Chapter 71 Junior Uncle Master
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Misty Cloud Sect is the most powerful force in the Jia Ma Empire besides the Jia Ma Royal Family. If it were not for the Jia Ma Royal Family having a guardian beast, plus the protection of Dou Wang experts and Dou Wang generals, the Misty Cloud Sect would have long replaced it.

So how could they be taken lightly!

For Misty Cloud Sect, the Jia Ma Royal Family has never taken them lightly. At the foot of the Misty Cloud Mountain, they have stationed the most elite army of the Jia Ma Royal Family. As long as there is the slightest change in the Misty Cloud Sect, the Jia Ma Royal Family will immediately react. If it were not for the fact that there are too few powerhouses in the Jia Ma Royal Family, the Royal Family would have long eliminated them.

Misty Cloud Sect is built on Misty Cloud Mountain. The mountain is so tall that clouds and mists linger at its peak. This caused it to be full of Heaven and Earth energy, making it very suitable for cultivation. In addition, it is also close to the capital, highlighting Misty Cloud Sect’s ambition.

The legion at the foot of the mountain continued to wait for a signal, in contrast, the peak is full of lights and festivities. On the bluestone paved square, thousands of disciples stood at attention. At the end of it is a large hall. There are mahogany seats on the left and right sides. On the seats, there were many seniors with extraordinary aura and pressure. Most of them are dressed in moon-white robes and have a cloud long sword symbol on their cuffs. There are only a few people wearing different clothes and equally strong aura.


Following the ringing of a gong, from the end of the red carpet, a figure slowly walked over. She walked alone, drawing all attention to her gold-inlaid purple tight-fitting brocade robe, and her waterfall-like hair being held steady by her phoenix chirping hairpin. She had a noble temperament and beautiful facial features. One could not help but feel awe when they looked at her.

The woman was dignified, and when she stepped into the hall, she scanned the VIPs on the VIP table. Her footstep suddenly paused. No, she staggered and almost fell. Her gaze was fixed on the seat closest to her. There was a minor sitting there, being very discordant with the other old figures in the hall!

Yes, it is a minor. Looking at his childish facial features, the child is not even 8 years old yet! The VIPs sitting in the VIP seats are all adults and old men and women, making the boy stand out and seem out of place with his surroundings.

The woman realized her gaffe and hurriedly focused. She forced herself to regain her composure, and continued to walk forward.

Next is the boring inauguration ceremony.

After the ceremony, a little girl came to Hun Han's side and whispered: "You, come with me, my master wants to see you!"

"Oh." Hun Han nodded. He followed after the little girl and examined her while walking.

The little girl has a cold appearance, a beautiful face that can only compare to Xiao Xun'er’s. She is like a pure snow lotus. She wore a moon-white gown and had a green jade earring that hung from her delicate earlobes. It would shake slightly and make a crisp jade sound as she walked, adding a touch of delicateness to her.

Hun Han was thinking to himself and asked: "What is your name?"

"Why should I tell you!" The little girl glanced at Hun Han. If he wasn’t someone her master had asked for, then she would not even bother to be in his presence, let alone talk to him.

"Sure enough, cold and glamorous, so arrogant even to say her name!" Hun Han muttered softly.

"What did you say?" The little girl, who was less than 1-2 younger than Hun Han, stopped, her eyes staring at Hun Han.

"I said, you are cold, like a snow lotus on an icy mountain!" Hun Han smiled.

Hearing this, the little girl stared at Hun Han, causing the atmosphere to tense.

As for Hun Han, he completely ignored it, and asked: "Aren't you going to lead me, Nalan Yanran?"

The little girl looked at Hun Han in astonishment, and said in surprise: "You know me?"

Hun Han nodded, "Of course. It’s hard not to know someone with a personality like you!”

The little girl looked blankly at Hun Han and groaned: “Since you know who I am, why did you ask me for my name?”

Hun Han pouted and replied: "When chatting with someone for the first time, isn’t it rude to not ask for their name?"

Nalan Yanran was speechless and continued to walk forward in silence. Along the way, no matter what Hun Han said, she did not respond.

Following Nalan Yanran, Hun Han came to a hall. In the centre of the hall is a chair made of jade. An old man was sitting on the chair. He was dressed in a simple white robe. He did not look old and did not have wrinkles on his face. On the contrary, he was like a piece of warm jade that radiated light. If it were not for his long snow-white hair, it will be difficult to identify him as an expert and cultivator. Beside him stood a person, it was none other than Yun Yun, who had just become the Sect Master of Misty Cloud.

If you were to look at all of Misty Cloud Sect, the only person who can make her stand behind him is the Eighth Generation Sect Master of Misty Cloud Sect.

"What's your name? Why did my brother not come? Are you his disciple?" Yun Shan asked Hun Han.

"My name is Hun Han. As for Master, he has passed away." Hun Han replied simply.

"What, Brother is dead?" Yun Shan looked at Hun Han in shock and stood up directly from his seat.

"Yeah." Hun Han nodded.

After that, Hun Han told Yun Shan everything about his apprenticeship. Of course, Hun Han was not stupid enough to tell him about Nine Serene Wind Ice. He only said that Yun Jian's old injuries relapsed and that he died.

"Since you are here, then join Misty Cloud Sect." Yun Shan's eyes seemed to see through Hun Han’s cultivation base.

"No, but thank you for your kindness. I like freedom and do not find living in a sect as suitable for me!" Hun Han rejected his offer. If he stayed in Misty Cloud Sect, let alone 3 years, he would not have a Dou Huang cultivation base in 5 years. The ideal training place for him is naturally Jia Nan Academy.

"Are you sure?" Yun Shan continued to ask.

"Yes." Hun Han shook his head.

"Well, since you are determined, I will not make it difficult for you. Yun Yun, from now on, Hun Han will be your junior. From today onwards, I need to enter seclusion and attack the Dou Zong realm. Everything regarding the Sect will be left to you." After Yun Shan finished speaking, he stepped out of the hall.

Currently, there are over 12 years before Xiao Yan's incident at the Misty Cloud Sect. So it seemed that Yun Shan worked hard for a decade or something along those lines and still failed to break through Dou Zong, leaving him to seek the Hall of Souls’ help.

"Haha, Senior Sister, hello, should I call you Senior Sister Yun Zhi or should I call you Senior Sister Yun Yun?" Hun Han looked at Yun Yun in her gold-inlaid purple tight brocade robe with a smile.

Yun Yun's became embarrassed as she heard and looked at Hun Han with a wry smile, she recalled what happened in the cave and with flushed cheeks, she asked: "Junior, did you see through my identity a long time ago?"

Hun Han nodded, "Of course."

Yun Yun curiously asked, "Then why didn't you expose me?"

Hun Han smiled and replied: " If Senior Sister wants to play, then Junior Brother can only play with Senior Sister! Sister, honestly tell me, were you surprised when you saw me in the hall?"


Yun Yun was stunned. She could only smile. She was not surprised, but shocked! From the corner of her eye, she noticed Nalan Yanran next to her and spoke: "Yanran, come here, greet your Junior Uncle Master!"