Chapter 12 – The Girl of the Threads (2)
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Whitish-blue hair tied in a ponytail, clear blue eyes as beautiful as the sky itself, and stunning features that seemed to make the moon ashamed.

I recognized the girl instantly. She was the girl on the bus. The one that left it before me.

I never expected to meet her here.

The girl seemed surprised as well. She looked at me for several seconds before putting on a slightly doubtful expression.

“You are… one of the people on the bus, right?”

I nodded silently. I then opened my mouth to say something, but my words froze in my mouth.

[Boy, be careful.]


[That girl is dangerous. Very dangerous. If she attacks you, I’ll be unable to do anything in my current condition.]

The hell?

Unaware of the conversation going in my mind, the girl looked at me and wrinkled her brows.

“How strange. You should have died.”

I was stunned. But then, I frowned displeased. What is this girl saying?

But the girl didn't seem to notice my displeasure. She continued looking at me fixedly as though studying something curious. But suddenly, her eyes opened wide.

“Impossible! How did your fate change so suddenly!?”

… My fate? Is she crazy?

[… Boy, I advise you to get away from this girl. I fear we have met someone very troublesome.]

What do you mean?

The demon in my mind did not reply. The girl, on the other hand, was looking at me with widened eyes.

“You… What did you do? I’m sure your fate was dwindling when I saw you on the bus, but now it’s burning brightly… Did you find some strange treasure? No, it doesn’t seem like that. Then, did you awaken your hidden potential? But your fate did not seem like the one of someone with such a talent… Moreover, why is your fate so twisted… How strange. I have never seen this kind of situation before.”

I frowned much more visibly this time.

“What in the hell are you talking about?”

The girl was startled. She then smiled awkwardly and scratched her head.

“Sorry, I guess I was acting weird. Well, I don’t see something like this usually, so I was a little surprised. Can I ask you something?”

[No.] The demon said in my mind.

… Saying no outright sounds too suspicious.


“… I don’t think we are that familiar with each other.”

The girl smiled wryly and nodded.

“You are right. Sorry. How about this, why don’t we travel together? It will be safer if we travel together and we can escape from this place faster.”


… Why are you so wary of this girl?

[… She wields powers over fate. Although I don’t think she can discover me, perhaps she will notice something if she observes you for long enough. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like she is a Seer. Otherwise, I would have been discovered already.]

I froze. Seriously?

I thought you were an Immortal. Stronger than any person in this world.

How can you be so easily discovered?

[… I’m very weak now and the strength I can show is very limited. Moreover, the people with abilities over fate are… special. Don’t worry, once I fix the leakage on your soul and after I recover for a few days, only someone at the level of a god of fate or higher will be able to notice me.]

This is bad… No matter how I see it, if I refuse here it will look suspicious.

First, let’s calm down. I can’t show any suspicious behavior.

“… I think it’s a good idea too. However, are you not being a bit too friendly? No matter how I look at it, you look suspicious.”

Great. Perfect answer. With this, I’ll have an excuse to refuse her.

Unfortunately, I was too naïve.

“You don’t need to worry.” The girl said with a big smile. “If I wanted to harm you, I would have done it already. I don’t want to brag, but I can kill you with a movement of my finger... Hmm, thinking about it, you are right, I’m acting suspiciously. You can reject my proposal if you want.”

What a relief. I guess I will reject her now.

“… But you can do nothing if I decide to follow you regardless.” The girl said with a teasing smile.

… Demon, what should I do here?

[… What can you do? You are weaker than her… Just accept it. But be careful. I’ll be silent from now onwards unless it’s necessary. It will be bad if she discovers something.]

I guess there is no other option.

“… Okay, I’ll go with you,” I said reluctantly.

“Nice. By the way, my name is Sylvia Quin. A Tier 5 Awakened. Nice to meet you.” She said with a small smile.

… Tier 5!?

Impossible, this girl is…

“Can I ask, how old are you?”

The girl looked at me and grinned. “Fifteen. I’ll turn sixteen next month.”

Damn, I'm already sixteen, so she is even younger than me.

To think that she is already at Tier 5.

I don’t know how high my Tier is now that I awakened, but at most, it will be Tier 1 or perhaps Tier 2.

And this girl already reached Tier 5 before turning sixteen!

Is she one of these so-called geniuses?

Where is fairness in this world?

… Although thinking about it, will I become a super genius like her now that I have my own exclusive super powerful grandpa?

I hope he is not too disappointing.

[Hmph!] The demon snorted in my mind.

Hey, I was joking, okay?

“By the way, strange boy, you have not told me your name yet.”

'… Girl, you are the strange one here.' I sighed tiredly and replied.

“Jane. My name is Jane Walker.”