Date With Hestia
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Time passed with Nox enjoying the slow life for a change.

Chigusa was still mulling over her feelings so Nox just spent his time relaxing and enjoying simple daily life with not only the girls from his group, but also with the various acquaintances and friends he had made since coming to the world of DanMachi.

From the half criminal jokers of the Hermes Familia and their serious captain Asfi, to the maids of the Hostess of Fertility and Airmid from the Dian Cecht Familia. The kids from the orphanage with their hot caretaker Maria and his own Loki Familia Members.

There were also more recent additions like Bella from the Hestia Familia and the entire Takemikazuchi Familia which he had taken under his wing.

Son enough though, the time for the date with Hestia came and the diminutive goddess was raring to go make it a resounding success.

Much like in the original series, she decided to go to the goddess exclusive baths of Orario which were said to have beautifying effects and made sure to get a special outfit and even let her hair down for a change.

Alas, also like in the original series, Hestia made a grave mistake. She let it slip to the other goddesses that she was going on an actual date.

Nox was waiting in the Amour Square, a famous spot for lovers to meet which spoke volumes about Hestia's intentions.

When she arrived with her long straight black hair, cute features, big blue eyes and a dress that left most of her legs her legs in the open along with her embarrassed xpression and upturned eyes asking . . .

"Did you wait long?" In a shy and sweet voice . . .

Nox was not ashamed to admit he got quite smitten.

"You are worth every single second of the wait Hestia." Nox smiled making the little goddess even more embarrassed.

Hestia was about to formulate an answer to Nox but out of nowhere, a swarm of goddesses led by Demeter popped up, looking at the pair with shocked expression.

"No way . . ." "Impossible . . ." "It can't be . . ." And other things of the sort were whispered amongst the group.

The goddesses just could not believe Hestia's man which they had come to know about just about an hour ago was actually THE Nox Lyros who barring gods, was definitely the most eligible man in the entirety of Orario these days.

Nox himself was not aware his popularity had blown up that much but even if he knew, how much more smug could he possibly get?

The band of goddesses did not swarm him like they did to Bell in the original series, instead, they just stared at him and Hestia with a profound sense of disbelief.

The only exception was Demeter who casually came forward.

"Congratulation both of you." She calmly said with a smile, clearly and honestly glad for the both of them.

She even even pulled the other goddesses away while wishing good luck to the pair on their date, an act which immediately raised Hestia's opinion of her by a praiseworthy amount.

With the extras out of the way, the date moved forward.

It started out pretty normal.

Nox took Hestia around Orario's shopping district and even visited some of the higher grade stores in Babel, buying her some new clothes in the process.

The walked around hand in had, ate a crepe together, visited a jagamarukun stand on which Hestia in the original series worked in and just had a good time together.

The real surprise however, came at the end of the day. It was time for a romantic dinner and Nox had prepared something special.

It was a little project he had been working on in his very limited free time and Hestia was about to see it.

Asking the diminutive goddess to close her eyes, Nox teleported them to a cave without any entrance or exit. Not just any cave though.

When Hestia opened up her eyes, a beautiful dimly lit space was presented before her.

A scenic cave with a small flower field, a little river and even a miniature waterfall. The ceiling looked like a starlit sky except much closer and the stars  were motes of light that were spread throughout the cave that one could even touch.

Strategically placed prismatic crystals that shome in multicolored light added a bit of extra brightness to the place so that it wouldn't look to dark and gloomy but their intensity could be controlled at will according to preference.

Hestia spun around, taking it all in with wonder filled eyes, dazzled by Nox surprise.

"So how is it?" He asked with a smile.

"No wonder you're so popular." Hestia said, not in a complaining tone though, more of a tease. She had come out of her shell a bit during the date, certainly enough to poke at Nox without passing out in embarrassment.

"To be honest, you're the first person I brought here." Nox revealed.

Rather than this being made just for Hestia though, it just meant that their date and the completion of Nox's romantic cave of love happily coincided.

The diminutive goddess cared not for such reasoning however, and seemed immensely pleased and even smug after hearing Nox's words.

In the center of the cave, a table popped up already set with tableware and delicious looking food ready to be eaten with gusto.

The pair of lovebirds enjoyed their meal in a comfortable silence with the noise of the water making for a relaxing dinner, allowing them to enjoy the food while appreciating each other with passionate gazes throughout the evening.

After the beautiful evening ended however . . . What about the lovers' night?


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