Chapter 161 – Dual
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Chapter 161 - Dual


“A dual practitioner?...”


According to the ranking of classes, one could easily realize that entering the fourth level wasn’t something that would usually be achieved, after all Peak-high ranking didn’t necessarily equal Epic rank, it could be something extreme such as the Telekinesis Manipulator Class.


As such, revealing any of the ‘Omni-Master’ created classes would obviously cause suspicion and while I didn’t fear grabbing normal attention nor did I decide to act low-key, doing something out of the bound of the trials may grab the attention of some hidden monsters…


As for the silence and shocked faces all over the place, they were pretty much justified, after all dual practice was close to some sort of a taboo.


After all, if one was talented enough and had a suitable elemental art, devoting one’s practice into the elemental path was a given.


The same thing went for talented weapon practitioners, even if they were to find an elemental art suitable to them later on they wouldn’t mix both trainings as that would require them to do twice the effort to get 1.5 of the results, not many people would be willing to make such a trade. Most people would just choose the elemental warrior path which require less effort and gave decent results.


Meanwhile, a dual attribute holder was someone that had less limits than usual, they could easily practice their dual attribute elemental art and make a dual seed which allowed them to absorb both elements simultaneously requiring them a little more time to achieve their absorption limit, raising their elemental stages very rapidly or at least at a slightly lower speed than mono-attributes.


Of course, such people would be treated as top geniuses, that only come out every hundred years or so.


In comparison, dual practitioners were always pointed out as people who choose the wrong path, leading them to stage once they reached a certain stage... 


So, the polarity displayed by the crowd when the first and last class were revealed was quite expected.


However, quite unexpectedly, the class itself had the same rank as the ‘Storm Bringer’ leading to the crowd holding back their initial thought that the third candidate was quite mediocre as expected from his rank… especially when his class abilities were actually a bit better than Ellona’s


“Alright… since the three candidates have passed the standard of the Class Trial test. We shall head back to the HQ and let the festivities continue.”


Flone announced as if she was in a hurry to leave and report to the head about this chaotic class testament that she witnessed, who seemed to have left after delivering us to the tower…


Yet, her wish didn’t come true…




Another blinding light enveloped me as if to confirm my worry, would my other classes be revealed as well?


[ Class: ‘Jack of all trades’


Class-Tier: Low-high


Class Abilities: 


  1. All abilities x1.1 ]




“A dual class!”


“Didn’t it only happen once before?!”


“Zero, you really choose a very special path…”


‘Phew, thankfully it was only that class.’


“Cough… you three, let’s get going.”


Flone only called out after muttering, leaving the garden as we followed behind her, it was better to leave as to not grab more questions…


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