Basic Photographic Reflexes
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Day 235

[ I have done the simulation the results came back positive all that is left now is to test it. Goal of the test is to move the little toes on my left foot. I have built in a failsafe so I don't fry my nervous system, if I fail here, the nerves of my whole left foot will be cut off from the rest of the body, this should prevent the orders i gave to go back and mess with my brain. I am writing this in the event that i somehow die from this, which is a statistical impossibility, but things can always go wrong even if its a 0.000000000001 chance of failure, nothing in this world is a 100% sure. ]

Well now that I wrote my entry even though its stupid and I shouldn't raise a flag like this, I felt the need to write it down.

Fortune favors the bold, even if the risks are minimal. Lets begin.

I turn off my normal control from my left foot. The foot is now unresponsive to the normal way i try to move it, now all that is left is to try the code i wrote.

Now the most basic commands I could make. The sole on the grown and the foot goes up.

My foot starts to feel like electricity is moving through it, and the foot rises.


I test out a few more, moving it left and right, tapping a beat with the foot, moving individual toes. It's basic stuff, and it's buggy in a way, well it is expected, this is just the beginning.


Day 237

[After my initial success I proceeded to do the same for all 4 limbs, the results were the same as the first test, the movements are clumsy, so for any further progress, accuracy must be added and maintained.

In the dojo we started 'sparing' since the children were getting restless from just repeating the same exercises. So they set us up to spar against each other. Naturally I won all of them in my age group(almost 5 and a half). So they put me with 6-year-olds, I won against them too. They were calling me a genius, but in reality I just trip the kids. I study the human autonomy a lot I know how to use my whole body properly.

I toned it down with the 7-year-olds, I could have beat them too, but that would be too much. I doubt I could win against 8 years-old easily the size and weight difference is too much. Though if it wasn't just sparing, I can easily win, but I have no intention of beating up kids, unless of course they try to bully me, then I wont hold back. bullies need to be put in place.

Well the goal was achieved, the dojo is paying special attention on me now, and are giving me benefits, like 1 on 1 lesions and stuff like that, of course after they were assured that I will be staying in this dojo. They hope I will be able to win them lots of competitions and I will.]


Day 241

[ My daily schedule is pretty full with my latest experiments. First my daily studies on programing biology, I sometimes other school subjects, one of my goals is to be seen as an academic genius this much is necessary.

After that screeching and leg exercises. I cant exactly work out properly with my current body, but i run and focus on training my legs. My ultimate goal for this is to use the 3 Rokushiki skills that focus on the legs by the time I enter high school, this should be possible if I continue training in this pace.

After that I use the Laptop to experiment with my quirk, using it this way forces me to multitask, my brain cant handle the strain of the thought process needed for the Laptop, but little by little i am sure i will manage to do it.

When I am done with that I focus on using code to control my body, I do that then go to sleep, get up and repeat. I change it up sometime, but that's what I do every day. It is rough but for my future plans it will have to be done]

Day 245

[ Today was the first successful day of a full body movement, I coded myself to sit up from bed then stand. After that i proceeded to walk, I do admit I rewrote code that i found online for robotic movements, specifically about walking, this world has stopped developing and stayed the same for 200 years, but they did make a breakthrough in robotic technology and drones. So it was pretty simple to find code for movement, it made my job so much easier.]

Day 257

[ ITS FINISHED, the basic version of Photographic Reflexes! it's still a bit buggy but I do follow movements without thinking too much about them. I accomplished this in almost a year since i started experimenting, in 3 months it will be a year since I started with my experiments. I am extremely happy. My hard work is paying off. Every day without break I study all the time, even while I am in kindergarten, its not like I have anything else to do in there.]


"Shinichi you have been improving at a fast pace, I want you to spar against the 8-year-olds, can you do that?" the instructor asks me

"Sure!" I say with a smile, but inside I'm thinking on how I proceed

I think its time to field test the 'Photographic Reflexes', I can win against them easily with some effort, I will be using the instructors moves, this should impress them, even if the moves seem amateurish, but that's exactly what I'm going for here.

They pair me against a really cocky kid.

"So you are the little runt that beat those idiots, losing to a kid younger than them, how embarrassing, I will show them how its done.. blah, blah, blah."

Why the hell are the kids so chunni?


"Haaaa" he sprints while yelling, didn't he learn anything here, they said he has been here for 2 years. I use the same high kick that the instructor used, and hit him in the chin, he falls down unconscious.

"Winner Shinichi Kodo!" says the instructor acting as a referee

'This kid will bring us so much publicity' I can see what he is thinking just from his expression

The kid wakes up, and starts crying "Cheater, he must be cheating, there is no way i will lose to a kid. That's the only explanation."

"You are an idiot" I say straight to his face, why are kids like this? Do they get dumber as the generations go by? I understand that he is 8, but these things should have been told to him when he started going at a dojo

"My mom will hear about this, I will tell everyone you are teaching cheaters" I could hear him saying while the instructors took him away. You will not be missed, kid whose name i never bothered to learn.

I turn to the instructor that served as a referee and gave him my brightest grin

"So who's next?"

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