Chapter 106: A Love Story 2
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A few weeks after visiting the Underground for the first time, Nawiri took Terran on a trip to Eastern Jin Nation.

“What are we going to do all the way over there?” Terran asked on the way.

“This is my first time leaving the Terrace after I enrolled,” He added.

Heck, since he arrived in Toro with his parents when he was a child, Terran had never left the country.

“The Stargazing Tower is our goal this time.” Nawiri answered him while taking out a map out of her clothes.

“We will need this when we get there.”

This map was a Star Map.

The journey to Eastern Jin took them full two days. On the way, the two of them used a series of transportation means including mounts – both flying mounts and ground-bound mounts, vehicles including armored beetles and horse-drawn carriages, magical means such as teleportation circles, and even moving through the air with their limited power of flight as Earth Rank warriors.

Given the twists and turns of the long journey, the two of them were already tired beyond measure when they arrived in Eastern Jin. Nevertheless, they still soldiered on and went to the Stargazing Tower without taking a moment’s rest.

Compared to the Underground that was located deep under the earth, the tower stretched all the way into the clouds.

After reaching the tower, the two travelled up the tower through a rope mechanism that was similar to an open elevator. It was like ascending high into the heavens.

One of the first things that Terran noticed about the Stargazing tower was that there were fewer people stationed here compared to the Infernal Demon Gate at Black Terrace. The main reason for this was that this tower was actually a giant device rather than a regular building.

“Place the Star Map on the table right there,” at the top of the tower, Nawiri directed Terran to place the map on a table located at the center of the room.

This table had many kinds of markings in a strange language that Terran did not understand.

After the map was placed on the table, the markings actually lit up before projecting a giant image of what looked like an island or even a continent. Soon, Terran realized that this was actually a projection of the south eastern region of the Sword Scar Continent!

On this projection, there were different kinds of lights and markings with the most conspicuous ones being a few bright red lights scattered across the projected map.

Terran was awed by this sight. It was like getting a 3 dimensional view of the world.

Nawiri proceeded to explain the purpose of the map, “The Star Map is used alongside astronomy calculations to predict the location and emergence of dormant demon gates. As long as we can find them first, we can seal them. This is the work we do at the Demon Suppression Department.”

Indeed, while working at the Underground, Terran had found out that their job there was similar to an internship to enter the Demon Suppression Department.

Zafarani, she did not just assign me there, to the Underground, to punish me. I shall remember this favor.

In fact, taking a position in the Underground was a simpler shortcut to get into the Demon Suppression Department rather than studying for years at the military institution.

“What are those red lights?” Terran could not help but ask when looking at the map.

There were several locations on the map that were lit up with bright red lights.

When Nawiri replied, there was a sense of heaviness in her tone.

“Entrances to the Demon Realm.” She said.

“So many demon gates!” Terran almost could not believe it.

There were dozens of them!

“What? Are you scared?” This time the heaviness in her voice was gone as Nawiri replied to Terran in a somewhat teasing tone.

 “Me? Scared? How many demonic creatures have I taken care of in just the past few weeks? And all done solo!”

“Solo?! Don’t make me mad by reminding me. How many times have I had to remind you not to act on your own? Do you know how worried you made me?” This fellow’s bragging brought back memories of the past few weeks that Nawiri had pushed to the back of her mind.

As Terran’s immediate superior, Nawiri had had to admonish the guy several times for flying solo.

“When you are strong, you are used to acting individually.” Terrran replied. He was not one for teamwork.

“The ones here, they don’t compare to puny demonic creatures at all!” Nawiri felt that she had to remind Terran lest he try something stupid.

“It’s all the same.” Terran said.

Clearly words were going in one ear and out the other.

In exasperation, Nawiri could only stress what they were dealing with, “Keep bragging, these are REAL demons we are talking about!”

In fact, it was not that Terran did not understand the gravity of the situation. He just loved teasing and frustrating Nawiri a little bit. The thing he enjoyed the most was probably watching her concern for him.

Looking into his pitch-black “smiling” eyes, Nawiri realized that he was just pulling her leg and gave up.

“Don’t worry. No matter what happens, I will protect you.” Terran said while puffing out his chest in an exaggerated manner like the ‘Superman’ himself.

“I guess you are a tough guy huh, I think I just fell for you.”

A confession?

Way to catch a man off-guard!


Before he could complete his words, Nawiri quickly kissed him; a kiss right next to his lips.

Waaaaaay off-guard!!