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/ Series / Omni-Mastery
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3.7 (72 ratings)
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Doomed to die.

Facing this fate, Ian Cloud has to make a choice.

Either to wait for his death while decaying slowly, or run to its embrace and struggle for a chance to live on!

Follow Ian as he enters the astonishing world of 'The Lost Realm'. A true death game but also one that is full of chances.

Would a flower of hope sprout in his road that is full of death?

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGMartial ArtsSupernaturalTragedy
Absent Parents Accelerated Growth Alternate World Amnesia Beast Companions Bloodlines Body Tempering Character Growth Cheats Eidetic Memory Elemental Magic Game Elements Genius Protagonist Level System RPG Skill Assimilation Skill Creation Unique Cultivation Technique Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 166
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 52 – shopping

    Overall good read, has an alright balance of most things need in a good novel except that there isn't much interaction with other characters.

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    Status: c65

    I was never too fond of VR games settings, but Charizma's review convinced me reading Omni-Mastery was worth a shot. It wasn't.

    > MC's, simply put, a Mary Sue and everything is handed from to him in a silver platter. I mean, I don't mind him being a super-educated super-genius with a vast wealth of knowledge, owner of a superquick and adaptable mind with photographic memory (mind you, the reader is CONSTANTLY reminded of all those attributes, though they're very rarely ever shown to us in the form of actions or specially quirky or unique trains of thought), as most webnovels (specially isekai/VR ones) tend towards power fantasies with one or two cheat abilities being guaranteed, but it disgusts me how the world bends and grovels whenever the author thinks it's time for the MC to have an upgrade.

    Besides that, MC is a complete plank of wood without anything resembling a personality.

    > The game system that should be the backbone of this novel's frankly disappointing, much due to the author's fault. He abuses tired and hideous tropes like giving a new skill to the MC that has "????" as a main feature, descryption or condition to be triggered. Having one or two elements of the game "corrupted" with gibberish is understandable, but I swear it happens every 2 new game concepts are introduced. Come on, man. Also, the author seems to not know how a game works in the first place, as the MC has to do some very random things without any prompt from the game itself to trigger things like... unlocking basic attributes. You read that right, to unlock basic attributes.

    On that note of the author not knowing how a game works, there's this one part where the MC is trapped for 24h in a white room after completing the tutorial that is just baffling, as during that time all he has to pass time is going through HOURS of suffering raw pain in order to unlock his elemental affinity (magic), which should be the very core of this game system. And upon unlocking it, the game makes him pass out for a couple hours more. Like, what the hell man?! Who would play something like that?!

    That aside, it's ludicrous that the MC was fighting lvl 40 monsters in the tutorial as a lvl 0 character. With initial-level equipment at that. And I'm not even joking when I say he does all that taking things in stride, like it's just normal or whatever - up until that point the author doesn't even bother describing what a fight looks like, he just writes something like "the MC considered his odds against those monster and decided he could do it, so he attacked and won. +2 strength". It's soulless.

    > On that note, the writing is very boring, albeit decent. Narration's done in first person, from the pov of the MC - but as stated previously, that's rather depressing, as the MC has no personality at all. It's like reading a weather forecast script.

    > Zero worldbuilding up to this point. MC interacted with... what, 2 NPCs so far? 4 if you're being generous. Very superficial interactions at that. And since he basically just left the tutorial area, you know basically that there's a village and a swamp. You don't know the history or anything interesting related to the village or the swamp, you just know that they're there, and that's all the world you know so far.

    All in all, a great waste of time. There are better novels out there.

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    Status: ch. 146

    A solid novel based around getting stronger and fighting. 

    • Main Character: The MC is a smart enough to try to think things through, but isn't afraid to jump into a battle when needed. His system is thorough and thought out well enough that it doesn't have any major issues so far.
    • World-Building: As of yet, there is little world-building but enough to create some curiosity. 
    • Characters Development: Side-characters are few, though I don't find that to be a negative. 
    • Writing: The writing is solid with little to no grammatical errors. 
    • Negatives: The only real negative for me is the short chapters, but that is just a matter of time and not a legitimate complaint.

    It has the potential to get a higher rating in another few hundred chapters. If you want teamwork and friendship, then this novel is probably not for you, at least at this point.

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    Status: chapter 28 – enraged

    2 dimensional, I think reading the logs on a MMORPG might give me about the same feeling....

    Way too much 'tell' and not enough 'show' (at least in the first 28 chapters).

    Neither the world he originates in nor the 'virtual world' is well developed.

    Kept reading in hope the writing would improve..... but I give up.

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    2 Likes · Like

    I do not like this story. The beginning of the story felt flawed in some areas and didn't flow well to me. Some aspects of the system felt arbitrary and not well defined. The writing was good when it came to describing scenes and people, but the interactions sometimes felt wooden. I rate this story low not due to quality, but due to how little I enjoyed reading this story.

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