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The Divine Empire of Arria, many would consider them a group of fanatic cultists, others would admire their military talent and strength. All, however, agree that their Emperor is a monster and none fit this title better than Michael Lenuzo Tuscus Vito Federico De ArriaArria looks back upon him fondly, he improved the military and defended the nation when it looked like it would be crushed between two sides. 

He was not only a military genius, far beyond anybody of his time, he also opened what would later be known as the first military academy. A place for generals to learn strategy, decorum, and how to intellectual pursuits. Michael also restructured the war ravaged east helping the Casterso region recover rather quickly. 

But this glory that his reign brought to Arria could never have been seen at the start of his reign. He faced many problems, due to the early death of his parents, the regent Giovanni De Alle had taken control of the empire from the shadows. It seemed as if he was born to be a puppet, on the other hand there was a potential option in the west. Antonio De Ante, Heir to the Arch-duchy of Ante, and inheritor of the imperial lineage. He was the only other person in the world to have an imperial sigil, despite its deformities the people of Ante saw him as the successor of the previous emperor. 

Perhaps his marriage would be the most appropriate place to start as it was soon after his crowing. Who was his wife? Naturally, his wife was Isabella De Alle, daughter of Giovanni De Alle.

A/N:This is just a small project for fun. Magic won't really be a big part of this book but it does exist in a minimal form. Information about the outside world will come slowly and will be biased as naturally only Arria matters (Read: Humor). I hope all of you guys enjoy this book but a fair warning: Arrians are rather prejudiced and thus can be racist.