Chapter 112 – Avos School 11
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“Your ability is?” Asked Naomi.

Naomi and Millie were focusing their attention on Topaz. They are waiting for Topaz to reveal her ability to them.

“I am getting into it! I need to set the situation first.” Said Topaz.

She took a deep breath and with her arms spread to the side, she said.

“My ability is-“ As Topaz was about to say her ability, a waitress came from behind and interrupt her.

“Thank you for waiting.”

The waitress with red hair was bringing a tray with their order on top of it. Naomi was a bit surprised when she saw the waitress because she was really familiar with her.

‘Anna? She’s here already?!’ thought Naomi.

Anna had set the order to the table with a smile on her face, without realizing Naomi’s identity. Naomi also played it cool and just smiled while looking at Anna who was setting the order on the table.

“Thank you.” Said Naomi as Anna had arranged their order on the table.

“You’re welcome. Please enjoy your stay.” After saying that, Anna turned around and walked inside the café.

Naomi was looking at Anna’s figure while having a thought. ‘If Anna was here, then Dan-Bi should’ve been here too.’

“Naomi? What’s wrong?” Asked Millie.

Naomi looked at Millie and said. “It’s nothing. More importantly, Topaz has yet to tell us her ability.”

They looked at Topaz and saw her sobbing while tears were forming on the edges of her eyes.

“H-hey Topaz, why are you crying?” Naomi asked Topaz in a concerned tone.

She never expected that Topaz would cry over being interrupted twice in a row.

Topaz wipes the tears off her eyes. “I-I mean… I-I have set the situation right but the waitress interrupts me… I-I’m sorry if I suddenly cried.” Said Topaz while sobbing.

Topaz sat on her seat again and looked down a little before looking up and smiling as if her crying earlier was a lie.

“Just kidding!” She said while giggling happily.

Millie and Naomi were rendered speechless because of her. One moment she was crying, while a little while after that she was smiling.

“Hehehe, are you surprised? This is my ability.” Said Topaz while puffing her chest.

Naomi was dumbfounded, she has nothing to say to react to Topaz. Topaz said that was her ability, but what? Acting?

Millie took a more direct approach and asked Topaz. “I… don’t understand. So what’s your ability, Topaz? You just cried and then smiled as if nothing happened…” Millie put her right hand on her right cheek and tilted her head.

Naomi nodded her head and asked her. “That’s true, usually an Esper ability is obvious. For example, my Telekinesis allows me to move an object without touching it. Another example would be teleport and Adjustment. But your ability didn’t seem to be obvious at first glance.”

‘Mischa was not obvious too until I feel the effect though. But Mischa’s ability was easy to guess when you are an experienced Esper.

“That’s why the Esper Association called my ability a rare one!” Topaz proudly exclaimed to Naomi and Millie.

“It allows me to control emotion, I never try my ability to other people, but I can control my emotion to some extent.” Explained Topaz.

Naomi was surprised, no, that was an understatement. An ability to control emotion, that was unheard of. That ability could become dangerous depending on who uses it. In the fight, anger would lead to doom.

If the user of such an ability was present, she would benefit their ally because they could keep their allies emotions to an extent. From anger to calmness, and for the enemy, they could change them into being depressed or sad.

That will make them lose their will to fight.

‘What a terrifying ability. I will choose to fight Mischa and Melaine together rather than fight her.’ Thought Naomi as she looked at Topaz who was giggling happily.

“Ara, that’s certainly a rare ability. But to what extent could you control the emotion?” Asked Millie seriously.

Topaz too had a serious look on her face. Naomi took a bit of her sandwich and munched on it while looking at the two of them.

Topaz’s ability was truly frightening, but Naomi decided that she shouldn’t show it on her face. Topaz was telling them about her ability because Topaz had regarded them as her friend. And Naomi took friendship seriously.

‘If Topaz was messing around with my organization, then I will show no mercy even though we are a friend.’

Naomi's way of thinking seems naïve, but that’s not the case. She has good control over her emotion. As long as Topaz’s ability was not minded control, Naomi was confident to beat Topaz in a second without minding her emotion.

The case would be different if Topaz made Naomi enraged though. A whole Island, or maybe a continent would be affected by the worst earthquake in that case.

So Naomi right now will just leave all questioning towards Millie who was wary towards Topaz. That’s why Millie put on such a serious look on her face.

“I tried it on myself many times. But, I could only change emotion to sadness, anger, happiness. Only three of that. I have yet to try it on other people because of some reason that I don’t want to talk about right now. I hope you understand, Millie. I, want to trust my friend, that’s why I told you about my ability. I hope you can trust me.” Said Topaz as she lowered her head.

Naomi sipped her coffee with relaxed movement while watching them. Millie and Topaz realized that Naomi has been quiet since Topaz’s declaration and looked over her.

They saw her sipping a coffee in a relaxed movement.

“Are you not worried about Topaz’s ability, Naomi?” Asked Millie.

Naomi put the coffee cup on the table and looked at Millie. “Why? We just need to trust Topaz in this case. Every ability is dangerous, so we could only trust the Esper who has those abilities.”

Naomi looked at Topaz and said. “So, don’t worry about it. I will trust you.”

“N-Naomi!!” Shouted Topaz as a wide smile plastered on her face.

“That’s true, I’m sorry Topaz, for doubting you.” Said Millie.

“Umu, no problem, Millie!”

It was at that moment Naomi felt Mischa near the café. She looked back and saw Mischa was looking around the café, trying to find her.

Topaz and Millie who were sitting across Naomi had seen Mischa too and their eyes were opened wide.

“S-She’s the girl from orientation!” Exclaimed Topaz by shouting.

“She’s Mischa Belyaeva! What’s she doing here?” Asked Millie.

Mischa who heard Topaz’s shout looked over Naomi and her group and smiled. She approached Naomi’s table and then said.

“There you are, Naomi. You just said the previous café so I thought that it was the right place. Next time tell me the name of the café!” Said Mischa.

“Sorry about that, but you are here now, right?” Answered Naomi while giggling happily.

Mischa sighed as she put her hands on her hips and said. “That’s just like you…”

“N-nee, Naomi. W-was the friend that you are talking about is…” Topaz said while stuttering a little, she was nervous because she sat in front of the new SSS-Ranked Esper.

Naomi looked at Topaz with a playful smile and exclaimed. “Ah! I didn’t tell you yet? Yes, my friend is her, Mischa Belyaeva.”

“”Say that earlier!!”” Shouter both Topaz and Millie together.

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