Chapter 130 – Corruption
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Chapter 130 - Corruption




Ten throwing daggers flew out from his outfit as soon as I snapped my fingers, before raining down back at him….


Swish. Swish. Klang!


The assassin hurriedly used his sword to parry the daggers, but unfortunately for him, he only managed to avoid 3, the other 7 were quickly lodged in his body, with one slightly missing his heart due to his quick reaction.


Even though the assassin’s whole face was concealed, I could almost see his shock, after all, even though warriors and elemental masters cultivated mental energy to aid with their practice, reaching the level of manifesting telekinetic abilities was quite rare, and achieving a high level of ‘Psychokinesis Wielding’ was even rarer.


So, while his instincts allowed him to avoid quickly, he was only able to dodge instant death by a thin line…


After all, as long as it didn't surpass half of the maximum weight that I could control, the objects I wielded could be controlled as well as if I was holding them in my hand, moreover, my mental energy carried my own agility and even half of the speed amplification effect of my elements!


Summoning [ Lightning Cloud ] into my hand, I took this opportunity while he was distracted to finish him off, since I didn't plan to give him anymore time from the very beginning.




However, as soon as I moved…..




A low sound of a bite could be heard as if it was announcing its identity as the calm before the storm.




A dark explosion had broken out from the spot that the assassin was standing in, it seemed like even if I was able to reach the speed of sound, I could still be late…


[ 'Semi-Corrupted Human' Lv99


Strength: 21.00 

Constitution: 12.30 

Agility: 22.00 ( +8 )

Intelligence: 9.23 ( -9 )


Special skills: 

‘Precise Throw’ lv.10

‘???????’ (Active)


Note: under forced corruption state. current rate of corruption %99.]


As expected!


This was truly a corrupted human that was working in the Light Association, who were supposed to be the number one vanquishers of corruption…


It seemed he bit something that hastened his corruption, which gave him a huge increase in Agility, yet rendered him as intelligent as a corrupted goblin.


The assassin already shot out into a certain direction, and surprisingly it was the direction of the Lightning Empire!


Looking into the dashing figure while chasing from behind, I could already see two horns protruding from his head, he was almost a genuine corrupted demon of the legends…


Normally, corrupted monsters and humans would turn into zombie-like moving puppets, however, once one accepted corruption with open arms, he could truly become a demon, albeit being an inferior one, but still more powerful than normal humans.


It was truly a wonder why the current half-demon assassin was dashing in the direction of the Lightning Empire, who both hated demons and was in constant dispute with his former identity as a Light Association executioner.


Thankfully, the breakthrough in my speed yesterday, I managed to catch up to the demon assassin, but as soon as I smiled and prepared to go for the kill, the smile vanished from my face…


The demon assassin wasn’t running towards the Lightning Empire… he was actually fleeing into his most suitable hiding location…


A corruption gate hidden at the door steps of the Lightning Empire!


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