12.She is my Wife
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I enter the dining hall to see Isabella and Francesca sitting down, waiting for me. I sit at the head of the table and begin to eat the soup in front of me. Isabella and Francesca begin to eat as well. The entire atmosphere is tense and silence permeates the room. 

I look at Isabella. She is completely ignoring me and simply staring down at her plate. Francesca is doing a similar action. Perhaps they do not get along but neither one of them wants to come out as hating the other in front of me. 

Well... it is none of my business. I can’t force two people to like each other. “How is your stay so far?” I look at Francesca in a small attempt to get rid of this horrid atmosphere. Isabella is the first person to lift her head. 

“It has been wonderful. Your wife is a most lovely person.” She says smiling at me. Her sudden change in attitude causes me to become confused. Why is she so happy I asked her about her stay? 

“Actually... I still haven’t asked what you will be doing once you leave?” Isabella asks Francesca before I could continue the conversation. Francesca just awkwardly smiles back at Isabella. Somehow... I feel as if the two are fighting. 

“She will be staying here until she can get a new post. Perhaps a week at most.” I say before going back to my soup. What they are fighting over is beyond me. It most likely is Francesca’s fault. Francesca has probably been hostile since the two met because she has never liked ladies of society and my wife is most certainly a lady of society. 

“Is that so. I do hope she enjoys her weeks stay.” Isabella continues to glare at Francesca. My wife isn’t peaceful... well, I guess that is fine. I wave over the next course of the meal. “Have you considered where she shall stay?” 


“I shall arrange for her to stay in an auxiliary building of the palace.” It seems Isabella is showing her power to Francesca as she can hardly get a single response in. Not that I particularly mind, this matter should naturally fall to Isabella to handle. 

“My thanks for your kind arrangements. I shall enjoy my stay to the best of my abilities.” Francesca smiles before getting to her steak. I hear Isabella laugh and my eyes jump towards her. 

She looks beautiful. 

I tear my eyes away and go back to eating. “It is nothing, I am looking forward to getting to know more of my husband’s... associates.” Isabella pauses as if unsure of what word to use to describe Francesca. I wave them to bring over dessert. A slice of apple pie. 

I devour the pie. I have more pressing matters to attend to but I wanted to make sure Francesca was settled in properly. Otherwise I would have just taken dinner in my study. Though, if Isabella laughs like this at dinner, I might consider having dinner with her more than once a week. 

“Actually... isn’t the ball celebrating 1438th year of existence two weeks from now?” Arria is one of the largest and old countries in the world. While the particulars of the Arrian government hasn’t always been the same the Arrian imperial dynasty has existed since its foundation uninterrupted. Though it was a bit dangerous during the one-time Arria had a parliamentary system. 

The flames of liberty were quickly extinguished and with not even the embers surviving. Well the only small bit from that period is the current day imperial court but that is vastly different from what the ideals of the parliament were. 

I merely nod at her information. It is in two weeks. “I was thinking that I could stay for it before leaving for my post.” She proposed. I don’t really care so long as Isabella agrees to it. Her being here a week longer makes little difference to me. 

“Of course.” My wife says getting up from her seat. She walks over to me, my eyes following her the entire time, before leaning down and kissing me. At first, I am shocked but soon I deepen it. “You should go to bed early tonight. You must have had an exhausting journey.” 

“Very well.” I don’t even say the words consciously. With my affirmation Isabella leaves the room but not before smiling at Francesca. I get up with a start. I need to clear my head. 

“Your relationship with...” 

“I suggest you don’t try to fight with her. She is my wife, you are not.” I advise her. I know she doesn’t like people like my wife but even if she fought with my wife I would naturally side with my wife. I quickly make my way to my study. 

A/N: She did not poison her. So did you guys like Isabella's actions? The two still do not get along. Though I do have a question for you guys. Who is your favorite character and why are they your favorite? Example: My brother likes Isabella the most. I think this is due to two main things. Firstly, he likes how passionate she can be. Secondly, he has a joke about her being the true main character of the story.

That of course is excluding William and any other Allonian character, he is super biased otherwise. We are three chapters from meeting William BTW, this will be the only other recurring Allonian view point in this book (William is not the POV though). I worry about the pacing, I don't want to be too slow but I also fear being too fast. My first rendition already had William going Hannibal at this point because I have a habit of writing too fast paced.