Chapter 30: Escape the Monster House
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After going through what Chisa’s classroom did for today. The group found themselves going about and checking out some other exhibits created by their classmates. There were some real unique and interesting ideas that their fellow students came up with. There was a monster restaurant, mostly consisting of monsters one would see in a fantasy land, rather than spooky crawlies.

“Say, you’re from a fantasy world.” Fukuna whispered over to him as everyone kicked back and sat at a table. She made sure to sit right next to him when deciding on their sitting arrangements. “Is this accurate?”

“Not really…” He responded, a bit disappointed at the lack of demons and frog people. “You people have some weird ideas of what my world looks like.” The only thing he would say was accurate was the relatively revealing clothing that all the servers wore. Apparently, on Enatis people didn’t cover up their skin as much. Made sense, clothing was not something people wanted to spend much money on.

If only they hadn’t had some things to eat at the cafe, then perhaps they’d spend more time here. But since most weren’t hungry, they were off on their way once again. Another place that was set up by another class was a little bit of a gift shop that sold hand crafted toys of classic monsters. It truly was impressive how talented the people at this school were.

“It’s kind of cute.” Chisa commented as she eyed one of the figurines. “I wish I could buy it…” Unfortunately, her mom did not give her any money to buy things for today. After all, that cash had been spent on her costume.

“I could buy it for you.” Tahiko offered, pulling out a wad of money. “I was wondering why Amasa’s parents just handed me this.”

“Hey, how come they didn’t give me anything?” Amasa complained. It was a fair question, but to be fair to her parents. They had assumed he’d give her half of what they gave him. She then promptly took her half from him before the boy could spend it all.

“Anyway…” He continued on. “I wasn’t planning on spending this on anything. So I could get this instead for you.” Of course, her parents were more than fine with him pocketing it for himself. But he felt a bit bad with everything they had given him in terms of a home.

“You’d really buy something for me?” Chisa felt that nervousness returning to her body once again. He really seemed to be interested in getting closer to her, but she had to mentally battle her brain against her personal feelings. The girl didn’t want to overthink things, and she certainly didn’t want to assume something from him out of nothing. “You don’t have to…”

“But I’d be fine with it.” He responded. “Just pick whatever you like.” Meanwhile, as this display continued on, Fukuna glared at them with a bit of a scowl. He seemed a bit too interested in that girl despite the naive act going on suggested.

Once that was taken care of, where Chisa was now the proud owner of a tiny little goblin she held in her hands. They continued onto the next classroom, which had an interesting twist that others did not have.

“A haunted house?” Amasa was not amused with it as they walked inside. However, there was more to it than just that. Suddenly, after entering, the door behind them slammed shut. A bit instinctively, Fukuna grabbed Tahiko from being startled. One would almost think this was on purpose with what she has stated so far. However, it truly was on accident.

“What was that!?” She asked, not releasing her grip on him at all.

“Relax, the door just closed.” Amasa was not at all scared over this matter. She truly had nerves of steel compared to all the other girls. Chisa meanwhile was frozen with fear, but apparently her shyness overtook her dread as she didn’t dare get close physically to Tahiko.

As they would soon learn about the theme of this room. The students here decided to hop onto the escape room trend and made that their classroom. Once a certain number of students entered, they would close off the room to the outside world and force the people inside to solve the puzzle. It wasn’t supposed to be difficult, as they’d like plenty of students to come in.

However, it was a bit nerve racking to try and solve the problems when the room was decorated with dozens of scary bits. Bones scattered across the floor, appearing like skeletons of those who didn’t make it out of this room. Chains hung from the ceiling and walls, indicating this was suppose to give the appearance of a dungeon. And worst of all, it was incredibly dark after they shut the doors and turned off the lights. The only source illuminating the room was from the small holes where their black paper failed to block the sunlight from entering and some candles strewn about inside.

“You know, your friends don’t talk much.” Amasa commented. They had been accompanied by two other girls this entire time. Yet so far they hadn’t had anything worth saying other than some random side comments that barely anyone heard. Strange, since they didn’t seem to be shy girls.

“That’s just because they don’t know any of you very well.” Fukuna responded. After all, they were specially her friends. Even with her relationship with Tahiko, they barely knew that boy at all, let alone Amasa and Chisa. “Now maybe stop talking about my friends and let’s focus on getting out of here.” She was freaking out more and more the longer they were trapped in here. Even though they should all know this was fake, she still felt that dread of the scary things spread out in this room.

“Hmm… What to do…” Tahiko was fully drawn into the game. His adoptive sister rolled her eyes as she viewed this more as some silly activity some students came up with because it was popular, not because they had a good idea for it. In fact, she had already figured out the solution, but stayed quiet since she wanted no part of this game. “What are we supposed to do?” He racked his brain and strained his mind heavily. This was a challenge he never had to deal with before.


“It’s about time I showed off I’m not just some dumb girl.” Fukuna decided now was the time to show off. Of course, despite the bravado she held in speaking. Her reasoning for being the one to take initiative was simply because she couldn’t stand being in this room any longer. “The paper said that in order to break free, we need to be locked up.” This was why Amasa was able to figure out the question in an instant. Everything around them in this room wasn’t just for decoration.

“Locked up?” He replied, bewildered with the riddle. “But, we’re already trapped as is. How would locking us up, let us out?”

“That’s easy.” Finally, Amasa stepped in to explain. “We simply take these…” She grabbed some chains on the ground, taking them to Fukuna. “And bind one of us to satisfy them.” With that, she wrapped up the girl and tied her hands to be unable to do anything other than stand. “The students here are sick.” She was certain this was because some of them might’ve privately enjoyed seeing a girl all tied up like this.

With that, the doors keeping them trapped in here finally opened up. The students along with them cheered as they began piling out once more.

“All right now.” Well, all of them except for Fukuna, who was still tied up by these chains. “We’ve figured it out now, so can you guys let me go now?”

“I don’t know…” Though Amasa was enjoying watching her squirm from being stuck the way she was. “This is one way to keep you out of my life.” She laughed and walked away as the other girl pleaded for someone to free her. Thankfully, she did have some friends around to do so for her. So unfortunately for Amasa, she wasn’t going to find freedom in chaining someone up.

“This has been a truly amazing day.” Tahiko exclaimed as they left. He had never enjoyed a day like this ever, not even back on Enatis. “Nay, this has been the best day ever.” Though she claimed to not care about his feelings, Amasa was happy to see him like this. Most of the time he had been here, even though he seemed laid-back, had been the boy going about confused about everything. Ever since she told him to not use his instincts, he looked like an even happier person. His default must’ve always been a little on edge, being wary of being in a strange world where demons apparently still existed.

However, with everything that had happened after she got kidnapped, perhaps she was wrong about there being more. Maybe that really was the only one who they needed to be concerned about and of course he already killed them.

“Hey, it’s almost time.” Fukuna said once she was free from her bondage. “We gotta get to the forest.” Of all people, she was most excited for what was to come.