Fight with the Kids & Bakugo
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(Day 264)

Wow, There is a quite the audience, my parents, the kids parents and locals that have too much free time on their hands if they came here to watch kids fight. Come to think of it, when a Villain and Hero fight they just stand there and watch, and if they get hurt they complain later

Bakugo decided he will be last and announced it in the most retarded way he possibly can "HA you losers should fight him first otherwise if I'm first he will lose and you wont get the chance"

He just stood there and grinned like an idiot.

I am ashamed to admit I couldn't stop myself from facepalming. The fact that I facepalmed means I stopped to listen to him in the first place, it wont happen again. As soon as this farce is over I'm making a code that as soon as I see or notice Bakugo's in any way the code will stop me from hearing his voice, my ears will just ignore his existence, so I don't have to turn off my hearing, I'm just muting him, just like there are programs that focus on background noise and ignore the main noise of a video.

The rest reacted like expected so a childish squabble erupted, they argued a lot before the creep decided to start this thing.

"Everybody in line!" his words were aimed at the kiddos with '2 many complexes to count'

"You heard the man losers, get in line! Hahahah!" Bakugo's voice annoyed every person inside the ring

Mental note: Muting program is needed immediately!

I should have made it long ago.

"Thanks' to everyone for coming today on such short notice" then he mumbles "stupid kids, couldn't wait a few days, we could have promoted this"

"Anyway 10 people have challenged our young genius to a fight, their ages are from 5-9. Will our champion remain undefeated? All of these kids practice different martial arts, I'm sure you will enjoy watching this friendly competition"

I sweat drop at that. Friendly competition? They ambushed me and wanted to do beat me up in a street fight. Man this creep should be a fight promoter, he has talent in that area.

"The first fight, will be 8 year old Takashi, a Boxer, he has a mutant quirk that's why he is a bit bigger than most kids, but our very own Shinichi said it is no problem"

A bit bigger he says, the kid is literally 2 my size with bull horns, he is a freaking mini-minotaur, well it doesn't matter, just fight as usual and win. That's all there is to it, doesn't matter who it is and if it gets too much for me, go for the vitals and cheap shots without anyone seeing, it battle there are no rules.

"Hehehe I'll put you in your place you arrogant brat, I saw the video, I only noticed after dad pointed it out, but you never put that other kid in your eyes, your face didn't change a bit, dad said you were conceited so its my job to show you there are better fighters than you."

Whyyy... whyy did this turn into a chunni young master fight... I didn't notice I was so unresponsive when I fight.. but they are idiots, why the fuck should I get serious against them. Unless its someone who is a lot stronger than me or its a death fight, I'm not going to get excited or serious.

And HOW THE FUCK are these kids so mature in their speech... I spend years of my time and mental energy faking it and acting like a kid, and these idiots act like teenagers and no one says a thing. I could have acted normally and people will just say 'its the next generation so its expected'... *

I want to die.

Give me back my dignity!

"Begin!" he stands in place typical boxer stance, and then comes at me with One-Two to the face, but I dodge, I will just do that for the first few minutes, copy some of the basics he has learned. He is smarter than the rest I'll give him that, he noticed quickly that only he is attacking and I'm just parring he has a good teacher. I go to the offence but I don't use my usual fighting style, I use his. Basic boxing techniques were copied and I'm use 'Photographic Reflex' code to fight him.

He was kind of pissed off, and so were a lot of the parents. Saying I'm underestimating him, cocky kid, stuff like that. The more time I spend in this world, the more I realize how fucked up it is. Here I am a 5-year-old kid fighting another kid twice my size and he is a mini minotaur, in a 'sparring match' and the parents are cheering him on, because somehow he is the underdog.

I can feel my brain cells dying from their stupidity, why did they even allow this fight to happen, I assumed most of the parents would stop their kids once they learned about the situation, instead it turned into a local event.

Sighh, whatever as long as I get something out of this farce I don't care that much.

"Youu! Stop copying me !" he yells taking a big swing at me, I duck and give him a strong liver shot, he dropes a bit, lowering himself just enough so I can hit his chin, a strong Right Cross/Straight in the chin, he falls down and that's the K.O

"The winner of the first match is Shinichi Kodo with a Migi Straighto K.O" *

I see he is sweating a little. Ha!, its because I used boxing instead of the Dojo techniques, instead of me promoting the dojo, its me promoting myself.

"The next match we have 7-year-old karate practitioner from another dojo, who will be the better karateka?" (a person who trains in karate)

This ass is making me use karate by announcing it ahead of time, he must have thought I might use the kid to improve the boxing I just copied.

"HiHiHi I will beat you and become the most famous karateka in Musutafu, then a hero will scout me and I will be the best! Hi Hi Hi" the boy says in a squeaky voice

Ughhhh I wanna go homeee. My brain can't handle more of this.

Word Count 1106

A/N *When They had remedial lessons. Todoroki, Bakugo and Inasa cared after kids, so I based them from that, some were really mature for their age, so I thought it would be funny.

And the whole situation is unrealistic but I just went with it, a 5 year old can barely stand, and I'm making him fight, but its an anime world with superpowers so whatever, treat this as a joke or filler chapters