Ch-1 – The Beginning: Brian Smith
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The sun rose above the horizon. Southwold was brimming with people and huge buildings. It was the capital of The land of Ashok. It was in the centre of the country, and the safest place in the country. People were going to work. The army stadium, a stadium used by the army for training and other events, was very busy for the day tomorrow.

Clank Clank Clank Clank
The factories were loud as usual. The market next to the factory was very busy today. Many people had come there to buy supplies for the big day tomorrow. Tomorrow, was at last the day many young men and women had been waiting for, filled with bravery and anxiety. Tomorrow was the first day for the new batch of soldiers in the army. They would get selected in any one of the 10 branches of the army, after giving some tests right in front of the 10 branch leaders.

"Brian....Brian Smith. The customers are waiting, so bring the materials fast." shouted a man with dark red hair. He seemed like the owner of the store.
"Yeah, Yeah. Coming."
A man with dusty clothes emerged from inside the store, carrying some big boxes which looked very heavy. He had black hair, and brown eyes. His body was built up, like a weight lifter's. His hair was uncombed, but he looked very excited for some reason.
"Here Cranny. I bought all the 3 boxes that you had asked for."
"Thanks for your hard work, Brian."
"Yeah, and this is my last day as a labour at your store, isn't it?"
"Don't worry, I will manage just fine without you."
"You will old man? Hehe."
They continued to work till late night. Today Cranny and Brian had made a huge profit.
"Good work today Brian. Are you ready for tomorrow?"
"Don't know. Using the suit is very difficult. I have been trying hard for the past 3 months, so I hope my training will pay off."
"Oh it will, it will. Don't you worry."
"Hope so."
"Which branch do you hope to join in the army?"
"Which ever I get to join."
"But, any favourites?"
"Tiger and Eagle are very strong branches, so maybe those."
"Don't you wanna join the peacock branch? All men are crazy to join that branch."
"Hahaha true. Not a very bad choice."
"Yeah..... But remember Brian, don't spout your nonsense in the army."
"Why not? And it's not nonsense. All I want is peace for 'The Land Of Ashok.' I will make it possible."
"You can't. Who are you? You have not yet even been selected in a branch yet. The wars are waged by the powerful. The people who are at the top, to show their power to the entire world, and be known in history. Wars will not even stop if there is a mighty ruler, on top of everyone. Rebellions will keep breaking out, and bloodshed will take place each time to stop the rebellions. Even if there were no rebellions, after the ruler's death, there will yet again be a power struggle between the powerful. Wars are hated by us weak and common people, but wars are loved by the powerful. This is a fact, that can never be changed. Do you get it?"

There was a slight pause, and then Brian answered.
"No. History cannot be changed, but the future sure can. I don't want others to go through what I went through."
"I am sorry for your family, Brian. I really am sorry. But, you cannot stop this. This is a cycle created by us, filthy human beings."
Brian stood up, and started to walk towards his room. While walking he murmured, "If this is a cycle created by us humans, then it will also be stopped by us humans."

Brian went to sleep, with high hopes of getting selected in a good branch of the army, and hoping to bring peace for his homeland.

7 years ago:-
"Everyone dinner is ready."
"Coming..." shouted an adult and two kids.
"What is for dinner today mommy?" the girl asked.
"Salad, eggs, rice and some curry."
"Why eggs? I don't like eggs."
"Now, now Britta. You should not be picky with food."
"But, daddy I don't like eggs."
"Where is Brian dear?"
"In his room, I think. I will go and call him."
Brian's mother went to his room, upstairs to call him.
"Brian. Dinner is ready."
"Yeah mom, coming. Just let me beat this last level."
"Come on, you have been playing games for the pas...."
A huge sound was heard. The whole earth shook up, and the next moment the apartment next to Brian's house fell. It tore the house in 2 parts. The first half of the house, where Brian and his mother were standing, was intact. But the other half, was in rubbles. The apartment had crashed down on his house. His father and younger sister were crushed by the fallen apartment.

An Alert was sent around the whole town of Arkney, "Enemy attack! I repeat enemy attack! Please evacuate the town as quickly as possible! I repeat enemy attack!

Brain's mother pulled his arm, and started to run away from the town.
"Mom but what about dad and Britta? They are still at the dinner table."
Brian's mother did not respond but kept on running. The city was in tatters. Many figures wearing advanced suits were destroying everything in their path. Our army in their own suits tried to defend the town, but where not able to stop the enemies from destroying the town. Flames and smoke were all around the town. People were running away from the town in panic. An enemy, who was flying, suddenly came up and tore down a building on the path of Brian and his mother. It seemed impossible for them to avoid dodging the huge building that was going to fall on them, and crush them. It was then, when Brian's mother lifted Brian, smiled, with tears running down her face and said, "Survive, and live your life to the fullest extent." She threw him with all her might ahead of the falling building. She was crushed by the building. Brian hit his head and fell unconscious.

When he woke up, he was in a relief centre. He remembered everything that had occurred, and started to cry. He blamed himself that it was his fault his mother died. "She could have ran faster, if not for me. She could have survived, if not for me. Why? Why did she save me instead of her life. Why?" He cried and cried, and begged god to take him away, and let his family return.

"Uh." Brian breathed heavily. He was crying. He had just woken up.
"That dream again."
Brian washed his face, took a bath, and got ready to leave. He picked up his backpack and his suitcase containing his armoured suit and stepped out of his house. He was going to leave, when he saw Cranny.
"Cranny. What are you doing here?"
"Came to say goodbye."
"Oh yeah? Thanks. Really, appreciate it."
"Take this with you." Cranny handed over an white envelope to Brian.
"What is this?" Brian asked while opening the envelope. Inside he saw 5000 Ashokan's. (1 Ashokan = 1 dollar and is the currency in the land of Ashok)
"A little gift from my side. You can also call it a bonus for your hard work."
Brian was brimming with tears.
"Thanks old man Cranny. Take care of your back."
"Oh, I will. Don't you worry about me at all. Hear me Brian?"
Brian waved his hand, and started to walk towards the army stadium. He was know all set to take part in the greatest military test, given by each and every soldier. He was going to give 'The Profession Of Pride.'