Chapter 37
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Volume 1

The People of Count Klein 37

Unlike the others, Raynein was very quiet and did not talk with the group. Of course, this could be because she was shy, but if one was to see her cold face, they would be unable to think as such. Even during the introduction from earlier, she only slightly nodded towards everyone.

And, seeing such an attitude, it reminded Id of a certain person from his world. It was difficult not to think of her, because she also had the same atmosphere.

'She's completely the same as when I had first met the Ice Queen. No, I guess she's a bit better than her. The Ice Queen had already mastered her ice techniques by then.'

Even as Id was joking, he recalled the sight of the Ice Queen glaring at him, and he felt even more so that Raynein was much softer than her.

As Id refreshingly thought of the past, the group had arrived at Count Klein's home. Just as a noble's house should be, it was refined and had a rather dignified appearance to it.

When the group entered the property, they had found something peculiar. Most homes had a field of beautiful flowers at the front of the house, yet, there was a tidy drill hall instead.

"Look at that, Id. Just as Shioran had said, Count Klein must come from a warrior family. Normally, one wouldn't be able to see such a sight at a noble's home."

Seeing the clean drill hall, Grey excitedly tapped Id and began to admire it by himself.

"Whoever said you're not able to create such a place just because you're a noble? You, with that way of thinking, you're going to have many problems with mastering the sword."

"Hey! How does my way of thinking and my mastery of the sword relate to each other?"

Grey had said such words because the drill hall had caught his fancy, but after hearing Id's uncooperative response, Grey began to nitpick at him.

"If I say there's a lot, there's a lot. I'll teach you later, so keep quiet and let's go inside. Everyone else have already gone in."


Hael was the last person currently walking into the house, so Grey left Id by himself and followed behind.

The group was guided to a spacious living room. Excluding the few pictures that were placed on the walls, one could say that the room was nice and simple. In the middle of the living room were a few sofas that were facing each other.

"Everyone just be comfortable and take a seat."

Count Klein pointed towards one side of the sofas, as Id and the group lined up to take a seat. And, the moment they had taken a seat, a maid and Raynein, who had changed into a dress, walked in with tea and refreshments.

"Drink. It's Mister Scott's Rilsen tea. It's very difficult to obtain around these areas. I also have dinner planned after this."

Taking a sip of tea, Illan expressed his thanks to Count Klein.

"Quite a delicious tea. This should suffice, but to think that we would also be able to get dinner."

"Why are you saying that. Aren't I the one that invited you all?"

Frank remarks were tossed back and forth between Count Klein and Illan, and thinking that the atmosphere had softened up between everyone, Shioran decided to ask a question that he had been holding in for a while.

"Umm umm, you, I heard that you're able to use the Space Fist technique. Does that mean that you're a Raun Fighter?"

"Mm, I'm quite interested as well."

With Shioran's quiet question, Count Klein and the others all turned towards Id. Honestly, the biggest reason why the Count had brought the group over to his residence was because he wanted to find the answer to this question.

Id began to think of what he needed to say in this type of situation. Every time he spoke, an out of the ordinary result would occur, so he was a bit wary of what to say. Even with Greydrone's memories, Id was unable to tell if the information was usable in these situations. At that moment, a voice could be heard that helped Id gain more time.

"Father, what are you saying?"

Count Klein's daughter, Raynein, asked with interest.

"Now that I think about it, you wouldn't know, huh?"

Count Klein began to explain to Raynein what had just occurred between the groups in detail.

"However, there aren't that many Raun Fighter's left, and even if there were, if they're able to use space affiliated fist techniques, their ranking would be high enough to be on the same level as a Sword Master. Hence the reason why Shioran and I are so excited."

As if it was hard to believe, Raynein tilted her head, and bluntly stared at Id. She was unable to believe that the weak looking girl in front of her was an upper-level Raun Fighter.

"Is it not spirit magic? It should seem the same if someone was to use wind spirits or utilized the spirits themselves."

Raynein could not believe in what her father was saying, so she brought up the possibilities that she knew of. Id, who was stumped on what to say, was thankful for her thoughts. However, at that moment, the one to season with vinegar was Grey's voice.

"Yes, with spirit magic……."

"Id doesn't know spirit magic."

Id was unable to speak further, as he looked out with wide eyes.

With Grey's words, Id recalled the expressions of admiration that could be seen from Count Klein and Shioran.

"As I thought….."

"H, how can you at that age."

Count Klein, Shioran, and Grihagent were unable to take their eyes off Id. And, Grey did not stop talking. Not knowing how Id was actually feeling, Grey continued to behave rashly.

"Id's hand skills are out of this world. There was a time where I didn't even know what he did with his hands, but suddenly, a person was passed out on the ground. But, what's a Raun Fighter?"

Although Id was at a loss for words, Count Klein and the others were as well. Id because of Grey, and Count Klein and the others because of Id.

Chapter 37 Completed.