Chapter 30
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Volume 1

Kravitz, The Owner of the Weapon Store 30

Just as the group had originally planned, they were heading towards downtown in order to view the festival. The moment they stepped into the downtown area, the sight of festivities was everywhere. Balloons that were created through magic filled the air, and the festival parade from the magic school was endless. The place was packed and full of people who were wanting to watch the parade.

As he drummed his stomach, Grey spoke.

"There's still a bit of time until the magic competition, so let's do something about lunch first."

Everyone nodded their heads and headed towards the closest restaurant. However, everywhere they went, it was crowded with people so they were unable to find an empty spot until lunch was over. The restaurant was called 'A fairy's afternoon'.

"Sigh, who knows how much longer we would've had to look around if this place didn't have a spot for us either. I'll get stir-fried veggies with a nice, cold glass of beer."

"I'll get this, and that, and beer And, this here as well."

The group pointed at what they wanted on the menu, and ordered the food and drinks that they wanted.

Amongst them, Grey and Reindelph ordered a bountiful amount of food, surprising the worker that was tending to them.

"Now, let's hurry and eat so we can head back outside."

Grey picked up the glass of water that was in front of him, and as he was about to start drinking it, Id spoke. It was because he had suddenly recalled the scolding that he had received from Grey the day before.

"You're the only one that has to eat quickly. You think you're in the position to be saying that to us when you're the one that ordered the most food?"

With the food placed in front of him, Grey was still happy after hearing Id's sharp words, and responded back with a nonchalant tone.

"What, with something so small. You know I'm still placing the fork in the same place, no matter how much food I order."

"You pig, is that something to be bragging about?"

Unable to understand what Id was saying, Grey quickly retorted back.

"This isn't what you would call a pig, but being healthy."

"Grey, can you be quiet for a bit. You're quite loud."

It was Hael.

"What's wrong, Hael. This should be a first time for you too to be coming to such a big festival. Eat a lot."

"Yeah, alright. So, just eat quietly now."

Grey finally closed his mouth after Hael glared at him and elbowed him in the side. And, Id who was watching all of this from across the table, automatically shook his head.

'He's totally whipped by Hael. Poor guy. I guess I'm not one to talk though, because I'm in the same position with my elder sisters.'


Thanks to Grey having closed his mouth, the group was able to eat a quiet meal, as they lazily sat in their seats to drink the different types of drinks that each of them liked. Suddenly, Irlina took a sip of her tea that was difficult to pronounce, as she asked a question.

"It seems like we still have a bit of time. I want to go and buy a short sword, does anyone want to join me?"

"Shall we then? Either way, it's not like we can continue to just sit here like this. I think it would be good to spend and kill some time over there as well."

As Illan spoke and stood up, the rest of the group also got up from their seat.

Everywhere you go, the streets were filled with festivities, and especially more so for the market that they had arrived at. It was so hectic that it was difficult to even walk around.

"C, can't be. I hope we don't have to walk through that in order to get in."

Reindelph, who was a bit disadvantaged with his short height, seemed to be showing some reluctance in pushing his way through the group of people. However, thankfully, the weapon store that Irlina wanted to go to was on the outskirts of the market, so it was difficult for Reindelph to lose his way through the crowd.

It may have been because they were going through an alleyway, but there were no signs of the festivities in this part of the market and it looked as if they were 2 separate entities. The group was shocked to see a place like this, and felt that they had walked into a different world.

Most weapon stores were filled with people, but this store was different. It was completely separated from everything else, and just from looking at the exterior of the building, it didn't look as if it would hold anything of use within it.

It was quite a shabby weapon store.


As Grey opened the door, it made a noise as if it had been over 10 years since it was last used.

"Chet, they should at least rub some oil on the hinges if this place is a weapon store."

The low grumbles of Grey, soon became an exclamation as they entered the building. Different from how the exterior looked, the inside seemed to be neat and proper. It may be because of how dirty the streets were outside, but the inside seemed to look much cleaner than normal. All the walls were filled with swords and shields, while big boxes filled a corner, and a roundtable was placed in the center. Everything was tidy. Id suddenly started and stopped moving, however nobody seemed to have noticed his surprise.

On one side, a person that looked to be the owner was sitting there. He seemed to be a 40-something year old man with high quality black hair and black clothing. Even though customers had entered, he just sat at the same spot and continued to clean his sword. Looking as if he did not want to greet anyone, he spoke some strange words.

"It's not because I don't have any oil. I leave the sound be, so that I can hear when people come in or leave."

Not knowing that the owner could have listened to his words, Grey seemed to have become embarrassed.

"I, I'm sorry. I……."

As Grey stuttered with his words, the middle-aged owner laughed as if it wasn't a big deal.

"It's okay. Most of the people that come into my store say the same thing as you anyways, so there's no reason for you to be sorry. Alright, what is it that you guys are looking for?"

"I wish to find a short sword that will fit me. Something that is light."

The one who was making the request was obviously Irlina. Everybody else just stared in a daze. The owner stared up and down at Irlina as if to measure her.

"Mm, so you're an elf I see. A useful, light short sword, huh? Give me one moment."

The man walked towards the pile of boxes, and as he looked through them, he brought back one of the boxes.

Opening the strangely shaped box, there were many different types of swords within it.

"Most of the swords that are standing in the racks over there are heavy, but these ones here are light and practical. At least half of the swords here are a product of this store, or items that were created by me. And, the others are items that were bought from outside. Now, here you go. These are the swords that would be perfect for you to use. Don't just stand there, why don't you all choose something too?"

The owner looked through the box and passed a few swords over to Irlina. Irlina received the swords and began to measure their worth, while Id continued to stare intently from the side. From his point of view, the shape and length of the sword fit Irlina perfectly.

'How impressive. He quickly measured Irlina, and he was able to find her something that fit her perfectly.'

Seemingly aware of Id's thoughts, Irlina seemed to be content. The rest of the group suddenly moved forward, and began to look through the box for their own swords.

Id was the only one staring at the owner. In this shabby place……Id was surprised and yet curious. He wanted to know why such a person was locked up in this type of place. It was something that he had felt while he was still outside of the store, but the ki that was radiating from within the building, was abnormal. Assimilating one's ki, to the ki of those that enter, and automatically enforcing malice into it. If this was used during a fight, it prohibited a person to be able to gather up fighting spirit. Id had met a few experts like this in the past.

Chapter 30 Completed.