Chapter 26
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Volume 1

One Night at the Inn 26

At Id's words to stop, the group did the best they could to stop their movement technique without bumping into each other. 3 humans and 1 dwarf were standing there, while breathing hard. Their legs were shaking, and the group followed Id once again in a straight line.

Being undecided on how the rooms were to be shared, the group entered one of the 3-person rooms, pushed a table and 3 beds to one side of the room, then sat down on the ground.

Id began to explain what ki was. Keeping it to himself, he felt pathetic to be doing such a thing at this moment. Having fallen into a different world, he was now teaching others how to use martial arts.

"It seems like everyone is used to the movement technique now. Now ki, in other words, I will teach you the method to apply mana for your movement technique. In order to do that, you must first learn how to control the mana accordingly."

As soon as the word 'mana' came out, Illan asked Id a question that he had been holding in since before.

"Control of mana? Is that different from spells?"

Id nodded his head.

"Of course, it's different. Even down to its fundamentals. And, if mages had known this from the beginning, there wouldn't be any swordsman."

As id smiled and answered back like a good teacher, Grey's impulsive attitude began to press Id.

"Then, controlling your mana, how do you do that?"

Id scratched his head.

"That is, it would take a few days if I was to explain that to you. For the most part, even if I was to explain it to you, you still might not understand."

Everyone made a face expression as if they were saying, "As if!". They were wondering if Id was even willing to teach them how to do it.

"That's why, there is one way I thought of that can help you guys faster. I can guide the mana that exists within each and every one of you, to help you control it. That way, if I can get your body used to utilizing the mana, it'll become easier for it to be used by you guys. I think this is the safest, and best option out there for us."


Control and guide? Although they couldn't fully understand what Id was saying, everyone nodded their heads. Even for Id who wasn't a quick learner, he could see the dullness that was being exposed by everyone. The group that had never even met a swordmaster before, had just been told that mana could be controlled, and now they had to practice utilizing it. It was quite difficult to understand.

Although they trusted Id, there was nothing they could do about their uneasiness. Even for the high elf Irlina, who was good at hiding her emotions, she tilted her head to the side with a question mark appearing on her face.

"It seems like you guys are quite worried about it. You guys don't have to be. Would I do something that wasn't possible? And, there's also an extra incentive to being able to control your mana."

Id had said such words in order to help release the tension within the group, and the simple Grey was the first one to react.

"Huh? Incentive? What incentive?"

With that, it seemed like the other members of the group were beginning to relax a little.

Id slowly began to think that he was teasing them too much.

"You'll naturally know what I'm talking about. Then, who wants to try it out first? Mm, Grey, do you want to try it first?"

"H, huh? Me?"

As Id pointed Grey out, Grey pointed at himself as he looked around at the group. As expected, everyone nodded their heads. They were hoping to see what would happen if something was to go wrong with the process.

"Alright! Then come over and sit in front of me. Get yourself in a comfortable position and put your legs like this. That's right, and put your hands like this. Good, close your eyes like that, and when you feel something moving within yourself, make sure you remember that feeling."

After seating Grey into a meditative position, Id placed one of his hands onto Grey's lower back, and the other one right below the back of his neck. And, already having thought of which technique to use, Id utilized the safest 'Zen Way'.

The reason why Id had chosen such a technique was because it had the least amount of risk, purified one's body and soul, and was the best way to teach others about ki.

As id was utilizing the technique, he gradually began to gather the inherent ki within Grey's body. As soon as he figured that there was enough gathered together, he began to release his own ki within Grey's body. Time passed, and when enough time passed for 2 incense sticks to burn, Id slowly moved his hand away from Grey's body and walked backwards. However, Grey continued to sit there in the same position he started at.

As Id moved back and stared for a little while at Grey, he turned around to the rest of the group.

"Grey has found his ki, who's next?"

Grey, who hated sitting in one spot, was unmoving. Hael, knowing how Grey was, could do nothing but to worry for him.

"Hey, Id. Why is Grey just sitting there like that? Is he okay?"

"It's because he's found the mana within himself and has put all of his attention towards controlling it. You don't have to worry, since he's not moving because he's focused."

Hael volunteered to be next, so she was next, then Illan, then Reindelph. Now, the only one left was Irlina, and she was a bit curious about something.

"Is this okay for people who are human-like, but aren't actual humans?"

Having asked the question while staring at the rather comical Reindelph, Id answered back with a nod.

"Of course. From the way I see it, human, dwarves, and elves don't have that huge of a difference with their body and physique. Though the outward appearance may be a bit different. And, to show evidence to that, Reindelph is currently working on controlling his own mana right now."

Id walked over to her back side, and repeated the steps that he had done for Grey. As a few moments passed by, Id released a huge sigh as he pulled his hands away from Irlina's back.

"Sigh, finally finished. With the way things are looking right now, they probably won't finish until sometime tomorrow night, so I should take this time to rest as well."

Chapter 26 Completed.