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/ Series / Archon of Danmachi
Archon of Danmachi
Archon of Danmachi
246.3k Views 6498 Favorites 195 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 972 Readers
3.6 (62 ratings)
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Read on as a nameless soul is reincarnated in the world of DanMachi by a powerful being. He shall set out to obtain power, wealth and immortality . . . and a harem of beauties to enjoy them with.

Release Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday / Also on Webnovel!

This is my second novel, I upload the other on the remaining days of the week, it's a Naruto fanfic called Kage of Kages that is currently only on Webnovel.

Kage of Kages was replaced with FATE of DxD which is also on this site.

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover.

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      Status: c80

      This is awful. Probably the worst offender of wish fulfillment I've seen in a while. Combine that with 13 year olds having s*x, and I can't recommend this to anyone in good faith. Don't waste your time on this even if you are a fan of danmachi

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      11 Likes · Like
      Status: unlife ii

      In the beginning it was good, very interesting. But the MC continues more and more to f**k up his body and kill history. He starts out as a high-human, with many perks, but starts to turn more and more into an out-of-control monster that would be perfect as a final enemy of any story. If that was what he wanted to "be an ultimate villain" that would be fine, but this dumbass wants to be more powerful and find immortality by giving his body curses and powers he has no control over, while doing research that if they are discovered by the gods would make ALL the gods want to kill him even if they have to use their godly powers and go back to heaven.

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: c117

      It was interesting, but the main characters idiotic decisions causes the story quality to become terrible.


      He keeps on experimenting on himself, and wonders why it has negatively affected himself. 

      He effectively turns himself into a vampire, and laments about the blood drinking problem.

      He inflicts a ton of curses on his eye to give himself a cursed eye, and complains on his lack of control of his cursed eye.

      He is going to turn himself into an undead, and probably regret it as well.


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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: stygian beast form i

      The story was actually good at the earlier chapters, until it reached to him messing with his body. Plus most of the chapters felt like an overview rather than a story. Since it lacks any actual character dialogue ot interaction. It felt like the MC was giving us a report rather than telling a story.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: c0

      Hello there, so this is what I think or opinion of this Novel so first thing I notice is that the story is very fast it didn't give any relating info to the action of what he did, The second is the lack of info as I said it super lack of info while it is true dump info is not good but I think author you should elaborate first before you go to the action, The third is lack of emotion, what I mean from emotion is literally it.I don't sense any emotion because the story is so fast pace that I do not sense any excitement or even frustation the concept ig good least decent but you should first add some shenigans to attract some readers and also it also become boring because you repeatedly do the same thing in different chapter.

      So that's all hope it helps

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: --

      Read just a few chaps and can already tell how unrealistic the characters are. And MC is kinda annoying, every time he talks there's an ! At the end or he's flirting with someone.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: C104

      Honestly, it's not perfect but still, a pretty fun read. Keep up the good work Author-san

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      2 Likes · Like
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