12 – Oh My Goddess!
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Cold water rushed over me. At the same time, I felt very clearly what I now had and what I didn't have as the chill swept throughout my body after my clothes got drenched.

But I ignored that.

Instead, I focused on the light in front of my eyes.

[Time remaining: 60 seconds]

I know we don't have much time, dammit! You aren't helping!

[Note: User's input has been received.]
[Note: The ideal form granted by <UR - The Man, the Myth, the Legend> exceeds base human abilities.]
[Note: Please trust your body's capabilities, User.]

A flurry of messages, each lasting less than a fraction of a second. But I managed to register them somehow.

...Trust my body's capabilities, huh?

I stared at the girl, still wreathed in light.

[Time remaining: 58 seconds.]

She was in the center of the pond. And while this place was called a pond, it was practically a lake with how big it was.

Even an Olympic level athlete wouldn't be able to reach her in time, but...

I treaded water for a second and took a deep breath. After that, I dove beneath the surface.

A brief moment of panic.

It was dark. Cold. And I couldn't tell up from down, especially as I dove deeper to try and preempt where the girl was going to sink.

But then I felt something nudge me. As if someone was lightly showing me the right way to move, my arms and legs shifted a bit.

[Time remaining: 50 seconds.]

A ripple and then a wave. My arms cut through the water, my legs kicked me forward like propellers.

At the same time, the darkness cleared up, my eyes adjusting to the low light.

And like that, I could clearly see her.

A beautiful girl with blonde hair floating about her like golden threads. She was also wearing a frilly white dress with tons of layers, like princesses would wear. That was what caused her to sink.

[Time remaining: 45 seconds.]

I narrowed my eyes and moved faster.

Time ticked down.

The distance between us closed.

[Time remaining: 40 seconds.]

I grabbed the girl, pulling her close in my arms.

Her body was already cold, and her eyes were closed. More like a corpse than a person, but...

[Note: User can save her.]

...The system said something useful for once, reassuring me.

So I didn't worry and focused on getting out of the water. Holding her tight, I spun around and kicked off towards the shoreline.

[Time remaining: 30 seconds.]

It was harder. Because I had another person to account for, I couldn't move as fast. Not only that, but I didn't know how to swim with just my legs.

But this body did.

Again, I felt a slight nudge. Almost like someone saying 'leave this to me.'

So I did.

[Time remaining: 10 seconds.]
[Urgent Mission <Rescue the drowning girl> complete! Achievement points +3000]

I broke through the surface and quickly set the girl down on the grass nearby before checking her pulse.

There wasn't one.

[Note: The system can direct User in performing CPR. Would you like assistance?]

"Finally, you're being useful! Yes, help me save her!"

[Urgent Mission! Save the girl's life! Reward: ????]
[Note: Assuming temporary control. Please relax, User.]

My body stiffened. No, it only felt like that. Instead of freezing, it was just like when the system took over to force me to stream.

But it was a bit different. Unlike before, I could still move my body if I really wanted to. Instead of being a passive observer, it was almost like remote control.

I moved, checking the girl's pulse again.

[Note: Target is not breathing. Lack of pulse detected. Delivering rescue breaths.]

Rescue breaths? That means... W-Wait a minute. Hold on-

[Note: Please do not resist, User.]

Argh... Fine!

I leaned over to the girl's face and took a deep breath. After that... I kissed her.

[Note: It is a rescue breath, User. Now please do not resist.]

^$#@! I know! It's still awkward as heck! Don't you see how beautiful she is?! I feel like I'm committing a crime!

[Note: Rest assured, the system's legal services are world class and can free user even from acts of international terrorism if necessary.]

...I feel like I just heard something terrifying.

[Note: Rescue breaths complete. Target is still not breathing. Beginning CPR.]

I blinked and realized that the awkward part was over already.

Did the system say all of that to distract- Wait a minute?! Where are you placing my hands!?

A squishy and pleasant sensation filled my hands as they rested on top of the girl's left breast.

[Note: CPR requires physical contact with the target's chest.]

I know that, but still!

[Note: Extenuating circumstances excuse potential harassment and battery charges. User may rest assured.]

Oh really? Good to know- Wait, stop distracting me!

One squish. Two.

Thankfully, there weren't any more.

[Note: Detecting pulmonary activity. Adjusting target's position to clear airway.]

I reached over and turned the girl on the side. The moment I did, her body shuddered and she started coughing, expelling water from her mouth.

[Note: Returning control to the User.]

W-Wait! You can't just leave me like-!

The girl gagged, vomiting more water. But then she stopped.

I froze.

The girl slowly sat up, looking around with dazed eyes. "I am... alive?" She noticed me and then froze.

I let out a nervous laugh and waved. "H-How are you?"

"...A goddess?"

I blinked. "What?"

The girl let out a brilliant smile and then quickly kneeled before me. "Oh great goddess! Thank you for saving my life!"

...Hey, system. Um... she didn't get brain damaged, did she?

[Note: Scanning... The target is not delusional. There is no detected brain trauma. The duration of oxygen deprivation is insufficient to cause symptoms the User is inquiring.]

Then why the heck-? Never mind.

I sighed and then moved to pull the girl up.

She turned her head up at me and let out a bright smile.

I noticed before that she was beautiful, but now that she was smiling and staring at me with bright violet eyes... Yeah, she was definitely a world class beauty. No, someone who looked like a real princess.

The girl's smile widened and then she grabbed my arm before kneeling to the ground.


"Oh great and benevolent goddess. I offer my life in being in devotion to your service. Please, accept my pledge."

"H-Hold on. First of all, I'm not a goddess. Second of all-"

[Urgent Mission <Save the girl's life!> complete! Celestine Elizabeth Pendragon's eternal devotion received!]
[Note: Great success! You have recruited a Platinum-Grade Talent!]
[Note: Congratulations on taking your first material step to growing your VTuber idol agency, User.]

@#[email protected]#[email protected]! I KNEW IT! SCAMMER!