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It's time for some payback. I'm I being petty, Yes. But humans are flawed beings, I will do what I want in this life. Some decisions will be smart and calculated, and some like this one will be me doing something stupid to feel better.

The kid broke Tetsuya's arm on purpose, a little payback is necessary to teach the little shit some manners. And another important lesson, if you're gonna cheat, make sure not to get caught


"Ladies and Gentlemen the final round is about to start" The announcer's voice was heard across the stadium

"To get to know our finalists better we will be doing a small introduction on both of them

On the right is our little genius from Musutafu Kodo Shinichi, he will be 6 years old in a month or two. He is 121cm tall and weighs 25kg. His quirk allows him to manipulate electronics that he is used too. Currently, he can only control a laptop that was near him when his quirk awakened.

On the left Is Taiju Shishio, he will be 14 soon, the oldest contestant here. At a height of 168cm and weighing 53 kg. His Quirk is to spit fire from his mouth.

Contestant Taiju is more than double the weight of Kodo-kun, but Kodo-kun has been fighting people who are a lot older, taller and stronger than him and still somehow came out on top.

Will he defeat his biggest opponent yet or will Kodo-kun's winning streak stop here."

The referee raises his hand to calm the crowd down

"Are you both ready!" the ref asks us

I calmly nod, I got an image to maintain, while Taiju just grins acting like a feral animal "Let's go!"

He reminds me of Kure Raian, wild and aggressive,

I mute the crowd and the announcer I only leave Taiju and the ref unmuted. I'm giving it my all... well almost my all, most of my techniques cant be used here. But I'm still taking it serious enough, this kid is leaving this stage on a stretcher, he just doesn't know it yet


"This is the final round, I don't want there to be any 'accidents' so play fair"

He looks at both of us but his eyes spend more time on Taiju who just clicks his tongue


As soon as the referee made the call, Taiju charges at me like a bull.

He is a lot bigger than me, he is taller and has double my weight, looking at his body, he has very little fat and a lot of muscles, a tackle from him will hurt a lot. And he already saw my previous fights so he knows I am weak to wrestling because of my current body size.

Dodging will accomplish nothing since he will continue to use the same tackle on me over and over again.

So I need to stop him right now.

I charge at him as well, on the last second before we hit each other I dive down, literally laying on the ground as I grab his left ankle, I quickly hit the pressure points on it and immediately try to dislocate it, but before I can do it he kicks me off with his other leg.

Damn that hurt, he tries to get up but the left leg is still numb so he can only raise with the left leg kneeling. I run at him telegraphing a kick and he raises both his hands up block it. I definitely can't break through that.

But I still start the motion to kick with my right leg, but before I am even halfway through the motion I jump with my left leg towards him and grab his right wrist with both my hands.

I pull myself up using his wrist to hit him on the left side the face with my right knee. Because of the awkward position, I did some damage but not enough to shake him up. But the knee kick wasn't my goal. As I pulled myself up to knee him, I twisted his wrist dislocating it. His right hand is useless and to most Martial Arts excluding those that focus on kicks, that's fatal in a fight

He cries out in pain but still uses his other arm to hit me in the stomach with his palm, pushing me away from him.

I take a few breaths to recover from that blow, It hurt a lot, taking a palm strike to the stomach, but he is still on one knee, and now he has a dislocated wrist. Things are not looking good for him.

Oh, he is standing up. he limps a bit to get back the feeling in his left leg. He goes into a boxing stance, but the difference is the right elbow is raised and his hand is right at his right cheek, he is being careful not to make the injury worse.

It became a striking match for the next few minute's jabs. punches, elbows and kicks were thrown every second. I either dodged or parried his attacks, I am waiting for my time to strike, the longer the fight lasts the worse his injury gets, he will mess up eventually from the pain.

I waited and then it happened, a punch from his left hand was off target and it put him slightly off balance. I quickly garbed his wrist and start twisting and turning my body, by twisting it this way I make his wrist go over his shoulder and it keeps going forcing his body to go to the ground.

That was an Aikido technique, the only reason I could pull it off is because he was already injured and he was off-balance, Aikido is basically redirection of force, but to do that, the technique needs to flow and be undisturbed, in a fight that isn't very realistic, people will struggle,

As I got him to the ground and I'm still holding his wrist, I start turning and force him to do the same by controlling his movement with his wrist.

I 'accidentally' use too much force and break his wrist when I was putting it behind his back. He starts screaming in pain.

The referee ends the fight "Winner Kodo Shinichi"

That was my cue to turn off the muting and hear the cheers from the crowd, I wave my hands and show a big bright smile. Things will only go up from here.

Word Count 1080

(A/N, after next chap I will start with the time skips, they will be a couple of years with each skip

I could have broken a few more bones, but the fight is getting filmed, and it would be bad for his future career to beat him up more than this