Chapter 40
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Volume 1

A Ruined Magic Competition 40

The next day, due to Grey and Reindelph eating another hefty meal, the group made it to the convention hall right before the competition began. The convention hall was filled with people, making the atmosphere very loud. However, the front seats that the group had sat in yesterday were still empty, and Count Klein's party was the only group sitting in the front.

"You guys finally made it. Seems like you guys were a bit late today."

Count Klein yelled out to Id's group as they made their way to the front through the crowd. Illan took his seat and began to explain why they were tardy.

"Yes, it's because of 2 ignorant and uncouth gluttons in our party."

"Haha, Is that so."

Count Klein unwittingly stared at Grey and Reindelph. Thanks to yesterday's dinner, the Count could figure out who the gluttons were within the party. The Count's group once again stared at Id, but unlike yesterday, they did not underestimate him. It was then that it happened as the 2 groups were greeting each other. The sound of an alarm notifying the start of the competition, and a swordsman and mage walking up to the platform.

Count Klein stared and Grey and spoke.

"By the way, why did that young man named Grey not participate in this competition? For you………you might feel the difference in level, but it should be different for that young man. And, he seems to have some skill, so the rewards should be great for him."

Grey looked very disappointed, so Id spoke on his behalf.

"That is, even if he wanted to join the competition, we had arrived at Calvin right before the festival. And, that guy has a sword that does not lose out to the competition's reward. Though, I'm looking after it for now."

With those words, Grey's eyes grew wide with surprise. If it was the sword that Id was looking after…..

'This fellow, seems like your ears have cleared up?'

Id did not miss the intense emotions that were showing within Grey's eyes. On the other side, Id's face expression went something like this.


You know what you need to do for me if you want to get this sword, right? Hur hur hur…….

"Does that mean you're in possession of a magic sword? Magic swords are very rare, so how were you able to come across it?"

"I was just lucky. A weapon store that I fatefully encountered seemed to be selling it."

The Count's group stared at each other with surprise.

"No, you're saying that the weapon store was selling such a thing?"

"Of course. That's why I bought it. He gave it to me at a really cheap price."

They did not ask where the weapon store was, because they had assumed that the store was most likely outside of Calvin. As the saying goes, the beacon does not shine on its own base. It was an unimaginable idea that the sword was bought at the weapon store that was right under their nose.

"Since yesterday, I've been feeling that the heavens are truly unfair."

As Shioran grumbled to himself, the quietly sitting Grihagent wanted to see Id's magic sword.

Just as Illan had done, Grihagent stared at the sword in many different places, then came to a stop at the pattern that was engraved onto the sword. Rinet, who was sitting next to Grihagent, looked to be filled with envy, while Grey was almost to the point of drooling.

As if Disappointed, Grihagent passed the sword back to Id.

"It's a great sword. Although I don't know much about the sword, anyone who looks at it would be able to see how amazing it is. The sword has a lightning magic imbued to it called lightning bolt, has a defense magic called protector, and a shield magic inscribed to it. The power seems to be quite considerable too. It's an item that is much better than the competition's reward. Look after this well. If a rumor was to spread that you have such a sword, many thieves will be attracted to you. Of course, you would in no way lose out to the thieves, but they should be really annoying for you."

"Thank you."

Taking the sword back, Id pushed it towards Grey's face.

Thinking about it, it was quite annoying to be carrying around himself, and since the performance of the sword was much worse than Lamia, Id had no reasons to keep it. If it wasn't for the fact that the sword looked similar to the ones from his country, Id would have given it to Grey a long time ago.

"Wh, what is it. Huh? Id, this is……."

Grey had had one eye on the competition and one eye on the sword, but seeing that the sword was right under his nose, he did not even think that he would be receiving the sword at this moment.

"It's yours, so you carry it around."

Grey's mouth opened to the point that it almost ripped.

"Really? Can I really?"

Id nodded his head.

"You can, so hurry and close your mouth. Either way, I was planning on giving this to you."

Grey's lips were already hanging off his ears, and he was unable to close them.

"However, this is an amazing magic sword……."

Although he spoke with hesitation, Grey did not look at Id and continued to stared at the scabbard of the sword.

'This fellow, his mouth and body and doing completely different things.'

"I said it's fine. And, even without that, I have another."

Believing that the sword may be taken away, it was then that Grey quickly took his old sword off and switched out to his new sword. After securing the sword stably onto his waist, Grey stared at Id.

"You gave this to me, so you can't ask for it back."

"Hey, you're so immature."

At the climax of the competition, a red flash could be seen with the sound of a loud explosion, and flashy magic spells were thrown all around, yet Grey was completely transfixed on his new sword, and Id was yawning with boredom.

A short sword that was on Id's waist was placed within his hand without anyone's knowledge. He spun the sword around once, then released the leather that was wrapped around the sword handle and scabbard. As the leather was completely taken off, a delicate silver that was similar to the moonlight could be seen. It was a very different color from the scabbard.

Chapter 40 Completed.