Chapter 4- Roselia P.O.V
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Roselia thought that nobody could be more disgusting then her parents, until she met Roland Mercury.

He was rude and obnoxious, constantly spouting of about his noble lineage and how they were a match made in heaven. How only the Mercury's were noble enough to marry into the royal bloodline.

It made her sick.

In the first place, the Mercury family used to be the laughing stock of the Vampire community, because they always had an interest in humans. To vampires, involving themselves with humans was beneath them, and they gave all of those tasks to their blood slaves.

Of course, the joke was on them when the Knights of the Round Table was formed, by the very humans they looked down upon, and almost led to extinction of most monster races. 

The Scarlet's, who were said to be descended from Dracula himself, and the vampires were especially hit hard by the knights, since vampires were one of the few races that could convert others into their species, like werewolves.

The Mercury's, who were friendly to humans and were involved with many deals with them, got out with a slap on the wrist by giving the knights a "token of sincerity".

Basically, they bribed them. But only the Mercury's could do so, since they had never hurt regular humans unless provoked  and didn't have anybody with a grievance towards them.

The vampires that mocked them could only watch as the Mercury family's influence grew bigger and bigger, and their human business's began to rake in profit.

Meanwhile, the originally dominant Scarlet family went in a downward spiral as they were constantly pursued by the knights. 

Now, in the 21st century, the Scarlet family was basically a joke, relying on their bloodline and the Mercury family to retain most of their influence.

That's why when Roselia was born, they committed horrible experiments on her, all for the sake of restoring there former glory.

They had trapped her in room filled with blood, and she had to constantly expel it out of her orifices so that she didn't drown to death. This experiment was repeated over and over again, until her control over blood was risen to a new level.

To her, the whole world was painted red, and she was just a puppet. She was born for the purpose of restoring the fallen royal family, and had no will of her own.

So even though she abhorred Roland with a passion, she had no choice but to accept the engagement between them and maintain a cordial relationship.

That's why she was waiting for him in front of the auditorium. She had to at least give the illusion that they had a close relationship.

Finally, she saw Roland walking towards the entrance, looking like he was lost in thought.

"Oh, you actually arrived early, Roland? I thought you were the type to arrive fashionably late!"

Roland looked at her with a disinterested look in his eyes, which surprised Roselia quite a bit. Roland always stared at her with his blood red eyes, scanning over her body, like he owned her.

She had always wanted to rip those eyes out of his skull and add it into her collection, but her position didn't allow her to. But those same eyes were looking at her with impatience, like they couldn't wait for her to leave.

Was this really Roland?

Roland lips formed into an arrogant smirk, as he said

"As the heir of the Mercury family, I obviously need to set an example for those below me. Isn't it the same for you?"

Yep, he was still an arrogant prick.

Roselia mocked herself for thinking this guy would ever change. He was still as prideful and cocky as ever, a douchebag who thought he had manners.

But obviously, she couldn't say that to his face.

"How about we go into the auditorium together Roland? The principal is about to give the speech soon, so you might as well come with me."

There's no way Roland would ever avoid a chance to go with her. But Roselia was shocked when he directly rejected her.

"I would like to make friends with those of the same gender this year, as a qualified Mercury has to have confidants. I suggest your majesty do the same. Now if you excuse me, I have already made a prior appointment, so I have to leave right this minute."

Then he turned around and left, like he was afraid she would ask to go with him.

Of course, the person who was the most shocked was Roselia.

Roland actually rejected her and advised her to make some friends. Roland, the guy who has no friends because he looked down on anyone beneath him?

Something was different, and her instincts told her that Roland was no longer the Roland she had known before.