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Huff Huff

"Dean... Dean! This is bad news!"

"What happened soldier? Did you get a report from Noah or Chris?"

"Yes, Dean. The report says that some people in Taxil with a few soldiers from the army are planning a rebellion."

"A rebellion! How ready are they? Any information?"

"Yes, Dean. They have just started their preparation for the rebellion, and have been able to gather 32 of the old generation suits. There are also a few men from the army who have joined the cause."

"Hmm... The 32 suits shouldn't be a problem, but the men from the army will certainly be. Anything else?"










"They also are holding a meeting, with all of their members, tomorrow. Noah says that if we want to catch them all, then this will be the best chance to do so. He awaits orders."

"Call back Noah, and tell him to sit tight. We will be sending reinforcements immediately. Tell him not to engage at any circumstances."

"Yes, Dean."

Dean sits in his chair for some time, and thinks about the situation. 

"I will need atleast one person from rank 3 or above. Sarah has just come back from a mission. Asking her to lead another one, might be too much. But then again there is no other option."

The new recruits, Trim from rank 5 and Sarah from rank 3 was called in by Dean. All of them came to the main hall, and stood before Dean.

"You 8 will be going on a mission, to stop a potential rebellion. Sarah, you will be leading the mission. Sorry for asking you to lead another mission, without letting you take a break."

"Yes, Dean. No problem at all. I have taken enough rest."

"Okay. Firstly, there are going to be 32 people with suits of older generation. We still don't know which model they are, but they should not pose any of you, any trouble. You 6," Dean said while look towards Brian and the others, "Will try to stay away from the soldiers of the army. You will only engage the ones with no experience in using the suits and the ones with the older models. Sarah and Trim, you will engage the soldiers from the army, and anyone who seems too strong for these recruits. You will also meet up with Noah and Chris at Taxil. If possible, then destroy the older models before engaging the enemies. Clear!?"

"Yes, Dean!" Everyone answered. All of them started to get ready for their late night departure. It takes 4 hours to reach Taxil from Southwold. By the time all of them were ready for departure, It was already 2a.m. 

"Stay safe everyone, and come back together in one piece." Said Dean to the others.

"Yes, Dean. We will."

They reached the station of the flying train, and stepped inside. At around 6:30 in the morning, the team arrived at Taxil. They went to a different hotel, than Chris and Noah, to avoid any suspicions. 

After resting up for a while, they got geared up for the mission. They all met up with Chris and Noah near the back alley of the meeting.

"Hello ma'am. Noah and Chris reporting. Many people have arrived for the meeting. The meeting will start soon. There are about 12 soldiers who have arrived till now for the meeting. All of them were wearing their suits."

"Thanks for the report."

"Yes, ma'am!"

The 10 of them waited patiently for the meeting to begin. 

"So, Trim, you cut your hair?"

"Ya, Noah. It felt too long."

"Good. You look better with short hair."

"Ma'am..." Peter asked, "We have removed our suits, and are waiting for the meeting to begin. But what if they spot us, and attack?"

"Don't worry. Chris is keeping watch of the situation. If anything were to happen, Chris should be enough to handle them. We are the Out-Division. We don't fear anything. And don't get tensed up about anything. I know that this is your first mission, but don't worry. Usually first missions are easier, and done in fewer number, without any support from your seniors. You all are lucky to get such a good chance."

"Yes, ma'am."

They waited until the meeting started. As soon as the meeting started, Chris gave them a signal to gear up. 

"Okay. Stick to the plan. Noah and Trim, you will all go inside the garage, and destroy all the older generation suits. New recruits, you will all chase the soldiers who run away when we attack. Chris, you will arrest all the ones without the suits. You will need to handle all of them. All of you, get it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

The sun was blazing hot above everyone's head, and the weather looked totally normal. People's voices were being heard, from the nearby market. The seniors were not too tensed, but the new recruits were very tensed. The sound of even a cat walking around and toppling some empty bottles, got them flustered. It was their very first mission, and they wanted to make a good impression. 

Noah and Trim went towards the garage for the suits. Destroying 32 suits, even if they were of an older generation, was not an easy job. They had to rush and do it fast. They reached the garage first. They first counted the number of suits, and when finished counting, they saw that there were only 29 suits in the garage. That meant, there were 3 of the older generation suits in the meeting. That also meant that there were not 12, but 15 enemies with suits. They wanted to warn them about it, but then remembered that there was Sarah with them, and continued to do their job. 



Meanwhile at the meeting:

"This suit might be an older model, but with enough numbers, and the help of our friends who are in the army, we shall realise our goal of overthrowing Ashok and establishing our dream country. We shall accomplish this goal, within a few years. But to accomplish this goal, we will have to move our suits to a safer location. The suit's location will only be known to some of the higher offi... Uhgggg."

Sarah had just dropped in, from the window, and had punched the speaker wearing an older generation suit. Chris, followed her and started to knock down as many people as possible. 6 of the 14 remaining ones with the suits, ran out of the building. Two of them ran together, and Brian and Jaelyn followed them. The other 4 were followed by Amelia, Cordelia, Peter and Ingrid, respectively. 

All of them followed their targets, until they stopped in their tracks and decided to fight. 

Brian and Jaelyn were following a soldier from the army and a rebel wearing an older generation suit. They stopped at the outskirts of the city. 

"We will need to fight and kill them to get away faster" said the soldier to the rebel.

"Fine." replied the rebel.

Cordelia was following a rebel. She caught up to him, and he had no chance but to fight her.

Ingrid, Peter and Amelia were each chasing a soldier, and were now going to engage them.

Sarah, on the other hand, was handling all the 8 soldiers inside the big and old building, where the meeting was taking place. She was waiting for Chris to take all the rebels without the suits away, so that she could fight without any difficulties. 

Noah and Chris were still destroying the suits at the garage.

The fight to stop a potential rebellion in the future had begun.