Chapter 14 – In Rome do as Romans… In the Bad Lands….
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### Chapter 14

Our Journey west continued after a long break.

As we marched through the bad lands. I kept opening my status screen on and off. The little clicking sound that it made… It was very relaxing to my ears. It just begged to be abused.

Click - Open

[Intelligence: 3]

Click - Open

[Intelligence: 3]

Click - Open

[Intelligence: 3]

Click - Open

I spammed the crap out of the status screen until it suddenly began to flicker out of my field of view. The thought that somewhere, out there, a god was perhaps having an aneurysm made me laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Allisa asked.

Did it really matter? The truth was that not long ago, I was having the time of my life until suddenly and without warning, I was reincarnated into another world.

No goddess asked for my consent, and no goddess took responsibility for summoning me.

If and only if you could call it a summoning. I am still not so sure what mechanisms were involved. Or if recovering memories from another life - in another world - counts as summoning, reincarnation or transmigration. After all, I - The sheep, existed independent of such memories.

Nevertheless, as interesting as all of that sounded, I never asked for any of it. And yet, here I was. Walking under a foreign sun, marching through dangerous lands, with a psychopath and a sex-slave. Truly a lovely adventure.

“Hey stupid, I asked you a question,” Allisa said.

If elfs were meant to be polite a police and civilized race, Allisa was definitely only civilized.

“Don’t worry about it. What I want to know is-”

I said.


Sheep noises came from my mouth as I stepped on a rock and lost my balance. But I did not fall. Allisa prevented that from happening, by catching my arm.


My arm was in sharp pain. Were that woman’s nails always this long?

I pushed her aside, and Joanne was quick to heal the scratches on my arm.

Unlike Allisa, Joanne was very nice, but she kept a low profile, making it hard to be aware of her existence.

“Thank you Jeanne, but you know, maybe it would be a good idea if you casted a healing spell on Allisa,” I said. “If anyone needed a healing spell, that would be her. We been out here for at most two days, but look at her, she looks like complete shit.”

Her clothes were dirty. Her long hair was messy and her eyes were sunk. I in the other hand, either because of a skill or goat related attribute, felt absolutely fine.


[Constitution: 16]


“Please, no more fighting,” Joanne said. Her attitude implied that I was also part of the problem. But I did nothing wrong.

Through the rest of the journey I had to put up with Allisa. But it all soon came to and end when we arrived to a demi-human village.

According to the gem Allisa was carrying, belfar had to be nearby, somewhere in it.

It did not take long to know we were on the right place.

Some of the cat girls wearing what seemed to be Belfar’s family crest approached us, with swords and axes in hand.

Allisa seemed annoyed.

“Something is wrong?” I asked.

“It seems Belfar has lost control,” Allisa said.

“What is that supposed to mean!?”

We were working together just a few days ago. Yet, they looked at the elf with murderous intent. I guess I was not the only one who thought that Allisa was a bitch.

“Demi-humans, when released to the wild, they go feral,” Allisa said. “Come at me, you scum. I will put you down for desertion.”

She invoked a crystal ball on her hand.

The demi-humans quickly raised their Axes. It would be a bloody fight.

But as they lounged forward. Joanne intervened.

“Stop! We must not fight!,” She said, getting on the way of both, the demi-humans and Allisa.

Either out of pity, or out of cheer charisma. The demi-humans choose not to attack.

However, they made noises that only Allisa understood.

“They are escorting us to their leader,” Allisa said.

“How kind of them,” Jeanne said.

“No, idiot. They are taking us prisoners,” Allisa said.

“Prisoners?” I asked.

They took us to center of their village, if you could call it a village. The settlement was made completely out of tents.

Yes, I am back