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Day 208

[ My studies have continued but I will be taking a break to unwind for a while. I am studying every moment of the day except for sleeping and eating, since I have all the learning material in my head, I practice coding in my head, and perform biological simulations, mostly about my body, and what changes I can or can't do. Since my knowledge is lacking it usually ends with me crippling myself. Taking a week off will let me recharge my batteries.]

-(5 days later)-

The last few days were relaxing, I have spent it just lazing around playing games and watching TV shows, which were boring since this society is focused on Heroes and with that so were the shows.

I went to the fridge, got a can of juice and went to the living room to continue chilling. I found my dad watching one of All Might's fights on TV.

"Whatcha doin Dad?"

"Oh, Shinichi , I am watching one of All Might's more famous takedowns, this one is against a Villain that can fly"

I shrug, sit down near him, and keep drinking my juice.

The fight ends with All Might jumping on air a couple of times and hero punched the Villain in the gut.

"Hahaha what a great takedown right?" I barely hear him

I'm looking at the takedown shot again with juice spilling from my mouth because my jaw dropped.


My brain literally shutdown



How have I missed this! It's been literally on the news all the time since I got here!

It's been right in front of me this whole time. A way I can fight even with my quirk not being an offensive type.

Since 'Geppo' is possible, that highly suggests that the rest of the 'Rokushiki' are too.

All Might uses his strength to send punches flying, so 'Rankyaku/Tempest Kick', the wind blade should be possible, using flying sword slashes are theoretically possible as well.

Geppo Soru and Rankyaku focus on leg strength, I don't know if Kami-e and Tekkai are possible, but Shigan can be done i think.

Wait, didn't Tokita Ohma use the Adamantium Style, that's Tekkai right.

Fuck ok forget this for now. I need to organize all the information from my past life, every single manga, anime, tv show, fanfic and movie needs to be remembered, saved and organized properly.

I have to write this down now!

Day 213

[ Even with my plans and my quirk boosting my intelligence I have realized that I am still an IDIOT. I missed something that might be crucial to my future plans. The Rokushiki are 6 superhuman techniques from the world of OnePiece

Soru- Dashing or high speed movement technique

(A/N I think kicking the ground 10 times in one second is stupid, I will explain it like compressing leg strength then using that compressed power to dash, same principle with Geppo)

Geppo- Using leg strength to step/jump on air

Rankyaku- Send out compressed blades of wind by kicking with great strength and speed

Tekkai- Hardens the user's muscles to the level of iron, but they can't move while doing this defensive technique

Kami-e- makes the body extremely flexible and is capable of bending the body to dodge attacks

Shigan- its used to pierce the targets body with the finger, If one trains the technique enough, he can fire air bullets at the target.

Rokuogan- the secret seventh technique, the user focuses their physical strength and fires a close range shockwave in a single direction.

This is all I remember about them. I will be adding leg exercises to my training regimen. I will actively start organizing my past memories and saving them in different files for efficiency, which is something I should have done immediately after I figured out how my quirk works. I will spend as much time as needed to organize all my memories before coming back to my studies. I should be able to build up the physical strength needed for the Rokushiki.

People haven't just evolved their bodies to be able to use quirks, the structure bodies have changed fundamentally. Endeavor for example has a flame quirk, but his body is a lot stronger than 'normal' because of his constant training, this means it is possible to get a lot stronger than 'normal standards' by working out.]

( Another reason I hate Deku. The wimp didn't do anything to become a hero, just whined how unfair it is that he doesn't have a quirk. Get a strong enough body and some support items, lie about having a weak quirk, and you can become a hero with low rankings.)


Day 228

[ It took 15 days to organize every memory into proper files, I feel better now and my 'Idea folder is a bit bigger now, i made multiple ones based on the difficulty and the time i need to wait. Some can only be done when i have an adult body so those will never see the light of day until I am probably 18. I will be returning back to my studies and keep training my body within the limits of what my 5 year old body can handle.]

Sighh, done with todays entry, I cant believe it took 2 weeks to organize all the memories I have, especially the useless one's. The 'Trash can' is filled with stupid memes and facts about people from my old world.

What I'm kinda happy about is my 'entertainment' file. I don't know how my quirk made this possible, I was able to remember entire movies and series, anime and mangas. I have full versions of them, and I can enjoy them anytime I want. I will settle the 'how' someday, but now back to studying, I really want Taskmaster ability: 'Photographic Reflexes' and to do that I need to mess with my nervous system which I won't do lightly. Study, form a hypothesis, do a simulation and repeat until I get it right.

On a side note, the instructors at the dojo are pleased with my dedication, they push me harder and teach me more from the rest, now that Bakugo is gone, they see me as the next best thing, they want me to win tournaments and prizes for them.

Which is fine by me, the more famous I get, the more i will be invited in these kind of things, and the more people I meet. I want to be the center of attraction it will help me in the future if i am well known. Genius at marital arts and programing plus if I play my cards right an academic genius as well. I will be more advanced than any kid my age which will make me well known, its extremely common for people with high positions to meet and 'scout' potential recruits or people who will be someone important someday. They will want to use me and put me in their debt, and I want to use them. Using my quirk I will be almost unmatched in the academic field, since I have the books and a calculator in my head. Am I cheating, Yes. Do they know that, No.

Now as soon as I figure out how to make my body match the movements from the videos I have been taking with my eyes, when my instructors spar, the martial genius will suddenly be born, and my plans can finally start.

Word count 1200