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A Police car was parked in a forest in the middle of nowhere. A Police Officer was taking a piss near the bushes, while three people were in the car. Carl 'CJ' Johnson can be seen sitting in the back seat of the car, with a bag covering his face. Officer Tenpenny and Officer Pulaski sitting on the Passenger and Driver seat respectively.

"You got a bag over your head, boy. How do you feel about that?" Officer Tenpenny sarcastically asked Carl, as he is the one to put the bag on his head. Carl was in this situation because he was arrested for a gang fight in the middle of the city. In the gang fight between the Ballas and Grove Street, both the parties suffered losses but the losses of Grove Street cannot be compared to the Ballas. Sweet, the leader of Grove Street Families (GSF), got shot in the abdomen which led to a fatal wound. Carl, the younger brother of Sweet and the Lucky Charm of the GSF, who brought the falling GSF to compete again with the Ballas on equal footing, was arrested.

While Ballas on the other hand just lost their gang members who dwell on the lower part of the hierarchy. The Ballas with the co-operation of Tenpenny ultimately won the battle for Los Santos against Grove Street.

"Man, take it off. Please, man, I can't breathe! Please!" Carl shouted while gasping for breath.

"Oh, alright. But only because you said please." Tenpenny takes the bag off Carl's head.

"You fucking sick mother-fucker!"

"Intimidate those who intimidate others, Carl. It's my job. Right, Ed?" Tenpenny nudges Eddie Pulaski sitting on the Driver's seat, to which the Officer just laughs.

"Hey, man, where we at? Where's Sweet?" Carl asked hysterically as he remembered his brother bleeding figure in his hands in the middle of gunfire. Carl cannot lose his brother again like Brian.

"The middle-of-fucking-nowhere. Nice, clean air, and Oh yeah, you should be glad, Carl. Your moron brother's alive, He's in a prison hospital being treated for gunshot wounds, awaiting trial. Your street trash, soon to be turned out sister's alive. And, she's only sucking one greaseball's dick. Things are going pretty well for you, Carl. So behave." Tenpenny gave Carl details of his family to calm him down, as they intended to do some 'business talks' with Carl.

"Yeah, 'somehow', nobody's caught you yet," Pulaski added to Tenpenny's explanation. Tenpenny went out of the car. Taking this as the cue, Pulaski also went outside and dragged Carl out of the car roughly. Carl's hands were handcuffed. Pulaski pushed Carl on the trunk of the car and opens his handcuffs to free Carl. Carl rubbed his wrists as it was painful to be handcuffed for a long time.

"I can't believe that Smoke and Ryder turned on us," Carl said in disbelief, as he remembered the scene in which Smoke, Ryder with Ballas and Tenpenny.

"Smoke? Smoke does exactly what he's told to. He learned that lesson a long time ago." Pulaski mocked Carl, as he found it amusing Carl believing their chess pieces and getting betrayed.

"Homies for life? Street loyalty? That's all bullshit, Carl. Didn't you learn that when they ran you out of town, just 'cause you let Brian die? Huh? Eddie, I can't deal with this guy. He's an idiot!"Β  Tenpenny asked Carl.

Pulaski took out his gun and aimed to shoot Carl, " Let me air this fucker out."

"No no no no no no no, Officer... For once, let's let the kid do something good with his useless life. He's gonna help us with the 'fight against crime'. Right, Carl?" Tenpenny stops Pulaski and looks at Carl with normal eyes, he doesn't expect anything from Carl as he knows as long he orders him to do something, Carl will have to do that, willingly or not. Tenpenny will order his 'dog' the way he wants. The act is just foreplay to satisfy his sadistic side. He manipulates the gangs, drug dealers, and what-nots in the Los Santos. Like everyone else, Carl is also his chess piece or 'dog' what Tenpenny prefers to call Carl.

"Yeah. By any means necessary." Pulaski added.

"Now you stay the fuck away from Smoke and stay the fuck away from us. Otherwise Sweet's going to find himself on a Ballas block getting in touch with his feminine side. Hey Hernandez, you going to piss all day?" Tenpenny warned Carl by taking Sweet's other virginity as a hostage and shouted to the still pissing Hernandez. Pulaski puts a hand on Carl's shoulder and leads him to walk for a few steps.

"We've got a little problem with a former friend of ours, he seems to disagree with some of our methods." Pulaski started telling Carl the description of the 'Act of Justice' he will be tasked to do.

"Now who could do that?" Carl asked

"Yeah, you'll never find anybody as fork-tongued as this snake ass bastard. Soon as he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he'll whistle any tune Internal Affairs want him to. I want you to pay him a little visit, Carl. And destroy all his evidence before he testifies." Tenpenny cursed.

"See, they've got him hiding up Mount Chiliad someplace, so they can manipulate his testimony any way they want to." Pulaski pointed towards the towering Mount Chiliad which still can be seen through the tall and dense trees of the forest. "Sort this out, Carl, so Officer Tenpenny can sleep easy at night. We want evidence he ain't gonna talk." Tenpenny bows like a gentleman when his name is mentioned. Pulaski hands him a camera to take the picture of the 'non-talking witness.

After this, the three C.R.A.S.H (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums)Members took off in their car, leaving Carl in the middle of the forest to his means. Carl, on the other hand, was not in a good situation. His emotions were a clusterfuck. The Homies he trusted betrayed him, The Brother he saw up to is now in a prison Hospital, His sister is still is in Los Santos which is now a territory of the enemies of GSF. With all this going on, he is here, standing in the middle of a forest, feeling powerless. He could not save his family and now he is controlled by others to do their biddings. What a pity! But there is no one here to take pity on him.

When he was thinking about what to do to save his brother and sister. A blinding white light appeared in front of him, which caused him to fall to the ground. He covered his eyes to protect them from the blinding white light. When he opened his eyes, a 'familiar' figure in the pajamas appeared in front of him.

"Is that you, Mr. Jackie Chan??!!"


I stretched my hand and helped him to stand up. I looked at Carl, he was not in a good condition, stained clothes, sweat everywhere. I decided to ignore everything and get to the main point. I want to complete the mission as soon as possible and return home, as Eri is completely alone in the house.

"So. What do you have to do at the moment?" I asked him, as the Mission Objective I received from the System is very vague to understand.

[Mission Objective- Help Carl 'CJ' Johnson.]

"Pardon?" He asked me with confusion clear on his face.

"Do you have any task that you have been assigned by someone?" I asked him the rephrased question.

"Yes, but how'd you know that?" He asked me, Confusion still lingering on his face.

"What is the task, I will help you complete the task and I have some questions for you."

"Yeah, it is killing a witness for Tenpenny. But how do you know that I have a task and Why you want..." As he mentioned killing a witness for Tenpenny, a Yellow triangle appeared on the {Maps}. I activated a cheat,

{FOURWHEELFUN}- Spawn Quad/Quadbike

[Cheat Activated]

The sudden appearance of the Quad made Carl stop talking and looking at the spawned Quad with amazement with wide eyes and an open mouth. He was like fish who knows only to open and close his mouth, with wide eyes. I looked at him and gestured for him to sit.

"Hop on the bike, rest of the talking on the way," I said and sat on the bike. After starting the bike, I noticed one thing.

'I have to travel on Mount Chiliad, and there are many tricky and narrow roads, I don't want to fall down a mountain on a Quad.'

{NATURALTALENT} - Maximum Vehicle Skill Stat

[Cheat Activated]

After the activation of the cheat, I feel like the Quad has become an extension of my limb, with complete control of the limb. I am now confident to travel through the Mountain. I looked at Carl who is still standing.

"Come on, I don't have all day to waste on you." I raised my voice. The raised voice made Carl get out of his stupor. He meekly made his way to the Quad and sat behind me. I started revving the engine of the Quad. After some time, the Quad started moving forward. I increased the speed and made mine towards the target on the {Maps}. With max Vehicle Skill and high perception, Driving the Quad at high speed was not a problem.

"So What happened after I left on that day?" I asked Carl. I want to have complete knowledge of what happened after my disappearance. I want to know what changes I have brought to the plot.

He stayed silent for some time, collecting and phrasing his words, then started speaking. He was a serious time, unlike his naΓ―ve and goofy personality. He started explaining things that transpired after I left.

He was called by the C.R.A.S.H. and threatened to do some dirty work for them or he will be framed for the death of a Police Officer that Tenpenny and Pulaski killed personally. He complied and completed the tasks assigned by them. After that, they didn't contact him. Sweet, on the other hand, wanted to increase the gang's territory and influence as it was a golden time for the GSF, having Carl as their Second-in-Command. They were successful in gaining several territories from the hands of Ballas by invoking Gang Wars and killing several top members of Ballas. But everything changed when Carl received a call from Cesar, his sister's boyfriend.

Cesar asked him to come to the said location, as he has something to show him. When Carl reached there, he saw Several members of Ballas gang with Tenpenny and Pulaski making a deal. But the shocking thing for him was the involvement of Ryder and Smoke in the deal. They were talking about something and a Green Sabre(A Vehicle) was there. He has heard from Sweet that a Green Sabre was used by the killers of his mother. This infuriated Carl, but his anger turn to despair when he received a call from Sweet, asking for his help as the Sweet and the gang members were ambushed by the Ballas.

He went there, fought alongside his brother, but the huge number of enemies was not something they could handle. Sweet got shot in the abdomen and Carl was arrested by the police, which came after the ambush, and 'surprisingly' the Ballas ran away before the Police came. He was kidnapped by Tenpenny and Pulaski and was thrown into this forest. Now, He was tasked to kill an ex-police officer who is taken as a witness against the C.R.A.S.H.

When I heard all the information, I had a conclusion in my mind.

'Everything is normal, there is no change from the game.'

It was like I didn't make any changes to the story, but then I remembered what I did was, only killing some Ballas members and vanished in thin air. I didn't create many changes to the story.

"So, what are you up to now?" I asked him, I wanted to know what he will do to come out of this predicament he is facing. If he needs some help, I will have to help him, as I need to get out of this world as soon as possible.

"I don't know, man. I don't know. I never faced something like this. My brother is in prison, my sister is on enemy turf. Everything's fucked up." Carl said. It is correct that he never faced anything like this. I don't know what kind of help he needs, but his state of mind is not good. He is still dwelling on the memory of him holding a bloodied Sweet in his arms. To hold their family member or loved one who is on the verge of death. It can be traumatic for anyone.

"We have arrived at the destination," I said to Carl who is still lost in his thoughts.

I parked the Quad near a tree. From there, a Wooden Cabin which is guarded by FIB agents can be seen easily but the inside of the cabin was not that visible because of the distance. Carl looked at me with amazement as I took him to the exact place in a short time, even though he didn't mention the location to me (Pulaski didn't give Carl any specific location to start with).

"Is the Objective to kill the guy inside the cabin?"

"Yes, but his face should be recognizable, as I have to present proof to that Tenpenny's Lap Dog."

"Okay," I said and took out a Sniper Rifle from the Inventory. I aimed at the guy inside the cabin, who was conveniently sitting near the window.

"You said you never faced this kind of thing right?" I asked Carl, as I decided to do help him correct his mind for now.


"That's because you have always run away when the responsibility is about to fall onto your shoulders"

This sentence made Carl remember what Sweet said on his return to Los Santos.

"No... I di.." Carl wanted to refute me but I interrupted him.

"Yes, you did. Remember how Brian (Younger Brother of Carl and the Youngest of the Johnson Siblings) died. You ran away when you could've at least try to save him. When everyone was going to blame you and wanted you to be held responsible for his death, you left the hood and ran away to Liberty City. What happened after that? Your Mother died."

Carl was immersed in guilt as one after another his family members are dying and he couldn't do anything. He was so immersed that he forgot to ask how I knew all of this information.

I shot the guy in the heart after some moments, the guy fell from his seat. The guards rushed inside the cabin after hearing the sound of the gunshot.

"Look, Brian's or your Mother's death cannot be completely pushed on you, but at least have the guts to take the responsibility. Now everything is in your hands. Whether your Sister and Brother can stay alive depends on your decisions." I said while aiming at the FIB agents now.

"Goddamn...What do I do?.. I cannot think of any way out of this shithole" Carl cursed at his situation.

"Well if you want to ask me. I would suggest you call Kendl(His Sister) over here, where it is out of the range of influence of the gangs, and follow whatever Tenpenny throws at you as your Brother's life is in his hands. Try something funny and Sweet will be out of commission in the prison." I said and shot one of the FIB agent's heads.

"But then how I am supposed to take out Sweet?"

"For that my friend, you need money and connections." One more head exploded in the distance.

"And how I'm supposed to do that?"

"By doing Business....." I asked and aimed at the FIB agents taking cover inside the cabin.

"In this shit of a place. I don't know what I'm supposed to do here. Farming? Raising cows and taking their shit out of the stables every morning?!! Sorry I am not used to your Chinese way of Business." Carl said

I had the urge to turn around and shoot this fucker out first, but I controlled myself as I know this guy can be irritating at times.

"Why don't you add, Increase patience to listen to others before interrupting them, to your 'to-do list'. There are not many people out there willing to help you at all, you know what's worse than this, your 'Homie' you trusted with life stabbed you in the back, So cherish whatever is given to you out of goodwill in this heinous world Carl. This will let you live a bit longer." I had to reprimand Carl, if he continues like this, I don't think he will be able to make the trusted friends he met in the game.

"Sorry man... I was a bit.."

"It's okay, I understand you are under heavy pressure. But still, calm down and don't let anger cloud your judgment." I said and shot the FIB agent who tried to peek out of the cover. Well, 2 more agents left.

"Let's go, You still have to take a picture of him right?"

Carl nodded and went towards the Cabin with me. When we reached near the Cabin, the remaining two agents heard the sound of footsteps, they nodded and readied their guns. They left the cover to shoot the approaching attacker. But they met the scene where a guy was standing in front of them, already aimed his guns towards them. What they met next was a bullet in their heads.

I placed the guns inside the Inventory. I gestured for Carl to do his thing. Carl went near the Witness' body and took some pictures of the dead body. I placed a Satchel Charge and left the cabin with Carl. When we reached a safe distance from the Cabin, I detonated the Satchel Charge, blowing up the entire Cabin, destroying any evidence that may lead to us. Carl and I were looking at the explosion

"So this is the end." I turned to Carl.

"No, not right now... You haven't told me about the business thing yet."

"Yeah... About that. Go to San Fierro to do some business, but don't rush there right now. Ensure your sister's safety first and stay in the countryside for some time." I explained to Carl and he nodded. Well, he may be a gangster, but still good at heart. He gives those a chance, who he thinks can redeem, but there is no mercy for those who threaten his family.

I took out a briefcase full of cash from the Inventory and gave it to Carl.

"Take this, This will be useful for your business," I said and opened the briefcase to show him the money.

"No... I can't take this money." Carl said while shaking his head and pushing the briefcase back to me.

"Take this, it will help you. Don't be so stubborn Carl."

"No, It will be not helpful to me at all" Carl still rejected the briefcase.

"How so? You are a broken guy in a place where no one knows you. Money is the thing you need the most right now." I tried to convince him.

"I know I am broke and Money is the thing I need the most, but I cannot take money, which I cannot even recognize at all."

This made me a bit confused, when I turned the briefcase to look at what is inside, I nearly facepalmed. It was full of Yen (Japanese currency). I took the briefcase back in the Inventory and used the {Money Converter} function inside the Money Section of the Inventory.

I took out another briefcase from the Inventory and gave it to Carl.

"This contains $50k. It'll be helpful for you in this time of hardship." I said while placing my hand on his shoulder.

"But how will I repay.."

"No need to repay me, just use this money for useful things and If I find out you are engaging in some things that are not at helpful for saving your ass from this predicament, I will personally come to take every single penny from you and if you are not able to pay back, you know from Tenpenny that Grove ass is somewhat in high demand in Ballas Territory. They may pay some good cash and you can explore your feminine side. How about it Carl?" I warned him as I know he is easy to distract from the track. He needs some fear behind him to run on the same track.

"No... No... I will use this for good."

"Take another piece of advice from me, Don't interact with a person named Catalina. She is like a wild cat, you don't how to tame it and it may hurt you back while trying to pet it." I said and removed my hand from his shoulder.

"Hey.." Carl looked at me with a thankful gaze.


".. Thanks, it helped me. Thanks for the money and the advice....." But before he could end his sentence, the person to whom his gratitude was directed, now vanished in thin air.

"Shit... I forgot to ask how he takes things out of thin air... I never thought Jackie Chan was a magician or something." He stood there for some moment, looking at where 'Jackie Chan' was standing. After that, he took the parked Quad and went down the mountain to deliver the evidence.


After delivering the evidence to said location, he got a call from Cesar. He answered the call and convinced Cesar to take Kendl and come over to the countryside, where it is safe from all the gang wars going on in Los Santos. When Carl was about to hang up the call, Cesar said

:: I got some backup coming out to protect you - my cousin. Intense, holmes, trust me! Meet her over at the diner in Dillimore over Red County, you won't miss them. She is single now, eh. Maybe you can get some 'moral support' from her::

Cesar said this and hung up the call while Carl was now in thought.

'He said not to interact with her, but she is Cesar's Cousin, she can't be that bad. And having a wild girlfriend may be quite interesting and maybe I won't get bored in this boring countryside.' He thought


I was back in my room, laying on the bed. Eri still hugging me from the side. This means I'm still in the same position as when I left for the mission. I took my phone and checked the time. I stayed over 4 hours in GTA World, so it should be around 24 minutes in MHA world (10:1 Time Difference). Well, it's a good thing that Eri's Sleep is not disturbed. I think I should also sleep, I am somewhat mentally tired, I will check the Rewards of the mission in the morning. But a sudden thought interrupted me from going to sleep.

'I forgot to tell him my real name.. ARGGHH!!!'