Chapter 10 – Berserk Human (2)
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A pair of bloodshot eyes stared at me. They belonged to the man who was speaking to me just a moment ago.

The man did not attack me immediately. Instead, he took a step forward and staggered.

Then, he took another step forward.

At that moment, the demon in my head bellowed.

[What are you doing!? Kill him!]

I woke up from my daze. That is right, this man is not a human anymore!

He is just a monster!

I forced myself to stop hesitating and pounced forward, aiming my dagger to the man’s neck!

But to my surprise, the man twisted his body away, evading the dagger.

Then, his left hand clawed towards me!


My expression changed. So fast!

Almost as fast as the wolf that I met before!

Gritting my teeth, I forced my body to stop charging and spun aside, avoiding the man’s attack.

Then, I counterattacked with a kick to his chest.

But after the man received it, he only staggered several steps backward before attacking me again!

And this time, he moved even faster than before!

He was already at the level of the wolf from before!

I grunted. With a thought, I circulated the mana in my body.

[Body Reinforcement]!

Instantly, I felt my body turning faster and my mind turning sharper.

The feeling of the mana coursing through my body was addicting!

I crouched down and evaded the berserk man’s charge. Then, I delivered a low kick, sweeping the berserk man’s feet.

“Aggh…” The man let out a grunt of pain and rage. Nothing of the amicable awakened in the autobus remained, leaving only a bloodthirsty creature whose only purpose was to kill.

Even when it fell to the ground, it did not care and used his arms to support his body, before jumping in all fours and trying to bite my neck.

It was just like a zombie in a cheap horror movie.

I snorted. Sending mana into my right hand, I coated my knife with lightning mana, then, I slashed towards the man's neck.

The man avoided the attack again, but this time, my true goal was not its neck but its arm!

I could feel the mana in his body resisting, but it was not enough to stop my knife. With a disgusting sound, my knife pierced his right shoulder before cutting it away.


The monster roared in pain and tried to use his other arm to attack me, but I predicted its attack and kicked the ground, avoiding it and arriving behind him.

Left arm.

This time I was unable to cut the arm away, but the result was the same. The arm of the man now dangled uselessly, only being held by a small piece of flesh.


Another roar of pain and rage came from the berserk man’s mouth, followed by another attack. But now that his arms were gone, I found it much easier to avoid his attacks.

But when I thought that–

Suddenly, the man’s eyes shone.

My expression changed instantly. For an instant, my thoughts turned slow, and a sharp pain attacked my head!

I involuntarily stumbled. It was as though my body had lost all its strength, giving the man the opportunity to reach me.

At the last second, though, I bit my tongue and managed to awaken.

Using the last bit of strength in my body, I somehow jumped away, awkwardly avoiding the man’s attack.

“Damn it!” I cursed and instinctively circulated mana around my body, slowly relieving myself of whatever the man did.

A skill.

Although I don’t know how it’s called or what its effects are, I’m sure it’s a skill.

Damn it, skills are supposed to be something uncommon. How can I be so unlucky to meet an enemy with one right away?

[Hahahaha, well boy, that is why you must never underestimate your enemy.]

Shut up.

While cursing at the demon in my mind and trying to stop the pain in my head, I jumped away again, avoiding another attack.

The berserk man was still chasing after me, restlessly trying to hunt me. Fortunately, I had rendered his arms useless before, otherwise, I could have suffered this time.

However, I soon realized that something was wrong.

The headache was not going away.

Moreover, I saw the man’s eyes lit up again!

Instinctively, I closed my eyes.

At the same, I circulated as much mana as I could through my body.

Finally, I activated my only skill.

[Lightning Seed]!

Lightning coursed through my body, coating my body with several electric snakes.

The next second, I felt a strong impact hit me.

I tried to clear my messy mind. The moment the man hit me, I used the rebound of his attack to jump away.

Despite it, though, I felt a strong pain in my chest.


But at the same time, I heard a disgusting cry of pain.

I opened my eyes again, and as expected, the berserk man was twitching immobile with a pained expression.

The lightning around my body had electrocuted him!

Determined to not waste this opportunity, I jumped towards him and slashed my knife through his throat!


The dagger cut his throat, creating a current of blood that spurt out of his throat and drenched my face and body.

I suppressed my disgust and continued pushing my dagger deeper. I could feel that the berserk man was not dead yet. Quite the opposite, he was struggling fiercely.

Only after almost two minutes like that, the man finally stopped moving.

I heaved a sigh of relief before collapsing beside him. My body was completely spent.

Moreover, my head was killing me.

This was not the best start for my life as an Awakened.


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