. Oh god, I'm a thinker, not a fighter. Where is the hunter? I looked at the tree she was launched into and saw that she was gone. Where? 

"Behind you."

Waah! Shouldn't you be approaching Bloodlust?!

"I will. However, I require your assistance with your magic. My vessel will not wake, and you are the only magic user around." She then promptly dashed at Bloodlust before getting launched into another tree.

Okay, golem, time to magic things up. Time to see what happens when you attempt magic without MP firsthand. Rock Bullet! A rock the size of rose out from the ground then flung itself at Bloodlust. It seems magic still works as usual. The Evil Goddess did say skills would work normally. I guess I just don't have an MP restriction now. 

Wait… I don't have an MP restriction. Rock Bullet! Rock Bullet! Rock Bullet! I continuously pelted Bloodlust with maid golem sized rocks until the area she stood in looked less like a battlefield and more like a haphazardly built together mountain of really big rocks. Well then… that was easier than expected. Then again, that's pretty much every fight I've been in, now that I think about it. Maybe I have a penchant for battle.

"I do not believe that will be enough to subdue her." The masked hunter had managed to come to my side, despite having been launched into numerous trees.

Don't worry, I know something to add to the rocks. Bee, sit on it.

Understood. Giant Bee sat on the pile of rocks and started meditating. This is quite the image. I turned to look at the masked hunter, who still had her spear in hand and in a battle stance. I need to learn their names if they have any. Masked hunter doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Then again, I'm terrible at remembering names. 

At that moment, I saw Bee get thrown into the air, shrinking in the process. All the rocks she was sitting on had all been destroyed, and before I could even react, Bloodlust and her red blood blob armour had dashed next to the hunter and me. She immediately attacked the masked hunter, knocking her into yet another tree, before looking towards my way, towering over me. This… isn't good.

"That witch behind you. Is that the vessel for the insane one?" I stayed silent. "I will take your silence as a yes." She lifted her fist above her head, planning to punch Estelle and me before I saw a message appear in my eye.

The individual Ria Furi has been corrupted!

(Like my System impersonation? I'm gonna communicate with you through this from now on since you never sleep. By the way, whenever the corruption kicks in, Skills get a neat little reset. Abuse that right now, bucko. - Evil Goddess)

The red blob disappeared, the blood turning to liquid form and soaking itself in the grass below. Before I could analyze Bloodlust's appearance, I immediately punched them in their face, which had a confused look on it. I did it before they could get their armour back up, prolonging the fight. I guess that's the fight done now.