Filvis Challia
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It was a day like any other, Filvis Challia was going hard at it in the Dungeon, alone as no one, in or out of her familia wanted to party with her due to the unsettling rumors surrounding her. But today, was destined to be a different day from all others.

Filvis always pushed hard when in the Dungeon but she seemed to have bit off more than she could chew today.

Numerous monsters surrounded her in 24th floor, not in the least because of the bait Nox may or may not have had set in the surroundings.

The groups was mostly composed of Mammoth Fools and Lizardmen who seemed stronger than usual and more aggressive.

Due to her duplication magic, Einsel, Filvis had two bodies but they were significantly weaker that the original, about half as strong so she was on the verge of defeat. But maybe, that was what she wanted . . .

'It is only fair for a monster, a sinner that brings misfortune to everyone like me to die here alone.' Filvis thought as just giving in to the horde surrounding her crossed her mind.

But suddenly, Nox appeared like a storm clad in his set which hid his identity. Using his greatsword Overlord's Edge, he sliced through the horde with ease and used the excuse to grab Filvis without giving her a chance to say no before he flew off with the Black Wind of Carnage's Wings of Death.

'W-What happened?' Filvis thought.

One moment she was closing her eyes, about to be devoured by a horde of monsters while the next, she opened them up only to see she was flying in the arms of a masked man.

He looked at her and, through his eyes, she could see he was smiling.

"You okay?" He asked.

Filvis felt her heart beat faster as a blush crept onto her cheeks and ears.

"Put me down . . ." She whispered.

"Oh, sorry!" Nox responded to her whisper and stopped, gently putting the elfess down.

"It's okay . . ." Filvis replied and silence set in.

"So . . ." Nox broke it.

"You should go that hard without backup you know. If you don't mind me saying so." He said.

Filvis showed a self deprecating smile.

"It's not like there would be someone willing to make a party with me." She said.

Once she hear Nox's words, it was like reality slapped her in the face, the only reason this person was being nice to her was because he didn't know about her, that was all. Is what she thought.

"With a beauty like you? I find that hard to imagine." Nox flirtatiously commented, making the elfess blush.

"How about I party with you then?" He offered.

"No!" She suddenly shouted.

"Ah, no I mean . . ." Filvis tripped over her words.

"Hey, hey, No need to feel bad, if you don't want to I can take a no." Nox raised his hand.

"It's not like that . . ." She whispered.

'I'm just off today, why won't I just thank him and go!?' Filvis asked herself in her mind.

"Not like that?" Nox asked.

"I just . . . I'm cursed . . ." She whispered and seeme to deflate like a ball, looking up at Nox who just eyed her.

"I can see through stuff like that with a special Skill of mine and although there's something off about you, you're definitely not cursed." Nox evaluated.

"Uh!?" Filvis froze.

"I said you're not cursed." Nox repeated.

"I umh . . . Do you know who I am?" Filvis tentatively asked.

"Ah!" Nox said as if suddenly realizing.

"I got it! All this talk about curses. You must be the infamous Banshee!" He said, making FIlvis look down.

"I've always wanted to meet you and see if you were really cursed!" Nox said, making FIlvis look up with shock.

"You're not afraid?" She asked.

"Why should I be? You're not even actually cursed and I have a development ability called Luck so I'm confident I would be okay even if you were!" Nox confidently declared.

Filvis, much to her own surprise, actually giggled from the response.

"So, about that dungeon diving together . . ." Nox broached the subject again.

"Filvis just looked at him for a while before finally agreeing and they met set things up to meet the very next day in the plaza before Babel.

Nox went home, patting himself on the back for a job well done and thinking how to improve the duplication magic he had just copied from Filvis.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much to be done but when he used he fell to about Level 3 but now there were two of him.

It was a weird feeling but the new him wasn't a clone, he merely had two bodies to move around and while it took him a bit getting used to it, Nox did manage fairly quickly. Then, he had a much better Idea and started modifying the spell.

He called the new version, Archon Trinity and its function was to split him into three bodies one with his Human Aspect, one with his Spirit Aspect and the final one with his monster aspect.

Only the Human Aspect had a Falna, Level 5 one still while the others were truly a monster and a spirit with no falna to speak of but they were still connected.

The the other two aspects possessed phenomenal raw power despite lacking a falna but the spirit had basically no physical abilities to speak of, it looked like a humanoid multicolored light while the monster was actually a pretty overpowered dark red scaled dragon.

The Human Aspect lacked the toughness and raw strength of the monster and its magical abilities were downgraded significantly but they were still a Level 5 adventurer who was more powerful than other Level 5s due to the having limit broken stats every single level before.

Happy with his results, Nox had his two non human aspects go farm on the deep floors while he went to the Twilight Manor to tell of Loki of the current developments.

What he didn't expect, was to be surrounded by people as soon as he arrived, the reason being his very prominent eye patch.

"N-Nox-san!? What happened!?" Lefiya worriedly asked.

"Eh!? What, what?" Tiona was alarmed and went to see what happened.

"Nox!? Your eye!" She pointed.

"What . . . happened?" Ais asked in her soothing low voice that was trembling with worries.

Aki, Alicia and eventually, even the three leaders came by to check on Nox.

"It was just a little accident, no worries." Nox attempted to calm everyone down.

"Is it permanent!?" Tiona questioned.

"Probably not." Nox replied.

"Just probably!?" Was everyone's response, either by words or thoughts.

"Everyone, give Nox space so he can explain himself!" Finn commanded and everyone listened waiting for Nox's response.

"Well . . ." Nox rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

"I was experimenting with a magic item I made and I messed up my eye . . . But no worries, it should be fine after a while!"  He shared.

Everyone was speechless as to how he did something so dangerous and seemed to be utterly fine with the result of being possibly blind of one eye for the rest of his life as they didn't know what actually happened.

The end result, Riveria dragged Nox away for a lecture as everyone gave him pitying looks, not because of the eye but because of the eminent lecture from the high elfess.


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