Chapter 160 – Awkward
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Chapter 160 - Awkward


According to the introductory portrait that was hung close to the testament arc, the classes gained from the trials could be classified into 3 ranks, low, mid, and high.


The 3 ranks would be further derived into 4 stages, low, intermediate, upper, and peak, with peak-high being the highest Tier, and low-low being the lowest.


As such, someone gaining a class that could be ranked at the second highest tier officially, which was considered the highest Tier that the people of the Lightning Empire has witnessed, was an event that called for even more celebration, so people felt very proud for being able to witness such a great person’s first brilliant feat!


If nothing unexpected happens, then she would be another top expert of the Lightning Empire in less than 10 years!


She was after all, a youngster less than 20 years old, who was both a dual attribute holder, and an Upper-high class holder!


The crowd was bustling with praises and shouts that suited such a rise, but soon enough as people who experienced such events before, they calmed down as it was time to check the next candidate…


“Cough… Fredrick, you are next”




The red haired guy could only walk over awkwardly when his name was called out…


After another mimicking testament have been made, the results came out as somewhat of a turn off…


[ Class: ‘Fiery Sword Master’


Class-Tier: Upper-mid


Class Abilities: 


  1. Sword Energy(General)’s prowess x1.25
  2. Damage when utilizing Fire element enchanted swords x1.2 ]




“Good job…”


The awkward atmosphere only persisted when people viewed the results…


‘An elemental warrior, huh?’


Elemental warrior was a very special profession that came to be when the research of elements reached a high enough stage to create enchanted weapons using elemental crystals and monster cores.


As known to all, practicing elements was something that took especially long time unless one had enough talent, resources, and a great elemental art. So, most people would choose to practice weapon energy as it was quite widespread and was easier for most commoners to learn.


However, similar to how elemental masters had to use enchanted weapons till they reached the higher stages or at least till the reached the second and the third layer of the second stage when the obtained their elemental might and so could use their own elements as weapons, borrowing the might of the other path till they grew enough to become true pure elemental masters, the weapon practitioners also found a way to borrow the might of the elemental path till they reached the higher stages.


This was called the elemental warrior path, at which users of weapon energy would practice a pseudo elemental art that allows them to wield enchanted weapon of their own attribute, increasing their lethal abilities by several notches, for example a Tier-4 elemental warrior could easily suppress any Tier-4 weapon master and would even have a chance to contend with Tier-5 weapon masters.


Of course, he wouldn’t be able to fight for as long as a Tier-5 weapon master due to the crucial change at Tier-5, the creation of an energy core!


But that aside, as pseudo elemental arts were easy to create and master, people from mid-level organizations would easily have access to them, so the profession of an elemental warrior couldn’t be considered uncommon.


As such, obtaining an elemental warrior oriented Upper-mid class was normally something that would arouse the envy of countless people, considering that it was also above the usual standard of intermediate-mid that candidates usually obtained.


However, due to the shock caused by the appearance of the ‘Storm Bringer’ class, this reveal only caused a few claps and congratulations, which only caused the situation to become more awkward by the second.


“Come here, Zero, your turn…”


As if to end this unexpectedly awkward situation that only seemed to grow more weird, Flone called out to me.




‘Hopefully it only displays the one I’m equipping currently…’


I closed my eyes to avoid the blinding light.


[ Class: ‘Lightning Swordsman’


Class-Tier: Upper-high


Class Abilities: 


  1. Damage under fused use of sword energy and lightning element x1.5
  2. Elemental might prowess x1.4 ]




An awkward wave of silence enveloped the whole royal garden...


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