Chapter 71: Silver Guard Reserve Candidate Card
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Lunch Scene…

“Wololoyaye, when will we ever eat?!”

At the entrance of the restaurant, Jodenia was busy complaining as he wiped away beads of sweat from his face. After arriving at the restaurant, not only did they have to line up and wait for empty seats to open up, they still had to wait an even longer time for their order to be delivered. At this time, the group’s stomachs were rumbling and Jodenia did not forget to remind Mwana over and over again.

“You should have chosen a less busy place. I don’t care how good the food is here, I just want to fill my stomach.”

After they finally sat down and met the server, tons of meat dishes were ordered. Apart from Vitali who was a vegetarian, everyone else was basically ordering plates upon plates of meat. After all, this was a barbecue place, the Barbecue House!

As they waited for the food, the children started chatting about their day. While some like Fury had slept all the way to midday, the rest had all done various activities across Milele. When they heard about Mwana and Kia’s experience at the Milele outskirts crime scene as well as the arrival of the Silver Guard, naturally everyone was shocked.

“Even a town like Milele is not safe. No wonder we are not allowed to leave the village until we step into Bone Forging. It seems that even a Normalization Magic Formation can only do so much to deter crime.” Teso commented when she heard about the murder of the mother and daughter earlier in the town.

“Indeed, evil is evil, whether powerful or powerless.” With Mwana’s answer, the topic of the Silver Guard also came up including Mwana receiving a card from Mr. Black, an Honored Detective of the Silver Eagle Corps.

Kia narrated the entire encounter with Mr. Black and how the latter recognized Mwana’s talents and gave him a card. From the side, Mwana had a shy and abashed look as someone who was uncomfortable with getting praised by others.

“Then take it out, let us see it already!” From Jodenia’s excitement, one would think he was the one offered the card but Mwana still took it out and gave it to him.

“I still don’t know everything about it though, apart from the Bureau and other general details, there isn’t anything on it.” Mwana said while handing the card to Jodenia to inspect.

“There isn’t anything? That’s where you are wrong. See.” With the card on hand, Jodenia swiped his other hand across the card which revealed a row of words written in glowing golden script that perfectly contrasted against the Card’s deep black color.

“Those words were not there before! How did you do it?!”

“Ha haaa. You wanna know? You wanna know so bad right?” Hearing Mwana’s desperate tone, naturally Jodenia could not help but drag out the answer.

The reason Mwana was so surprised was that the card that was once blank now had his name, age, and some of his other personal details somehow engraved on the card. It was truly mystical.

Unlike the Moon Bracelet where students had to enter the initial personal details themselves with the rest of the details captured and measured off body contact, the card even got Mwana’s name and age without him entering anything.

After some back and forth with Jodenia playing ‘hard to get’, he finally answered Mwana’s question, “It is a transaction, specifically a transaction between the card and your moon bracelet. Once you verbally accepted the card, it was like giving it permission and access to your bracelet. This is why you should never just trust anyone or accept what others offer carelessly. You are lucky this time it was a Silver Guard, but even cons sometimes use such methods.”

Hearing this, everyone slightly become a bit warier of what they accepted from others in the future. However, they could not help but wonder how Jodenia discovered everything so quickly the instant he held the card.

“How did you know? You even revealed the hidden words.”

Jodenia’s response was simple, “How would I not know, Transaction Magic and Mystical Arts are my expertise.”

In the same way that Sealing Magic was Mwana’s Magic Form, Jodenia’s expertise was Transaction Magic – a type of magic that governed exchanges between different parties. With this magic a user could even lend magic to other magicians or borrow power from others at a cost. This was a very useful skill for team leaders within a magic squad.

As the other kids also examined the card, Mwana also found out that the card even had a communication formation within it. This was revealed by Teso who specialized in Communication Magic. It meant that the card could be used as a mode of communication with the Silver Eagle Corps. However, the effective communication range was unknown.

Overall, this card known as the Reserve Candidate Card of the Silver Guard probably had even more uses that Mwana was yet to know.