Chapter 27
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Volume 1

One Night at the Inn 27

Id's voice was filled with exhaustion. The technique he had used on the 5 members drained him of his own energy. Furthermore, the consumption rate was doubled because the technique didn't harm the group, but had helped them benefit greatly. Having done such a technique 5 times in a row, it was normal for him to be exhausted.

"Hey, Lamia."

[Yes, sir Id.]

"I'm a little tired right now, so can you make sure that the group is protected?"

Id was Lamia's owner. However, since he's never had any experience in being one, the feeling had yet to hit him. This may be the reason why his words seemed as if he was requesting it, and not ordering her around.

[Yes, don't worry and rest well.]

"Then I'll leave it to you, Lamia."

Now the only thing left was to make sure that something weird didn't happen to the group while they were in their current state. Because they had awakened their sense of ki through Id's whole-hearted help, it was difficult for them to awaken by themselves. If they were to be attacked during their meditative state, there was a chance that they may be unable to fight back against the attackers. Of course, there was no reason for such a thing to happen, but ever since he had come to this world, Id felt a bit more paranoid about everything. The murim was a place where one could lose their life at any moment, and although this world wasn't as dangerous as the murim, Id was more mentally inclined. However, even though Id was currently laying on his bed, he wasn't completely off guard. His ears were perked and ready as it did its duty to protect him.


Id had his body up from the bed. He seemed to be much better now. No, it was more than that. The him who was sleeping until just now, didn't even look as if he had slept, as his eyes twinkled brightly. It had been a really long time since he'd been this full of vigor. Truly a well-deserved deep sleep.


Id once again realized that he had awoken into a different day, within a different world. He stuck his head out of the window, as he felt the sun's rays. He was slowly getting used to the feeling of being in this new world.

"It should be time for them to wake up soon."

Id stared at the 5 members, who were still sitting in the same position as the night before, with a vacant look. And, he felt hungry. They should be awakening by the time breakfast was ready. Id got off the bed and looked around his vicinity.

"I'm hungry, but breakfast shouldn't be ready yet."

On one side of the table, there was some strange puffy looking bread called 'Cloud'. Bread…..the first type of dietary food that Id had to get close to, since coming to the world. This was because, no matter where he went, every food that he ordered came with bread. Id didn't feel any objection towards bread, because there were steamed buns in his country too. He actually preferred the bread from this world, because there was a softness to each and every bite he made, unlike the steamed bun.

"Mm, that's the thing Grey brought up yesterday, saying that he was going to eat it. Grey, I'll buy you another one later……."

Grey was still currently in his meditative state, so he was unable to hear what Id had just said. Even still, Id felt better saying such words out loud. He picked up the bread and was about to take a bite out of it, when it happened.


The sound of Illan's breathing, as if he was waiting for this certain moment. He was the first one to awaken. As Illan opened his eyes and stretched out his neck, he saw Id in a weird position. Id still had the bread within his mouth, but had yet to bite into it. It suddenly felt like he was a thief that had been caught red handed with stealing. Id spoke with cheerfulness.

"You're finally awake. Would you like to eat some of this?"

It was strange to be asked if he wanted to eat something as soon as he woke up from meditation, however Illan was indifferent about it.

"I'm not too hungry. But, have the others not awoken yet?"

After rejecting the 'Cloud', Illan looked towards the other members of the group. At that moment, Id finally ripped a piece of the bread off and ate it with one bite.

"Yes, chew. Mm, you were the first one to be able to control your mana. And, it's about time that the rest of them woke up. Swallow."

As if he was surprised, Illan looked out the window.

"No, does that mean that I've been sitting like this all night? It feels like not much time has passed. Seriously. However, Hael and Grey started before me, but why is it that they're not awake yet?"

Id threw in another piece of 'Cloud' into his mouth and spoke.

"That is, chew, Hael and Grey have more mana within their bodies than you. This mana called 'ki' is mana that's within the body, swallow, and you have less of it because your body isn't tough enough to hold more. Grey, who's been training his body as a swordsman, has a much tougher body, so it's normal for him to have more mana. And, Hael……I'm not sure about her. It might be because of the divine power within her body."

Illan could feel that his body was lighter, and that wasn't all. His mind had more clarity to it, and if felt like he had gotten younger. Watching Illan move his body back and forth, Id spoke.

"Your body feels refreshed right now, right? That's because, with the control of your mana, it has not spread throughout every nook and cranny of your body. Furthermore, that mana also has the ability to clear your mind and body. Do you remember what I said to Grey about an extra incentive?"

Illan nodded his head. And, soon after, a long sigh could be heard from Grey and Hael as they opened their eyes. A little after them, Reindelph awoke, and the last to open their eyes was Irlina. Id gave the same answers he gave to Illan, 3 more times. As he finished up with Irlina, Id got up from his seat.

Chapter 27 Completed.