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 "Anyway... what should we do with our factions' first reveal, or should we do it at all? Staying hidden has its advantages..." After ignoring the initial chaos caused by the little cat, I decided to start talking about the problems that may arise in the near future as a result of the whole Britain thing.

… and also giving the little cat a 'we will talk later glare'... 

To think that she even managed to trick Artoria. 

Even if we decide to arrange a marriage so that no one bothers Artoria, it won't be a real one... At least, I don't believe so, because Artoria has no feelings for me other than mild respect and gratitude...

Anyway, as much as I would like to invite people from various factions to our base in Camelot, it would be foolish to do so without first making preparations.

If only things were that easy.

The first issue with constructing an entire Camelot is that it would be quite... wasteful, as we use my Mindscape for pretty much everything, and having enemies there is not something I want.

And it's not like Artoria will live there either; she seems perfectly content to live with Mordred and spend time with her... which usually entails teaching and training for poor Mordred, but she also enjoys it in some ways.

I might ask Shishou about building a room specifically for sealing Gods in the future, but for now, having different factions enter isn't something I'm willing to do with so many people involved...

Who knows what would happen if a real battle took place there, so we talked with Artoria and decided to make Camelot a really fancy meeting place rather than a living place for the time being.

I also added testing the true limits of my Mindscape to my to-do list.

Something along the lines of the mirror dimension would be fantastic... I'll have to ask Shishou if she knows anything like that or if she can find it.

Artoria paused for a moment before responding "True, we are far behind the rest when compared to Gods who have lived in this world for thousands of years... But if we don't show ourselves, it will appear that we are afraid..."

That is the second issue... There is no doubt that they will use any and all means to find the location of our base in order to use that information in the future, which is something we do not want to deal with.

We don't want assassins, spies, or other enemies knocking on our door...

That might work... "The rest, as far as I know, use a pocket dimension with an entrance located somewhere in the world, so why change something that already works? I was looking for a job for my monsters anyway, and gatekeepers don't appear to be all that bad. " Letting [The Painting that Hates] and [Asura Mist] to play around doesn't sound like a bad idea… 

… our future and unexpected 'visitors' may disagree on that one… 

I don't recall anything in the books about the entrance to Camelot being defended by horrifying monstrosities, but who cares about minor details?

Considering how to defend the entrance to our realm... "And Kei's friends can also help," Kei confirmed sweetly.

She may not appear to do much because she is the quiet type but she is the third strongest here, competing with me on that one because we never fought and our styles are similar.

She summons thousands of elementals while using pure and raw strength to overwhelm her enemies thanks to her inexhaustible and earth-powered shield; she is Titled [The walking fortress] for a reason...

Our ranking right now is:

1- Scáthach. 




Mordred's Noble Fantasma can cut through a city, while Jeanne can protect it and Jalter can burn a large portion of it...

As for Kei and me, we could send an army to level it or summon a giant river in my case or a giant rock in her case, easily destroying it.

That's if the city has no barrier or anyone defending it, of course. 

Floating a city... That gives me a great idea for a new and powerful monster, as well as an attack... Nobody said I couldn't fuse both.

As for Shishou and Artoria's strength? I don't know actually… 

However, based on their personalities and fighting styles, Shishou clearly outperforms Artoria because she would prepare herself before a fight, whereas Artoria is knightly and direct in her approach.

But I know for sure that if they go serious, winning against them is impossible for me; I only win in terms of survivability, which is nothing compared to a well-prepared Shishou...

Artoria herself stated that she was unsure if she could defeat Scáthach because she is aware of her strengths and weaknesses, that is why she is first in the ranking.

Leaving that aside, we decided to keep Camelot as something that everyone can see and knows is there but is inaccessible, making other factions' actions milder... at least in our territory.

This should give us the authority to apprehend and punish anyone who commits a crime on our territory without having to go through justifications and conflicts with other factions because one of their members went missing.

We want them to understand and know that anyone who commits a crime in our land will face punishment under our law, which they must follow if they want to enter our lands.

As a result of this, other humans and races who don't feel safe will flock to this country, eventually transforming it into a haven for Supernaturals when the word spreads enough, increasing the number of the members of our faction after some recruitment. 

So we decided to use an unreachable realm that only we could access without the necessary preparations and knowledge, and something like my mindscape was the ideal location for that.

So we did just that, thanks to the assistance of two wonderful women, Shishou and Kei.

Shisou assisted in the creation of a new Mindscape that will not interfere with my main one in any way, using a variety of runes to reinforce the entire realm, and if anyone managed to break through it from the inside, the dimensional gap was the things waiting for them on the other side.

It's more of a Reality Marble at this point, but with the help of some strong base material and runes, it'll be enough.

The materials needed to keep the realm running were rare and expensive, but thankfully, a cute Infinite Dragon gave us some of her scale after some ch-. Convincing that implied food, lots of it... allowing her to sit on my lap and me carrying her around for a while.

Ophis was also curious about what her scales can turn into. 

At least Shishou got hooked into it since it's her first time using such high-quality material. 

The next thing Kei did was command her friends to raise the walls that would become Camelot and then enchant them.

And while we waited for that to be done, I decided to move on to the next part... 


Oh boy.

Thankfully we got some connections with a lot of different factions across the years and now is the time to use them.

Starting with someone from the Fallen Angels, the White Dragon Emperor, he could deliver a letter to the Leader of the Fallen Angels, Azazel and with him we also got a way to invite Sun Wukong using Baiko who should be in his team…

The next one was the Yokais, the easiest one since we needed to ask the cat sisters that were training there from time to time.

Kuroka, like in the anime, has a fondness for using poison, and her Senjutsu abilities are heavily based on it, but with a slight twist.

She created a spiritual poison that will seep into and occupy the enemy's magical pathway, becoming a 'poison' to confuse and damage her opponents' minds and senses to the point where she can use it to create realistic illusions.

Does this sound familiar? She only lacks the red eyes with strange patterns and an edgy hairstyle, she already has black hair...

Yes, she invented a basic version of Genjutsu, and I'm so proud of her that I petted her into oblivion when she told me about it, and then had to do the same with Shirone because she was jealous of her big sister.

Well, she deserves it as well, as her White purifying flames grow stronger.

And then... Ophis noticed it and wanted some as well and who could reject her? My plan worked quite well… she enjoys her time alone in the white room, but it is clear that she also enjoys spending time with us, being pampered, and doing whatever she wants.

Anyway, all the sisters have to do is contact Kunou when we tell them, and she will communicate with Yasaka and the rest of the Yokais.

Serafall is the next one in the list.

I had to question her about these faction meetings because she is the most knowledgeable about them.

In exchange, I had to heal her long-lost cousin Ingvild from her slumber, not before cursing me for the difficulties she had to overcome to meet her.

She agreed after realizing that dealing with this 'new faction' could be used as an excuse to get some free time for herself after dealing with the whole Rating Game thing, especially since she could also use it as an excuse to bring her Sou-tan with her.

And much more… 

A lot of things to plan…


Just then a pair of wine-red eyes kept following him, it's owner deep in thoughts… 

'And to think that one day... I'd be hesitant to do something so simple... Thank you for restoring my humanity, Ahm... but I have to because I'm your teacher, first and foremost.'