Chapter 165 – 2nd Might & Departing
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Chapter 165 - 2nd Might & Departing


“Look at that! What can be the meaning of such phenomena?!”


“Maybe someone has broken through!”


“The signs are coming out from the brigade’s HQ…”


“That would be within reason, but why are the signs so strange, just what kind of elemental art is it to show such magnificence…” 


A dragon made of lightning appeared in the sky as it spun like a hurricane before disappearing, only leaving a sky shaking roar behind!




A huge amount of elements were overflowing inside my body…


However, after finishing its job and breaking the barrier, it was like the water released from a dam, enveloping my body whole forming some sort of a cocoon, before finally breaking away.


I had advanced to the Upper layer!


[ ‘Thunder Immunity’ has leveled up! ]


[ 'Thunder Immunity' has reached the intermediate rank! ]


[ ‘Lightning Immunity’ has leveled up! ]


Unlike the last breakthrough, this time there was no internal heat or anything similar, it was only superficial pain coming from my skin, it was supposed to hurt the most but thanks to my ‘Immunity’ skill.


An armor made of lightning elements appeared surrounding my body as two swords were grasped in both my hands, each one representing one element.


‘Elemental Armament’!


Of course, as a result, my current clothes were burned to ash once more, and the fragile elemental swords both dispersed.


To properly achieve a great effect using ‘Elemental Armament’ one needed elemental conducting weapons, such as ‘Lightning Cloud’, and an elemental conducting armor, which I, unfortunately, did not currently have.


Knock! Knock!


I hurriedly took out a change of clothing to wear instead of the burnt ones as to answer the door.




I opened the door to find Flone standing there accompanied by the head  and Fredrick who seemed to be just passing by.


“Are You Alright? We heard a loud sound coming from your room just now!”


“It’s nothing much, I just advanced to the next layer.”


“You just… advanced?”


Fredrick asked with dumbfoundedly




“I see, congrats for your advancement.”


The head had an incomprehensible smile as he said nonchalantly before leaving with light steps…


“Alright, I need to consolidate after the breakthrough so if you will excuse me…”


Seeing that Flone and Fredrick still needed some time to grasp the situation, I closed the door.






Next day, I woke up refreshed as I went through the items I had inside my ring, in order to check the things that needed replenishing, only to find out that I had less than 20 Grade-2 Elemental Crystals left in reserve.


This meant that my 2nd stage progress could no longer be as smooth as it has been so far, which only strengthened my need to go to that gate in hope of finding more crystals, hopefully enough to advance to the 3rd stage.


After leaving a letter for the Head with Flone, I headed out of the HQ as I went through the miscellaneous tasks of purchasing food reserves for my next venture as well as several other things that I was in shortage of.


It took a whole two hours to finish as I wasn’t that familiar with the capital, but in the end I took off after passing through the gate…


It was time to go through the last tempering!


[[ End of Vol.2 ]]


  • So yeah, here ends the second (long) volume, I plan to make the third volume somewhat short in comparison (Like the first one) and unlike the first time, I only plan on taking a day or two of break to renew the glossary and maybe make some small edits to the over-all novel, anyway, I hope you enjoyed the 2nd volume of 'Omni-Mastery', cheers!